Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 8



Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】

“This is Sarah Amare, Captain of the 7th company of the First Order of Knights.”

Hmm? Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…

I seem to be awfully familiar with this name, but I can’t point out how. Well, Sarah seems to be a fairly common name, so it shouldn’t matter. Probably.

“I told you not to treat me like a child…” Sarah, the brat, huffed cutely(?).

“You are 10 years too early to say that.” Leilani giggled, and Sarah sighed.

“Hmm? And you are?” Sarah finally noticed me.

She freed herself of Leilani’s clutches and approached me. She looked at me from top to bottom and then squinted.

“You are strong.” She nodded in what seemed to be understanding.

Though I don’t know what she has understood.

“Let me introduce him. This is Samael, the Adventurer I told you about.” Leilani interjected.

“Ah, so he’s the guy for whom your sister has fallen.”


What? Just how famous am I?

“Well, pleased to make your acquaintance, I suppose. However, I can’t help but wonder about your position as the Captain of a company…”

“There’s a very interesting story behind that. Actually-”

“Get back to your work, Lantz.” Leilani glared at him.

“…And I’m supposed to be the superior here…” He grumbled and went back to the papers.

Yeah, what’s with that anyway?

“Anyway.” Leilani turned to me with a smile. “As Commander was saying, there’s an interesting story behind that.”


“Would you care to share it with me?”

“Why not?” She smiled and motioned me to the sofa, and we sat together.

She handed a cup of milk to Sarah, who by the way winced at that, but obediently took it under the stern stare of Leilani and quietly sipped it.

“So, Sarah appeared a few months ago, right after the Heroes’ expedition to the Demon King’s castle. She wanted to enrol as a soldier.”

Is that timing a coincidence?

“I’m guessing you turned her away.”

“About that… We wanted to, but the souvenirs she brought for us made us reconsider.”

Woah, just how much money did Sarah give to them?

“And that was?”

“The bodies of five high ranking demons killed just by her.”

That sure is some souvenir, though I’m not sure how to feel about that considering that I’m the God of demons. Should I fly in rage?

“She really killed them herself?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, I did kill those hateful demons.” Sarah glared at me, as if I was another demon.

“You seem to hold a grudge against them.”

“They killed my only brother.”


“Ah, my apologies. So your brother was killed by those five demons, and you took revenge by killing them back.”

What a thing for a 12-year-old to do. But then again, this is what a war is, especially a war between two species.

“No.” Sarah shook her head.

“Oh? Then who did?”

“The Demon King, Solomon El Maxwell.”

Damn. What the hell is Solomon doing, accumulating grudges from 12 year olds? If this keeps on going then he’ll be attacked by an army of children. Let’s just hope he doesn’t wipe them out.

“I see.” I turned to Leilani. “Why did you accept a child blinded by rage born from loss of a loved one?”

People like that are usually the first to die- I didn’t follow with that, but Leilani must have understood what I was getting at.

“Our only options were accepting her as a soldier or let her try to kill Solomon by herself.”


It would be better to keep her within your sights than letting her die in vain.

“Killing Solomon isn’t my goal.” Sarah interrupted, seemingly finished her milk.

“Oya? Then what is?”

“I’m looking for someone.”


“Would you believe me if I told you I was looking for my son?” She smirked.

“Depends on how old your son is.”

If I remember correctly, girls can start menstruating from an age as early as 10, so technically speaking, it would not be impossible for her to be a mother at this age.

However, I’ll need to have a word with the father of that baby.

“20 years old.”

Hmm, I don’t think someone can achieve parenthood at the age of -8. Well, the Universe is vast, so there might be a species which could do that…

⟦There was.⟧ Maxwell dutifully informed me.

⟦Oh? That’s interesting. How did they even achieve that?⟧

⟦They manipulated the Law of Causality to achieve such a feat. Of course, they’re no longer capable of that.⟧

⟦Courtesy of the Schrodinger, I suppose.⟧


“Then unless you’re older than you look or you’re a ghost that has taken control of the body of a 12-year-old, I’m afraid I cannot believe you.”

“Hehehehehe, you’re funny.” She giggled. “I’m looking for a… friend. Yes, that’s right.” She smiled.

“Why do you think you’ll find your friend here?”

“A man that once saved my life told me that I’ll find my friend here. So, I decided to get a high position in the army to find him.”

Well, that makes sense, somewhat.

“Well, I hope you find your friend soon.”

Aight, that’s enough talking to children for a month. Now can someone get this little Satan away from me?

“Don’t worry.” Sarah smiled and stared at me. “It seems that I already have.”

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… you know what? That really sounds like a flag I should avoid.

Ok, let me think. Is there anyone in this world who’d think of me as a friend? Nope, there is none. All my classmates are still alive, except Arthur, and if my memory serves me correctly- which, in this case, does perfectly- then Arthur didn’t look like a 12 year old blonde loli.

So, yeah, it should be fine to leave it alone for now.

“Is that so? Then all the best, I guess.”

“Thank you. You are very nice, Uncle. I hope that Lantz was like you.”


U-uncle? This kid is to be feared. It managed to personally attack both me and Lantz with just a few words. I must stay away from her.

“Now, who wants cake?” Leilani declared with a clap, as if trying to disperse the sombre atmosphere. “Except Commander.”


“Me! Me!” Sarah jumped gleefully at the mention of cake, and turned to me. “Vice-Commander makes very delicious cakes, Uncle! You must definitely try it!”


“I-I will.”

And so, we happily munched on cake as we watched Lantz slave away.


Now, it is time. Two Rulers meet, as it is written.

⟦Don’t glorify things just because you couldn’t give a shit.⟧ Simone grumbled.

⟦Aight, aight. Sheesh, what a spoil-sport.⟧

Two hours had passed since we arrived at the castle, and the King was finally ready to meet us.

To be perfectly honest, I was expecting- and was prepared for- a glorious meeting with the King in the throne room of this castle. However, to be perfectly honest once again, I like this private meeting more.

Aight, that’s enough ‘perfectly honest’ for this year.

The old man from earlier led us (me and Cecile) to a meeting room reserved solely for important guests.

Quite interestingly, the large table situated at the centre of the room was round, though the King was still seated on a throne.

Besides the throne, there were 4 more comfortable looking chairs. And as one would expect, standing beside the throne was the Commander of the Zeroth Order of Knights serving directly under the King, Liege Lauder.

Seated on the chair to the right of the throne was another woman. Her beautiful silver hairs fluttered as she turned to look at us with her crimson eyes. A warm, gentle smile formed on her lips as she took in the figure of Cecile. On the other hand, her eyes glinted with anticipation as she looked at me.

Behind her, a large brawny man, towering up to 7 feet, was standing with his arms crossed. His sharp gaze evaluated my existence, as if trying to determine how much of a threat I would be to the members of this room.

Seated on the chair to the left of the throne was of course, Leilani, the Second Princess of this Kingdom. We had already been acquainted earlier, so she acknowledged my existence with a nod. Standing behind her was a bald man donning a leather jacket and hot pants. A single sword, shaped like a katana but a bit longer and thinner, hung from his waist without a scabbard. He looked at me with narrowed eyes, recording each of my movements.

Using simple maths, the number of empty seats remaining was 2, while we were three.

Given the pattern so far, it would be easy to deduce who the seats were actually for. Lantz, of course, was going to be Cecile’s bodyguard.

Huh. Should I summon Stolz and have him stand behind me as a bodyguard? I mean, isn’t it unfair for me to be the only one without one?

Though I would have to summon Devil’s Enchanter to do that. Hmm, but if I summon 5 piano keys right beneath my fingers, just summoning Stolz and having him stand behind me should be possible.

Well, on second thought, let’s not. These guys would probably shit their pants with just his presence alone.

Oh, wait. The silver haired woman, who by going with the pattern so far should be the First Princess, might have to be excluded from those who’d shit their pants (and not because she’s not wearing pants). The aura she’s exuding shows that she might be strong enough to stand face-to-face with Stolz. The same could be said about the man behind her, but I’m not really sure.


You know what? I’m not really fond of unfairness, so.

“I summon thee- Knights of Sin.”



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