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Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 18




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


After the conversation with Selica, assuring her that I would consider her offer to join the tournament seriously, which I of course would, and having my breakfast, I decided to proceed towards the next step for today. But due to some unavoidable circumstances there’s something that needs to be done before that.

I need to change my personality.

As long as it’s limited to my physical appearance, Phiria is more than capable of changing it so that no one can recognise me. Content with just that, I had been at ease. As Maxwell had said, anything more than that was not required since I had no other friends in this world who could figure out my real identity as ‘Samuel Hayden’.

However, friends aren’t the only one who can see through you. Yes, I had forgotten about the existence of my self-proclaimed rival, Doctor Sherry. Well, she was much more than a simple rival.

Wait, why did she call herself Doctor again? I can’t remember.

Anyway, if I accidentally ran into her somewhere and she managed to recognise me, or at least even begin to suspect me, then it could become problematic for my plans. She’ll definitely chew me alive if she found that I was still living. More so because I didn’t come back to her even though I had survived that incident. And so, I’ll change my personality.

As far as I can remember, I was known as the loner who was extremely smart and liked to play with people (there are so many things wrong with that last point). So, should I turn myself into someone frivolous? Or maybe the aggressive alpha? Or that extremely reckless bastard who dives into the fray thinking it’ll work out somehow?

Nah, definitely not that last one. I must not become the very thing I swore to destroy.

Ah, yeah! Let’s be the mob character who, while being nothing more than a side-character who the author initially planned to kill off to progress the story and develop the MC’s character, somehow ended up surviving because of the loopholes the author forgot about while writing the story.

Yes, I’ll be the Student A! A perfectly normal student (as seen by others) who is slightly powerful and courageous and thus ends up becoming the bait to lure out the last boss, and just somehow manages to survive the last battle due to sheer luck. Yes, that’s perfect!

My luck is zero though……….

But, wouldn’t I be forced to reveal my true powers during the final war? Hmm, in that case I shall be the mysterious quiet student A, or MQSA for short! Yes, that’s perfect!

“Hmm? What are you up to, Sam?”

Phiria asked while I was lost in concocting my perfect strategy.

“First of all, I’m not Sam, I’m Samael. Using Sam could be problematic. Second, from now on, I’m going to adopt the personality of a quiet student, so I won’t be talking much.”

“Eeeeeh?” She frowned. “Is it really necessary to do that?”


“Haaaahh…..” She sighed. “I guess it cannot be helped. Anyway, what should we do now?”

Ah right, I almost forgot about that. Going by the light novels…..

“We should take up an herb gathering quest or something.”


Phiria muttered in disappointment. Did she expect monster extermination or something? Nay! We shall do as the manual guides!

Or so I had thought, but when I reached the quest board where all quests are pinned, I was met with a completely unprecedented event.

“P-preposterous! There’s no herb gathering quest?!”

I managed to retort without raising my voice. In return, Phiria and the few other adventurers who were close to us and thus managed to hear me made faces as if saying ‘What the fuck is this guy saying?’

Selica, who perhaps heard the commotion and was free, came over to us.

“Is there any problem, Samael?”

“I thought of going on my first adventure and thus came to this board, but no matter how much I search there’s no herb gathering quest.”

“Ah, that.” She spoke, sounding concerned. “I was worried about that too. This is the first time in my time as the guild master that there’s no herb gathering quest.”

Um, what? Am I really that unlucky? Like, look, there’s even a quest for a Dragon hunting quest posted there. Some dumb fuck even posted a request to wipe out the Demon race in return for 3 gold coins. And is that assassination request? Why would something like that even be in this Guild?

“Huh? What’s an assassination quest doing here?” Selica mumbled as she pulled off the paper from the board. “And it’s for the third princess too. Those damned Noble Faction guys….!”

She crumpled the paper angrily and burned it using magic.

“Does the Adventurer’s Guild also accept Assassination requests?”

“Of course not.” She answered immediately. “I told you about this rule yesterday, didn’t I? ‘An Adventurer shall never undertake a job that requires assassinating a human.’ Don’t tell me that you already forgot.”

“I was just confirming.”

I didn’t forget about it, of course. Assassination jobs are for the underworld after all. But judging from Selica’s words, the Noble Faction is targeting the third princess, eh? That’s an interesting piece of information.

Anyway, what should I do about my quest?

“Since there is no herb gathering quest, I guess I wouldn’t be able to go adventuring today.”

“Is there any reason for you to be so hung up on an herb gathering quest? There are many other better things that you could do.”

Huh. This woman doesn’t understand anything.

“It’s a tradition from my homeland. My first quest has to be an herb gathering one”

I could see a question mark floating over her head.

“But…..” She got close to me and whispered. “Killing those bandits was also a quest. So you’ve actually already cleared your first quest.”

I-impossible! But!

“Ah Samael!” Phiria jumped in and slapped my back. “You worry too much. Let’s just take any request and go clear it.”


“……Doesn’t seem like I have much of a choice. All right then. Is there any quest you would suggest for us, Ms. Selica?”

“Of course. I have the perfect quest for you.” She turned to her left and raised her voice. “Hey Hantz!”

A man who was intently looking at a single quest paper turned to us. The tall, slightly muscular man with bright blonde hair and depressed eyes looked over us in confusion. After confirming that it was indeed him that Selica was calling, he made his way over to us.

“What is it, Ms. Selica? Finally ready to give that quest to us?”

He asked without making any effort to hide his irritation. Selica didn’t mind that.


“Huh?! Really?!”

Oi, why are you getting surprised?

“But I have a condition.”

“What type of condition?”

Hantz immediately raised his guard.

“You’ll have to take Samael and Mary on that quest.”

Selica pointed to us. Hantz eyes turned to us, trying to decipher who we were or perhaps how powerful we were and what kind of relationship we had with the Guild Manager.

“Who are these brats?”

The brat here is clearly you though.

“Travellers from a faraway country who have recently become adventurers. I want you to show them the ropes on their first quest.”

“…….. Why us though?”

Selica smiled.

“There wasn’t any particular reason?”

Hantz sighed and turned to us.

“Hey kid. Are you strong?”

“Wouldn’t that depend-”

“Ok you don’t need to answer. I’ll see it for myself.”

Hey cutting someone off like that is incredibly rude, ya know.

Hantz turned around and waved to his comrades.

“Irene! Aulia! We’ve got a quest!”

Two women turned in our direction upon hearing his words, and then trotted over to us. The agile looking elf with blue hair and blue eyes spoke up first.

“Eh, really?!”

I’m kinda worried about that quest now………..

The other woman-, no girl, who was one head shorter than me, had bright blonde hair and droopy eyes, muttered in a low voice while gripping her staff close to herself.

“T-that’s good……”

“But there is a catch.” The other two frowned. “We have to show the ropes to these rookies.”

Hantz pointed to us. Just like him, the elf also eyes me from head to toe to evaluate me.

“Who’s he? Some rich kid?”

“Selica says that they are ‘travellers from a faraway country’.”

She looked at me again and her ears drooped down.

“Doesn’t seem like we have much of a choice……..”

The elf pouted. The other girl didn’t seem like she had anything valuable to add.

“All right then. We’ll go on this quest no matter what. Kid, I think you at least have the power to protect yourself, right?”

“Well, broadly speaking, yes.”

“What’s with that answer, oi.” He chuckled. “Then meet us at the South Gate at the 11th bell. I’ll give you the full details of the quest then.”


“Oh and.” Before we could walk away, he stopped us. “Buy some weapons.”

Ah, yeah. I completely forgot about that.




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