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Ruler Vol 5 Chapter 19




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“First of all, can someone tell me how the fuck did you guys manage to not only find a dragon’s nest, but also enrage the dragon itself?”

What happened to my wish of no troublesome things happening? These dumb shits had one job, and they still managed to fuck it up this badly.

2 hours had passed since the Heroes had left, and I was leisurely making my way towards the dungeon. That’s when Leige informed me that the Heroes had encountered trouble. I was like, ‘Ok, shit happens’, and immediately made my way towards them. But when I reached here, lo and behold, these guys had somehow started a fight with an Ancient Dragon and were about to be wiped out!

Lantz and Cecile reached at almost the same time as me, so he and Leige were now holding the dragon back while I assisted in the withdrawal of the Heroes. I had asked my question after we had fallen back to a safe distance.

As everyone looked down, Michael finally stepped forward after gathering some courage.

“I-it was an accident.” His voice was meek; do I look that scary right now? “We accidentally stumbled upon this sleeping dragon, so we tried to go back without doing anything but it woke up at that exact moment and started firing its Fire Breath at us.”

Sherry and Thor nodded.

But woke up at that exact moment? Such cliché events actually exist? Or is it because of the Hero’s luck? His LUC value is not in the negative range, is it?

“I see. So, are you ready to fight a dragon?”

Well, as a teacher, it is my duty to punish my students, isn’t it?

“No no no!” Michael waved his hands frantically. “We can’t fight a dragon! Definitely not!”

“Why? Even Balfazar could defeat a dragon, so you should be able to as well.”

If I remember correctly, the announcer at the tournament said that it was an Ancient Dragon as well. Balfazar was alone at that time, and these guys, on top of being much stronger than him, also number 36. This dragon should be easy as fuck for them.

“About that.” Lantz retreated to us after Leige sent the dragon flying, but isn’t his timing too perfect? “Balfazar was able to defeat that dragon only because I and Leige had already weakened it considerably. Balfazar just happened to give the final blow.”

So defeating a dragon was just a fluke? Give Pars his admiration back damnit!

“Oh well, I guess it would be incredibly boorish of us to kill a dragon even though we are the ones who trespassed in her territory.”

Not to mention that it would be troublesome as hell as well. If a matter can be resolved peacefully, then we ought to settle it that way. And the only one who is capable of that among us is Phiria.

“Mary, can you make her sleep or something?”

Well, of course she can.

“I can, but I would need to get close to it.”

“How close, exactly?”

“At least half of the current distance.”

Hmm, the dragon was currently 50 metres away from us. While standing in front of its nest, it was growling at us, as if daring us to come any closer.

I lifted my foot to take a step, and the dragon’s sharp glare instantly focused on me. I looked at my foot and it followed my gaze, and then we looked at each other again. I brought my foot forward a little, and the dragon snarled, and when I pulled it back, the dragon also returned to mere growling.

“Doesn’t seem like we can get close to it……”

“Should we kill it?”

Leige asked nonchalantly.

“I believe we should resolve this matter diplomatically.”

“What?” Cecile gasped. “You care about life?”

“Your look of surprise is really hurting me, you know……”

And what does she mean by that question? Isn’t it stranger to assume that I don’t care about life?

“I mean, after witnessing your fight with the Heroes on that day-”

“Alright, alright, that’s enough.” Look, even Leige is scowling at me. “I and Mary will act as diversions, while you take the Heroes and get out of the dragon’s territory. Understood?”

“Would you be alright?”

Cecile asked with slightly moist eyes.

“Of course. I’ll leave them to you.”

Lantz and Cecile nodded, and after explaining the situation to the Heroes, they decided that they would take a detour after going left.

As planned, while I stared down the dragon, they entered the forest after wishing me luck. Some of them saluted with faces saying, ‘We’ll never forget you, teacher.’

“Good grief.”

“Fufufufu.” Phiria giggled. “Watching you being troubled over some bugs is cute.”

Bruh wat? Bugs?

“Don’t rob them of their existence, oi.”

“But isn’t that all they are?” She blinked. “Mere insects that normally wouldn’t have been worth our time.”

Good grief.

“You are the Goddess of Life, aren’t you? Shouldn’t you hold some more affection for your creations?”

“They technically aren’t my creations. Not to mention that,” Phiria smiled innocently. “I cannot afford to spare even a drop of love for anyone other than you.”

“Your boldness never ceases to amaze me.”

She never misses a chance to declare her love. No, more like, she creates those chances. I wish she could use those resources to do something more worthwhile.

“Anyway, what do we do about this one?”

I looked at the dragon which was still glaring at us. Its eyes had followed the others when they left, but it didn’t leave its place as it still had its egg to protect, from us. Only when they lay an egg do dragons become aggressive enough to attack anything and anyone the moment it enters their territory. And it seems that Ancient Dragons, who are normally intelligent enough to calmly hold conversations with us humans, are not exempt from this rule.

I continued to stare at that dragon which it returned back. But after some time, perhaps because it had decided that it was done with our shit, it opened its maw where fire was being generated.


We instantly jumped to the side, and an instant later, a wide beam of plasma passed by from where we had been. As it rent the ground below, it continued travelling in a straight line and demolished the forest behind us.

Seeing that we had dodged, it closed its jaw and took flight, heading straight for me. It opened its maw again to fire its special breath again, and so, I decided to put that skill to use.

“Regina Style: Mana Zone.”

In an instant, all the mana in an area of radius 50 metres became mine- but of course, Phiria was unaffected by it. As the mana obeyed me, the world around me seemed to have changed. Without even moving my eyes, I could now feel the movements of ‘every’ mana inside my territory.

As I closed my eyes, the dragon in front of me turned into a complex system of mana which closely resembled its blood vessel system. Within a fraction of a second, I understood that the hub of that tremendous amount of mana lied in the dragon’s heart.

And so, I seized control of it.


The dragon grumbled as smoke exited its mouth instead of its breath.

“Mary, now.”

“Yes. Sleep, O ancient one.”

A small green glowing orb appeared in Phiria’s raised hand, its mana directed towards the large dragon.


And so, the dragon fell, its loud snoring testament that it had fallen asleep

“Whew, that sure was a pain in the ass.”

Phiria made her way towards me and I cancelled the ‘Mana Zone’.

“So you managed to learn Mana Zone.”

More like, I found it in the long list of the skills which appeared in the ‘Properties’ screen. I remembered about it just now, and I used it because I wanted to test its effects.

“But I still couldn’t take control of your mana.”

“You are far too inexperienced for that.”

She replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Must be nice being a Goddess.” I grumbled. “Let’s go now.”

She nodded, and so we made our way towards the direction others had advanced to.

“Hmm, can you also use this skill?”

I asked the question that popped up in my head.

“Of course.”

“Then what is your effective range?”

“If I try my hardest…..” She put her finger in her lips. “I could probably take control of this world.”

Woah, what?

“And is there someone on whom your skill wouldn’t work?”

“Aside from father and that cheeky bastard, Meteron, there’s no one who can resist my control.”

Well, I would actually be pretty troubled if those two were less proficient than Phiria.

“Not even the other Gods?”

“Mm hmm.” She shook her head. “All of them rank lower than me.”

“As expected of the Princess of God’s Realm, I guess.”


She grinned. And so, while making small talk like that, we reached our destination after 15 minutes.

The Heroes and the others had stopped beside a pond to rest. Leige was nowhere to be seen; perhaps he was monitoring us from the skies. Cecile noticed our arrival, so we approached her first.

“The dragon?”

“Taken care of.”

“But what if it follows us?”

Cecile asked.

“It won’t; it has its egg to protect.”

That’s when a question arose in my mind.

“That dragon would wake up, right?”

I whispered to Phiria.

“I held back considerably.” She whispered back. “So, it should wake up……. Probably.”

Probably? Was it a bad idea to ask her to help? Maybe I should have used ‘Flare Wave Explosion’ at its full power to try to knock out that dragon? I’m not sure if that would have worked though.

After they had rested enough, the Heroes and the others left again after being warned not to stir up any more trouble. And so, I and Phiria made our way towards the dungeon while taking care not to overtake the Heroes, just in case they decided to forget about our warning.

While responding to Phiria’s advances with teasing of my own during the entirety of our trip, we finally reached our destination after 3 days.

And there it was, the dungeon ‘Gods and Demons’.




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