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Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 5




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“So, I shall gift you with weapons you are worthy of.”

Weapons we are worthy of. Not what we need or want, nor anything which would complement our abilities and thus would be the best for us. The weapon which we would get is something we would be worthy of.

I wonder about the criteria they use to determine that.

Would they use something like karma? Like how good or bad we were while finishing our previous quests, or would that depend on our potential?

Well, I guess I’ll ask Phiria later.

“Weapons we are worthy of? And what would they be?”

Cornellia asked. Perhaps she had the same doubts as me.


Phiria replied as if it was the only logical answer to that question.

Hmm? Ah, I see.

“Instead of explaining, it would be better to just directly show you. Follow me.”

She said that and started walking towards the door guarded by those two angels. The moment they saw Phiria approaching them, they courteously bowed their heads and greeted her.

““Good evening, Lady Phiria.””

“Good evening.”

“Are you here to give weapons to those Heroes?”

Hmm? Word sure spreads fast.


“Then we shall open-”

“There’s no need for that.”

The moment Phiria said that, the doors started shining. A red spark ran between the space where the doors joined each other, and with a heavy creek, the doors finally opened inwards, and what entered our vision was an open sky.


Without paying any mind to us, Phiria walked in. Having no other choice, we also followed.

The ‘room’ that we reached upon entering was actually an open space. There was a clear blue sky with a sun, while all around us were plains with grass growing on them. In the distance I could see a large mountain range.

A gentle breeze blew, bringing along with it a fresh grassy scent, while the warm sun rays from the sun shining on us made us feel comfortable. I felt that I could just lie down and sleep on this grass, and given the expressions of everyone around me, it was clear that I wasn’t the only one who thought that.

I could hear the door closing behind me, but when I turned around, only the door was there. Yes, there were no walls or anything, in fact, the plains extended beyond the door.

“Huh. I didn’t know that the Gods also used Anywhere Door.”

Susan muttered to herself beside me.

“That’s the best analogy, yeah. Maybe I should ask her for something like that?”

I mean, an Anywhere Door would be incredibly convenient. Then I could easily bring Walter here.

“Sorry, but that thing’s not for gifting.”

“Damn it.”

Phiria giggled.

“Anyway.” Chloe started. “I don’t see any weapons here.”

Fair enough.

“That’s because the weapon won’t be visible to you unless it chooses you.” Phiria started explaining. “The place we are in is the Weapon’s Room of God’s Realm. With the exception of two, all the weapons that have ever been created are, or were, stored here. But there is a clear difference here: you don’t choose the weapon, the weapon chooses you. Well, to be more precise, it’s the System that picks out the weapon for you, but there’s no need to go into that much detail.”

System? That sounds quite ominous.

“Anyway, all that you have to do is stand in that magic circle. Leave the rest to me.”

Phiria said confidently and led us to a clearing some distance from us. Chloe, Cornellia, Liera and Susan seemed a bit nervous.

Susan came closer to me and asked.

“Hey Sam, why are still wearing that mask?”

“Because I would be killed if I didn’t.”


She exclaimed in shock as her face turned pale.

“Just kidding.”

“Stop teasing me!”

She retorted and took some distance from me.

Alright, mission successful.

We finally reached the clearing. The grass had been wiped away, while the ground seemed to be made of a pure white material. On it, a crimson magic areia of incredible complexity was carved.

“Just step in this magic circle and you’ll get your weapon. So, who’ll go first?”

Everyone started looking at each other.

“C-Chloe, you should go.”

“W-what are you saying, Susan. You are clearly the most experienced among us, so you should try it first.”

“No, the first one to go should be Liera. She is the oldest among us-”

“Who are you calling the oldest?! I’m still young!”

Yeah, 5000 years old and still young.

“Anyway, I would gladly step in, but it seems that Cornellia is more eager to go, so I’ll allow her to do that.”

With that, Liera slapped Cornellia’s back to push her forward, which unexpectedly worked.


Cornellia, who was silently staring at the areia to make some sense out of it, or probably understand and replicate it, and was lost in thought, was easily pushed forward by Liera’s slap. And before she could stop herself, she was already inside the areia.

The moment she stepped inside, the circle started glowing. The crimson areia turned into emerald green and glowed with a green hue.

“Eh? Eeeeh?”

“Don’t be afraid.” Phiria supported her. “Just stand in the middle of the areia, and your weapon will appear.”

Cornellia stiffly nodded and headed towards the centre. The moment her feet were set in the innermost circle of the areia, its glow intensified, so much so that I had to squint my eyes. Winds blew around Cornellia and raised her hair in the air.

And then, from the ground rose a staff. The stick was black with beautiful patterns in golden engraved into it. A golden disc was fitted on the top. In the middle of that disc was floating a green spherical stone, glowing with a soft green hue.

The magic areia stopped glowing and the winds stopped, thus returning to the previous state.

“Ah, so you have got the ‘Tempus la Custos’, more commonly known as, Staff of the Time Guardian.”

Phiria exclaimed in excitement(?) as Cornellia stared at her staff is a daze. She tried waving it around, and the stone floating within the disk also followed. She lightly flicked at that stone, but it didn’t budge.

“Now, who’s next?”

Phiria asked as Cornellia stepped out. And different from before-


All three of them were enthusiastic to get their own weapon. After some discussion, they decided that Liera will go first, then Susan and at last, Chloe.

“All the best, Liera!”

Chloe encouraged her as she stepped inside. By the way, Cornellia was still staring at her staff. Phiria turned to her and started speaking.

“‘Tempus la Custos’, as the name suggests, is a staff that lets you bend time. It is a God class weapon crafted by the God of Space-Time. I’m sure that this is the best weapon for you.”


Cornellia nodded with passion and clutched her staff tightly between her breasts.

Lucky staff.

As for Liera, as soon as she stepped inside, the areia turned violet and glowed. The same process as Cornellia was repeated for her, and from the ground rose a sword. Both its hilt and blade were violet in colour, some inscriptions in silver the only decorations on it.

“Ohh, so you got the ‘Dictatoribus’! Another God class weapon, crafted by the greatest creator ever! It’s a weapon that is made purely for destruction! I’d say that it suits you, Liera, even more so than the Triskellion.”

Phiria once again exclaimed in excitement (why is she being so excited?) as Liera stepped out of the areia.

But I can see why that sword suits Liera.

Liera took that sword and made some practice swings. Each of her swings were incredibly fast and powerful. After being satisfied with that sword, she put it inside its scabbard that appeared along with the sword and hung it on her waist.

“Yosh! It’s my turn!”

Susan pumped her fists in gusto and stepped inside the areia, which glowed bright red in turn. Following the same process as before, a sword rose from the ground.

Susan grasped it and took it out from its scabbard, and what came out was a katana. A plain katana with a simple decoration at its hilt. But-

“Waaah! What’s this?! It’s as if this sword is weightless!”

“Indeed.” Phiria explained. “What you have in your hand is the God class ‘Vorvados’, a weightless sword so sharp that its scabbard is also regarded as another God class weapon. Its focus is on speed and technique, so it perfectly complements your fighting style, Susan.”

“Hell yeah!”

Susan shouted in excitement as she came out of the areia. She headed towards Chloe and with a wide smile, she said.

“It’s your turn, Chloe!”

“Yeah, I won’t lose so easily, Susan!”

Chloe also responded with a wide smile and stepped inside the areia.

Just what kind of rivalry are they having?

This time, the areia turned white. Following the same process as before- except that the winds were a bit stronger this time- a rapier clasped in white aura rose from the ground.

“Ah, the ‘Vitasgladio’!” Phiria exclaimed with even more passion. “The God class weapon crafted by me that gives wounds that never heal. In addition to that, with each touch, it sucks away the life force of its target and uses it to grow stronger. Its constantly evolving feature is what makes it God Class.”

What kind of weapons are you making, Phiria?! A rapier that sucks the life force away and uses it to become stronger? What are you, a demon?!

Of course, I had to keep my thoughts to myself.

Without heeding to my mental state, Chloe headed towards Susan. They both stared at each other with the passion of rivalry lit in their eyes, and then smiled widely and shook hands.

I still don’t understand what they are competing for.

“With this, only Sam, Jack and Regina are left.”

Susan commented.

“About that.” Phiria interfered. “Regina doesn’t need a new weapon as her Devourer is already in the upper God class, while I have personally taken the task of creating a new weapon for Jack. So effectively, Sam is the only one left.”

Well, that was to be expected. In fact, the Devourer is already better than the weapons these guys have obtained. On the other hand, no currently existing weapon is worthy enough to be wielded by Jack. So that just leaves me.

“I see. I wonder what Sam will get.”

Susan muttered.

“Oh, I’m sure that he would get something totally unprecedented. He might even get the strongest weapon among the God Class.”

“You are exaggerating.”

I said what was technically the truth.

“No, if it’s Sam, then it actually might be possible.”

But an attack came from an unexpected side as Phiria said those words. Everyone, on the other hand, nodded.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just prove my point instead of pointlessly arguing.

Well, what weapon will I get, I wonder.




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