Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 3



Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】

“So, you are the Adventurer who defeated a Hero.” The lady smirked and took a sip from her teacup.

“Unfortunately, yes, I am.” I couldn’t help but sigh at this ridiculous situation.

“No need to be so tense with me, Samael.” She giggled. “Have you not already witnessed my naked figure? What more is there to hide?”

Uhh, a lot actually. Of course, I couldn’t actually say that. No need to dig my grave even further.

So, what exactly am I doing here? The answer to that question is rather easy actually.

It’s all because of what happened last night with Sherry and Phiria.

‘Just how long has it been since you genuinely felt happy, Sam?’ That was quite an interesting question Sherry had posed which was really out of my expectations. I hadn’t thought that she would grasp that much.

Of course, like the good boy I am, I didn’t answer her question. I’m not really fond of tearful reunions where the broken protagonist pours his heart out to his friend and gains enlightenment. I’m one for efficiency; telling her about my tale would have been meaningless, and detrimental to her growth.

Even before that, just how exactly was I supposed to answer such a question?

First of all, one must describe what ‘happiness’ actually is. Ponder over that and they will realise that it’s a subjective question; what can be considered happiness for some would be just a fleeting moment of satisfaction for others. As such, I decided to remain silent at her query.

Of course, Sherry being who she was, understood my persistence to remain silent and dropped the topic. She seemed really disappointed though.

The problem arose after that, when Phiria entered the room. Turned out that she was eavesdropping on our conversation, ready to intervene if things went south and I needed to manipulate Sherry’s memories.

She was a bit miffed- jealous, actually- about the closeness between me and Sherry. She was questioning how it was possible, especially with someone like me, and Sherry accidentally mentioned our flings.

Something inside Phiria snapped. She instantly appeared in front of me, and with a cold, nefarious expression, gripped my shoulder.

‘On the bed, bitch.’ She threatened, and I instantly ran away.

I’m completely sure that if I had stayed there, Phiria would have taken away my chastity (not that I have one) as she was impossible to reason with at that time.

She somehow managed to involve Sherry and some other Heroes in the search for me, and due to that, I ended up entering a room without checking it first and witnessed the naked figure of a woman.

That in itself would have been fine, had the woman been an ordinary one.

Which brought me to my current predicament; face-to-face with the owner of the two swaying mounds I had laid my eyes upon yesterday.

I don’t understand. Just how botched is my luck for me to get involved in such situations? Just what do I have to do to increase the value of my LUC stat?

Though it’s another story that I did enjoy that sight.

“I would like to sincerely apologise for what happened last night.” I bowed respectfully. “In my desperation I forgot about checking the room, entered abruptly and ended up seeing you without your clothes.”

Well, she was wearing nightwear, but it was pretty much see-through so she may as well have been naked.

Anyway, since I was in the wrong, it’s my duty to seek forgiveness. I was also willing to accept any reasonable punishment.

“Desperation…?” The Archduchess of the Painia Dutchy, Elizabeth Constantine, blinked.

“I was being chased yesterday.”

“What? By whom?”

“My comrades.” I answered truthfully.

“But why?” She tilted her head.

“That’s a long story, I’m afraid.” I shrugged. “In conclusion; the situation has been resolved and won’t happen again.”


“Oh?” Her eyebrows creased in amusement. “Just what kind of situation was it that you of all people had to make your escape? Would you not share it with me?”

What the hell does she mean by ‘you of all people’?

“Well, that’s…”

“Consider it the price for your crime last night.” She smiled.

Oof. Aight, I guess.

“Simply speaking, I was being chased because I had refused to sleep with my comrade.”

“Oh.” Her eyes widened. “I did not expect that. I wonder what she would think upon learning that you were busy gazing at my figure.” She smirked and took another sip of her tea.

Should I tell her that Phiria would literally rip her apart if the latter ever came to know of that?

“As I mentioned it before, that was but an accident, and should be treated as such.”

I would be beyond troubled if she kept bringing it up every time we conversed.

“My apologies, I was just teasing you.”

“As long as you don’t do it again.”

Wow, our positions were reversed just now, weren’t they?

“You’re funny.” She giggled. “Say, what do you say about making that accident… intentional?” Elizabeth leaned towards me and smiled.


Simply speaking, I’m giving you a chance to be my partner.”


Did she just court me? Nah, not possible. I must be going deaf.

“I believe you heard me clearly the first time.”


“And what’s the condition?”

No way in hell is she doing it because she’s attracted to me or anything; I know myself. She must have some ulterior motives.

“You catch on quick.” She sneered and leaned back on her chair. “Samael, I’m very interested in you.”

Woah, a stalker!

“Uh, thank you, I guess.”

“More than a month has passed since you enrolled as an Adventurer in the Guild’s branch in Royal Capital.”

“I suppose.”

“Within two weeks you managed to reach the Ruby rank, while also gaining the favour of the Guild Master. From there you went on to participate in the Contest of Champions and won it by using a strategic class magic spell. You joined the Heroes’ party, and were chosen by the Third Princess, Cecile, as her fiancé. You became the mentor of the Heroes after utterly destroying them in a battle, and led them to complete the God’s Trial. As if that wasn’t enough, you subdued the former Dark Hero and got her to join your side.”


“First of all, I’m not Cecile’s fiancé.”

“Even though you’re already at a stage where you can refer to each other so casually?”

“I’m still in the stage of considering her proposal.”

“So, should I call you playmates, instead?”

“Seems like someone has done a lot of research.”

Too much, actually. Wasn’t I supposed to be the ‘Mysterious Quiet Student A’?

“It’s my job. And you’re just that interesting.” She smiled.

“I see. And?”

Well, if she has conducted such an extensive background research on me, I can already see what she is aiming for.

“Samael.” The ends of her lips curled upwards while her eyes widened slightly. “I want you.”

Yep, saw that coming from a mile.

⟦Maxwell, how do I handle fame?⟧

⟦You call this fame?⟧

⟦Aight, aight, no need to personally attack me.⟧

Anyway, jokes aside, how should I deal with her?

“I’m afraid I’m already booked. You’ll need to take an appointment.”

“Of course, in return for joining me I’ll reward you handsomely.”


“Such as?”

“You can have me.”

Tempting, but I already have something much, much better.

⟦Woah, just when I thought that you couldn’t get any scummier.⟧ Simone retorted from inside me. ⟦And would you please stop saying ‘inside me’? It’s disgusting to think that I’m living inside such trash.⟧

⟦I think you misunderstood my words. What I meant was that if I was indeed looking for physical relationships, I would have accepted Phiria’s advances a long time ago. The only reason I haven’t done that is because I do not want to treat her feelings lightly.⟧

⟦Is that so?⟧ She questioned, seemingly unconvinced.

⟦I can vouch for that.⟧ An unexpected support came from Maxwell’s side.



⟦If you say so.⟧

Huh. To think that a bond would be formed between a Hell Guard and a papacon elf. These are confusing times.

“And?” I asked Elizabeth.

And?” Her brows furrowed in amusement. “Now that is a new experience.”

Woah. Just how much of a narcissist is she?

“Well, before that, just why do you-”

Before I could pose my question, the door of the room was suddenly swung open, and Cecile barged in. She glanced at me briefly, and then turned to Elizabeth.

“Forgive me for my intrusion, Lady Elizabeth, but I need Samael right now.”

Well, thank you for the help, I suppose. I can finally be free of her.

“Oh? And what for?”

“The King has urgently summoned us to the Imperial Castle.”



【3rd person’s POV】


Elizabeth regretfully gazed at the empty seat which had been occupied by Samael just a few moments ago. She was having so much fun with him, but Cecile had to barge in at the best moment and ruin it.

In a way, it was her brother’s fault. He should have chosen a better timing for his summons. She was definitely going to complain to him later.

She looked back at the scene of Samael sitting in front of her. She could instinctively feel it; he was what she had been looking for, the final piece of her puzzle.

Samael was everything she had expected him to be. No, he was much more than that.

I want him. Her eyes blazed with determination as she made her decision.



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