Ruler Vol 5 Chapter 31




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Samael! Samael! Samael!”

What the fuck is wrong with him? Is he even sane?

After being pushed back by Phiria’s punch, he had somehow returned. Of course, Michael wasn’t unscathed; he had several bruises on his body, while his forearms were swollen. Most probably, that was the result of crossing his arms in front of him to minimise the damage from Phiria.

Now, the thing is, even that didn’t bring him back to his senses.

Well, it wasn’t like he had abandoned all reason, as evident by his cautious stance and the distance he was maintaining from us. But then again, his eyes still held hostility for me.

Just how badly did he fail the Trial?

“Uhh, Michael?”

I tried calling out to him.

“Oh, yes, I’m Michael? Or am I? SAMAEL!”

He tilted his head at a right angle and answered me with bloodshot eyes. I turned to Lantz who also had a bewildered expression on his face.

“Do you know any psychologist? I think,” I looked back at Michael who was panting for some unknown reason. “We’ll need one, asap.”

“Well, I do know some, but…….” Lantz looked at Michael too. “Would a psychologist really work?”

“Do you have any other suggestions?”

“How about we beat some sense into him?”

The classic muscle-brain tactic, huh? I could do that………

“I don’t think-”

“Samael! Come fight me, bastard, I’ll kill you!”

His voice had a certain tone to it which sent shivers down my spine.

“………You know what?” I nodded towards Lantz. “That sounds like a great idea.”

After all, I don’t want a man to call my name so passionately(?) because miss me with that gay shit. I already have my hands full with a horny goddess lusting after me, I don’t want another one to join her.

Wait, am I insulting people who have different sexual preferences than me? No, wait, what if Michael swings that way? Wouldn’t that mean Sherry has no chance with him?

Damn, that would be some messed up shit.

I stole a glance at Phiria, and as expected, her eyebrows were twitching.

Uwaah………… looks like I’ll have to take this seriously, or Michael would die a dog’s death by the hands of Phiria.

So, I turned to the other Samuel.

“Oi, go handle him.”

“Huh? Me?”

Sam II pointed at himself to confirm.


“I refuse.”


“I do not want to partake in something that creepy.”

I completely agree, and that’s why I’m pushing him to do the work.

“But he’s calling for you, you know? Just look at that passionate gaze.”

Sam II shivered and held his arms.

“Aren’t you Samael as well?! And you are the original one!” He retorted.

“But he never showed such tendencies with me. Clearly, the one he’s interested in is you.”

“Don’t twist the facts to suit yourself.” His tone was sharp. “He became like this because you brought him here, so you should take responsibility and handle him!”

“Ummm………” Lantz tried to interfere, but-

““Shut up, Lantz!””

We were in no mood to hear him out.

“Just come at me, SAMUEEEL!”




Okay, wat?

Sam II and I looked at each other at the same time with the same thoughts in our minds.

Did he discover our true identity?

“This could be….. bad.” Sam II muttered.

“I agree.”

“Should we kill him?”

He whispered in a low voice so that Lantz could not hear us.

“Let’s decapitate him for now. If he proves to be troublesome ever after that, then……”

Sorry Sherry, but even though I care about your happiness, my plans are simply more important.

Black lightning started to crackle around Sam II’s right hand as he scowled at Michael.

“Wait.” The lightning stopped. “Don’t bring out Tzeeneth now. We’ll handle him using normal means.”

There’s no need to bring in Tzeeneth when we can handle this ourselves. More importantly, I don’t want to reveal one of my trump cards this early in the game.

“Haaaahh.” He sighed. “All right, then.”

“SAMAEL! SAMUEL! Fight ME! I. Will. KILL. You!”

Is this guy all right? No, wait, he isn’t.

Most probably, he lost to the Trial which messed up with his sanity. So now, he’s acting purely on instinct.


Wait, doesn’t that mean he wanted to kill me along?

What teh phuck dude?

“Did he lose to that Trial?” Lantz asked as we got ready.

“So, it would seem.”

“Then why is he after you?”

“Perhaps his other-self took control of his body and twisted his desires in such a way that they turned into bloodlust. It’s possible that he is seeing the person he hates the most in Samael, and that’s why he’s trying to kill him.” Sam II answered in my stead.

That’s so spot on that it’s not even funny.

“The person he hates the most……… is it that Samuel Hayden?”


“You know him?”

“I’ve only heard about him.”

He answered as Phiria and Michael continued to stare each other down. Perhaps thinking that I was busy in conversation, she tried to sneak away from us and towards Michael, but I caught her hand in time and stopped her.


A cow? She’ll kill me if I said that aloud. So ignoring her pout, I continued the conversation with Lantz.

“What have you heard about him? That could help in bringing Michael back to his senses.”

“Nothing much.” He shrugged. “Just that when the Heroes had been summoned, Samuel alone had been teleported to somewhere else. Other than that, Michael always seemed to have this odd belief that if Samuel had been around, then Susan and Arthur wouldn’t have died.”


That’s news to me. I knew about Michael’s self-deprecation, but who would have thought that he was comparing himself to an imaginary version of me. Isn’t he, like, overestimating me?

“Uhuh.” Lantz nodded.

But now, he hates ‘Samuel’, to the point that he wants to kill ‘Samael’ who only reminds Michael of him.

But why? How did his feelings of admiration turn into those of hatred?

Is it jealousy? Did he feel so envious of the ‘seemingly perfect Samuel Hayden that could protect others’ that he started to hate him?

Or was it entitlement? Did his feelings shift from ‘If only Samuel was there’ to ‘Samuel could have been there’, and then finally to ‘Samuel should have been there’? Did he feel that since I was better than him, I should have taken responsibility and done something to protect Susan and Arthur, and that since I didn’t do that, he now hated me?

Considering his personality, the latter seems to be the case.


“Are we thinking the same thing?” I asked Sam II.

“The second option is more likely, huh.” He nodded.

With that, we now knew what we needed to do.

But before that-



Phiria hurriedly cancelled the spell she was trying to cast covertly and faced me with an awkward smile

“No matter what happens, stay put.”

“I refuse.” Her expression hardened.

“You do know that I won’t die, right?”

“Of course.” Her frown remained there as she nodded. “But I still can’t tolerate the thought of letting that insect do so much as just touching you. He must be eliminated.”

She turned her head away, as if saying that she won’t listen to anything else.

Hmm, this is………odd.

“Don’t worry, I’ll reward you handsomely.”

Her ears perked up at the prospect of ‘reward’.

“……What reward?” She glanced at me.

“I’ll surprise you. So, stay put like a good girl, alright?”

Phiria was gnashing her teeth really hard. Just how much did she want to kill Michael?

“Tch. Fine.”


I patted her head and ruffled her hairs a bit. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Lantz smiling wryly at the out-of-place scene unfolding in front of him.

And so, Phiria stopped releasing the overwhelming killing intent that was targeted at Michael, and I’m sure that his sigh of relief wasn’t just my imagination.

So, with nothing to hold him back, Michael took the general stance of a swordsman, and faced me, as if inviting me to attack.

“Let’s end this swiftly.”


Sam II replied after doing some simple stretching exercises.

3-2-1. Go!

We both dashed from our places at the same time and appeared at Michael’s both sides, our punches already drawn back and ready to knock out this maniac.

We were only testing the waters for now, so we held back on using any weapon.

Without even needing to confirm with each other, we launched our fists at the same time. However-

We widened our eyes as our fists hit each other’s. Well, not that I could actually see that through Sam II’s horse mask, but I know that he must have.

Michael had ducked to evade our punches, and was now counterattacking by trying to hit both of our abdomens with his palms. We saw through it and used our free hands to grab his, but he slapped our hands away.

He then tilted towards his right and landed on his right hand. Using that as a pivot, he turned his body and spun his legs to attack our faces. We swiftly backed off, while he jumped and landed on his feet.

Hmm, this is……… interesting.

Not only his battle instincts, but his abilities have also improved. Just two weeks ago, he was like a cub, but now he’s a seasoned lion who has been through many fights. His split-second decisions just now showed that he has somehow amassed enough experience to make full use of his abilities.

Well, this is a bit exciting.

“Samael II, back off.”

“Aight.” Of course, he was happy to do that. “Ah, but remember that he’s in a berserk state.”


“Yup. So his stats should have been increased by 5 times.”

Oof. So in terms of stats, he was now stronger than me.

Aight then.

‘Limit Off’.

Now, I’m stronger. Ez af.

“Where are you going-”

Michael, perhaps pissed at Sam II’s nonchalance, tried to stop him, but before he could do anything, I appeared in front of him.

“Now, now, Michael.” He almost jumped back but I grabbed his shoulder and held him. “Let’s forget about the clone, shall we? Focus on the real one that’s in front of you.”

“Guh!” He groaned as he tried to lift my hand, but couldn’t.

Hmm, I kinda want to use magic spells, but it’s been some time since I fought using just my physical abilities. So, let’s do just that.

So, with blinding speed, I used my left hand and punched him in the guts.


And he was knocked back a considerable distance. He held his stomach and stared at me with eyes full of hatred, and I had to stop myself from chuckling.

“Don’t look at me like that, Michael. The game has just begun.”




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