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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 070 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama


Chapter 70: Momentary Thoughts Part 17 Part 2

Think! That’s what I’m trying to do, but nothing comes to my mind. If it somehow manages to play out well then it’s all good, but if not, then we are going to be in trouble. Really serious trouble.

It looks as though in this phase all of his attacks received some kind of boosts on top of him also getting completely new patterns.

However, it seems that those new attacks were not without some kind of burden on him, for there were small fires and black smoke that gradually started to come out of his body.

I throw a counterattack at him, slash with my weapons, then take out some items from my inventory and prepare for the fight that was about to come.

「Seiten Taisen, guide my hand like the flow of water.」

「So fast……!」

The instant I chose to open my inventory and take out the items the Gravekeeper shortened the distance between us with one fast dash. What should I do!? Should I open my inventory again and retrieve my weapons, or……!? No, I don’t have enough time!

「The name of my sword is Seiten. The blade that cut the dragon down and drank its blood…… “TENSEI”!!!」

「Holy fucking shit!!!」

I throw the item that I was holding in the air and tried to avoid the attack, but then my body stops completely…… But it was not my fault.

「It’s like the action itself was somehow cancelled……」

The last thing that I was able to do was to tilt my head slightly right before the sword fell on top of my head, cleaving me in two and killing me instantly.

The blade cuts deep into my body, going through it with almost no resistance at all. As my body turns into polygons, my vision goes darker and darker……

「Success! Last minute revival! The Ultimate Secret Technique: Self-Resuscitation……!!!」

I threw the Tears of Rebirth into the air and watched them fall down on me and sprinkling all over me just as I was about to be turned into a mass of red polygons.

Although it was a total gamble on my part, it seems that it was also possible to use this item on yourself without any problem.

I use all of my stamina to put some distance between us while also avoiding the attacks that could have easily slashed me in two.

(I don’t know what this “Tensei” thing is, but it’s surely dangerous.)

I move my waist to feel my belt, but there was nothing there. My leather belt was nowhere to be found. Just a single blow was enough to destroy the piece of equipment that should have been more or less still intact.

(Equipment destruction, or maybe some kind of armor penetrating effect? Either way, we are dying way too easy…… Maybe some sort of Insta-Death skill?)

I’m not proud for thinking that, but I do believe that this sword is just way too broken. There was something fundamentally different about it, especially about the way it was slashing through us. It’s wasn’t a normal attack in any sense of the word. It was more like every single strike was a complete overkill.

We need to start thinking about him as fighting a normal player, it seems. I am positively sure that even if I was level ninety nine with a full set of armor and a shield at my disposal, that sword would have just cut through it like a hot knife through a cube of tofu.

I don’t even want to think about that possibility, but I am fairly sure that a direct hit from this thing wouldn’t end up any other way than in certain death.

(But that’s not what is actually the worst.)

A mysterious barrier that obstructs attacks within its reach, making it impossible for attacks to actually connect. If we don’t find a way to deal with this, we won’t be able to do any damage ourselves and we will just end up being slaughtered.

(Putting self-healing effects aside, I still have two Tears of Rebirth and five Gods of Life……)

Self-resuscitation is an advanced healing technique that can be performed with one hand. You must use it perfectly right before the enemy’s attack was about to kill you, so sound judgement was needed in order to properly deem the attack to be finishing blow or not.

And being able to properly judge that while being on the brink of death was an outstanding feature in and of itself.

Looking back at the Gravekeeper, he looked like he was about to repeat the same processes he did a few minutes ago.

「Seitei Taisei…… We must go beyond our limits, surpass them. That is the only way!」

「Don’t tell me you want to start over from the very beginning……!?」

「Kasai Ryu (Dragon Fire Pillar).」

While doing my best to avoid the pillar of flames, I started to worry if I was going to be able to reach that sword in time.




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