ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 077 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 77: Intermission: World Tome “Wezaemon” Part 1

The ideal party size to take down “Greavekeeper Wezaemon” would be around six to seven people.

As a rule of thumb, every member of the party should hold at least four reviving items. The more the better.

Now onto the breakdown of the actual battle strategy.

[Tank] …… One member should be a tank with high HP pool and high evasion rate, possessing lots of skills that would enable them to evade and avoid the Gravekeeper’s attacks.

[Vanguard] …… Professional raiders that won’t get discouraged in the face of overwhelming adversity and can hold their ground while giving their all.

[Support] …… Someone possessing lots of buffs and debuffs, as well as reviving magic and healing.

“Gravekeeper Wezaemon” Guide:

Upon entering the “Reversed Hidden Garden”, every party member’s level is being reduced to fifty. Since the skill points allocation is also reverted to that of level fifty, the people with equipment of the higher level should be extra careful.

The Gravekeeper will always begin the fight with his “Tachikaze” skill, aiming to decapitate the player that is the closest to him at the beginning of the fight. It is possible to avoid that attack by ducking at the very last moment right at the beginning of the fight.

  • Tachikaze

The Iai sword technique of unparalleled speed. Because the initial stance is somewhat long, the evasive movements should be performed at the exact moment when the Iai stance is completed. It is also possible to get out of its range of effect.

  • Thunder Bell

The Gravekeeper raises his sword in the air and summons tremendous amounts of Lightning bolts. Since it is an AoE skill with a huge range, it is advisable to keep your party scattered to avoid complete decimation in one fell swoop. It is also possible to evade it by running at full speed, but players need to manage their stamina bars accordingly, or they may fall victim to the follow up attacks when they are unable to move.

  • Cumulonimbus

A technique that creates thunderclouds that track the enemy’s movements. This technique has a blind spot right behind the Gravekeeper’s back, and since the preparation time is fairly long it is easy to avoid if you know what to do.  However, if you’re not fast enough you will almost surely get hit by it and it is very easy for the frontline to collapse that way.

  • Maelstrom

A grab attack that he uses when he loses his sword for whatever reason. The heavier the armor the player is wearing the more damage it is going to deal. Attack especially deadly to tanks, but it only reaches in a straight line, so it is possible do avoid it by dodging to the sides. As with every other attack, it is important to mind your stamina bar, especially if you are a tank.

  • Dragon Fire Pillar

A special technique that the Gravekeeper uses when his aggro is directed at three or more people. He strikes his sword into the ground and then selects one target at random, generating a pillar of fire that erupts from under that player’s ground. Overall easy to avoid, but one must be weary at all times of the follow-up attacks described below that are sure to appear.

  • High Blizzard

A follow up attack after the Dragon Fire Pillar. The smoke from the Fire Pillar is converted into the clouds in the sky, spreading over the five meter radius of where the pillar  erupted, and produces rapidly shrinking blizzard circle. Being caught up in it means slow and painful death by suffocation rather than freezing, so the mental damage from that attack is far greater than the physical one.

  • Weather Change

An AoE shockwave attack used to traverse from the second stage of the battle onto the third. In this phase the Gravekeeper receives the status of the “Undead” so that he can be damaged by the high level Purification magic or healing items. He also gains bonus armor penetraton effects, so upon hit one should be prepared for an insta death.

  • Seiten Taisei

An “insane” mode triggered after the beginning of the third phase of the battle. All of the above skills can be used one after another without any delay or breaks for about thirty seconds. However, even if the order of the actions can be completely random, there are some patterns hidden amongst them as well. If he has his sword in his hand, after thirty seconds have passed, he will use another skill called “Tensei”.

  • Tensei

Skill that raises the effects and chances of insta death, armor and magic penetration, equipment destruction, skill penetration and adds the element of unavoidable to most of his regular attacks. Getting hit by it means certain death, but the effects are only applied to the edge of the blade. So the optimal solution is to try and avoid getting slashed by all costs.

Even tanks specializing in avoidance are not preferred during that phase, because the attacks have way too many extra effects to respond accordingly to all of them.

Parrying and deflecting is the most optimal response during that phase. It may be difficult to pull off, but it is possible to deflect even the strongest attacks that way. One thing of not is to target the side of the blade, for the extra effects are not being applied there.

Skillful parrying is the way to go during that phase, but please be aware that changing the object of the Gravekeeper’s aggro does not change the target of “Tensei”.

It is possible to destroy the sword and stop this madness for good. Destroying the sword will limit the Gravekeeper’s attacks considerably and since he won’t be able to use his “insane” mode ever again, the difficulty of the battle should drop by a considerable amount. However, the titles acquired after the battle and loot will change if you opt to go for that method.



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