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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 061 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 61: Momentary Thoughts Part 9 Part 2

The only thing that you could actually score for yourself inside the game is the different numbers. It took us quite a while to get that point across to Pencilgton while he was still trying to attack us.

「Ah…… I, see. Excuse me for that. Sometimes I get a little bit hot-headed when it comes to NPC’s like Set-chan. I don’t know if it’s about here or something else, but I just want to do anything that is in my power to help her.

Pencilgton said that with a reddish face…… Really now? I looked at Katsu and after a brief silence the two of us exploded with laughter, unable to hold it in.

「So that’s your reason? Well, whatever. As long as you are serious about the game, any reason is fine, so I guess its good for you.」

「Yeah, yeah…… Besides, isn’t the game more fun that way while you’re getting serious over it? Isn’t that the whole point of playing games?」

「Umm, hearing that from a Professional Gamer kinda defeats the point, but whatever…… and stop laughing! Don’t point your fingers at me like that!」

Professional Gamers are still gamers. So I don’t know why it was that part that he got so worked up about, but whatever. As long as he understood our point, then it’s fine. Point for us!

It would be nice if he wasn’t trying to stick his sword right in between my eyes. Thanks to those few level ups my STR stat was slightly higher, but I was feeling like I was just about to give up. It was then that I heard an honest and sincere laughter.

「Fu, fufu…… Aah, that’s right, guys…… that’s just how you guys are, huh…… Fufufufu, ahahahahaha!!!」

After laughing with us for a moment, Pencilgton puts his hands to his mouth and declares in a loud and majestic voice.

「Our opponent is the unique monster that imposes the intimidating one hundred and fifty levels of difference between us and him! This is going to be a brutal battle, but with enough hard work and determination we can surely win this!」

To those words Katsu, Emul and I nodded our heads…… Only one thing left to do for us here.

「We are going to do some serious training here, even if it was going to kill us in the process!」

Two more weeks remained until the final battle, and we were going to utilize them to the max. I was sure that time would fly by really fast because of that.

「Right, for now, I think it will be good for you to continue fishing until you guys manage to reach level fifty or above.」

Well, duh.


I stretch my arms while getting up from my bed. I leave my room whilst yawning and rubbing my eyes, thinking just how busy my schedule is going to become.

After all of that quest starting and getting all hyped up we basically spent the whole night fishing and fighting monsters together with Pencilgton, who was honestly more of a bother than actual help.

But after my level started to go up, the effects of the curse marks started to kick in and instead of fighting us, the sea serpents were only trying to get away from me as fast as possible. This caused the other two to complain to me without stopping.

I was then put in a separate place and started fishing on my own. It was then that I happened across a rare monster “Sweet Water Destlobster”, which was around level eighty.

Since it was so tough that even Emul wasn’t able to do much damage to it, I cast away my pride and went back to where Katsu and Pencilgton were, getting ready to be laughed at but determined to bring that lobster down.

Honestly speaking I have no idea how we didn’t get completely decimated by them. What’s more, we managed to kill not one but two such lobsters, which elevated me to level fifty one and Katsu to level forty six. Then when I finished leveling up I went to the nearest town to give the Skill Combine thing a try…… and that’s basically what happened last night.

I watch the sun through the window and think about all the things that I was going to do today.

「For now I don’t have that many skills to combine, but once I obtain some new ones I should definitely give that option a go. There were also some materials that I wanted to farm, but I also wanted to check if Skill Combining in Rabbitz would offer something good or unique. I wonder if other towns have some special services as well?」

While I was murmuring that to myself and pouring myself some milk into a glass, I noticed a magazine lying on top of the table.

Apparently it was the fashion magazine for which my sister Rumi was working, and it featured a bright-smiling woman on the cover.

Normally I would think that this person on the cover of the magazine was beautiful. Nothing more and nothing less. But since a cute girl has come out as a gamer not so long ago right in front of me, feeling intrigued, I picked the magazine up and started to look through the pages. But then the magazine was suddenly snatched out of my hands.


「What is it? What is it? Have you become a fan of Towa-sama as well, Onii-chan?」


It was the first time that I have ever heard that name, but judging from the look on my little sister’s face she must have misunderstood my intention for reading the magazine. Then she opened her mouth and once she started to talk about that Towa-sama of hers, she just wouldn’t stop.

「Towa Amane-sama! A Japanese top model that’s world famous! Every teenage girl that dreams of becoming a model wants to be just like her! She’s a true phenomenon!」

「Top model?」

「No need to sound so surprised! She’s so good at modeling that her photo-shooting sessions are enough to bring the whole magazine enough profit to carry on! Amazing, isn’t it? She even uploaded the photos with some of her fans from some local shooting onto her social media, but I didn’t even know she was nearby! Oh, I would give up anything just to be there with her……」

「Ah, I see.」


「No, it’s nothing, I’m talking about this right here. This Towa-sama…… she must have it pretty rough, with people always invading her privacy and trying to snatch pictures of her all the time.」

I tell that to my sister, take a sip of milk and then go back to my room. I see, I see, so that’s how it is.

「Living one moment for eternity and eternal life are two completely different things, huh……」

I was starting to envy Pencilgton just a little bit. Even though it was within a game, and even though it was only an NPC with a really advanced AI, he managed to find someone he wanted to protect at all costs.

I need to get a grip, and do it fast.




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