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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 081 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 81: Wezaemon’s Heritage Part 2


「S, Sanraku…… san?」

「…… I’m going back to sleep.」

「R, right……」

I save my progress and log out. I then get out of my bed, change into my jersey and leave the house……


I kept on running around and screaming until I eventually managed to get my thoughts back on the right track. The random passers-by were all looking at me as if I was some kind of a moron, but now was not the time to be worrying about things like that. The feeling that was filling me right now was that strange mixture of both shame and ecstasy that you’d get upon scoring the RNG you wanted to score.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Eh, what’s this One-Man-Army? Suddenly I felt as though I was about to go against the whole player base of ShanFro at once. And I don’t feel that I could win if such a fight came to pass right now. Wait, wait, wait, let’s not forget about that inventory space that was taken straight out of the space soap opera. I mean, there was clearly something wrong with that damned accessory.

「F, f, for now, e-mail, e-mail……」

That’s right, e-mail. It would be unfair of me to just keep those feelings all to myself. I must share them with someone else.

「Check the “Inventory” accessory ASAP…… And Send!」

My heart was racing like crazy from all that running. I slowed down to a slow walk and it was around that time that I received the responses from both Modorokatsu and Pencilgton.

Subject: Eh, what’s wrong with the game?

From: Modorkatsu

To: Sanraku

Body: (This email has no body written)

Subject: Screaming Internally

From: Pencil Warrior

To: Sanraku

Body: Let’s meet immediately. The same place as usual, the “Snake Apple” Inn.

From the ways in which both e-mails were written I could guess what kind of emotions were behind the ones who wrote them. Sharing that with both of them was the right choice after all.

「Right, for now let’s just try to forget about this whole “Inventory”……」

Worrying about that all the time would be ill advised for my mental health. For now let’s just assign skill points and organize my skills…… Yup.

The subjugation of Unique Monster granted me tremendous benefits, but in a way right now I was suffering more mental damage than during the battle with Wezaemon.

The NPC café “Snake‘s Apple” became our “usual” meeting place. The tension must have gotten to us good because we unanimously ordered a birthday cake to celebrate our victory. We celebrated in one of the private rooms while the NPC owner looked at us like a bunch of idiots. Because Emul wasn’t here, I was using a scroll so that he could listen to our conversation.

「Ehh…… From the looks on your faces I reckon you’ve seen it…… What should we do about it?」

「You say that, but…… Right?」

「Since we’re at it, before coming here I went to the “Inventory” and checked it out.」

There was no point in just staring at the cake, so we divided it in three equal parts and while we were eating Pencilgton started to talk about the results of his investigation.

「From what I could gather, at least for now it is nothing more than an ornament to us.」

「What about that part? Hey, that’s Pencilgton’s portion, you know?」

「Ehh, give me the part with lots of fruits. Anyways, to put it in simple terms, we lack the power source to make use of anything that is stored in there.」

「Power source? Katsu, be a dude and pass me the fork…… Are you out of you fucking mind!? Don’t throw it, you idiot!」

「Don’t be a bitch and deal with it…… So in other words it’s something that’s just for show?」

While devouring the slices of the cake, we urge Pencilgton to continue his story.

「Yeah, since the tactical “golems” or mobile suits require items such as “non-standard ether reactor’ or things like that. I don’t even know where we could get things like that.」

「Except that I have an item like that.」


「Uwah, now that’s filthy! Don’t spit the cake on my face, dude!」

「Geoh, geogh, it’s a game so what’s the big deal? It’s not like I’m spitting all over you in real life! But what does that mean that you “have it”!?」

After spitting the cake out of his mouth, Pencilgton started to approach Katsu in a fast manner. His usual atmosphere of a nice guy was almost completely gone now. Confused as to what was going on, Katsu opened his mouth and started to make excuses.

「You know, I was fighting the “KIRIN” almost the entire time during that fight, and as a reward after the battle I received the item called “Ether Reactor Core (damaged).」

「For being strapped to an oversized pony for about half an hour?」

「And also supporting and reviving you whenever you got owned.」

「You think it would affect your real life much if I was to pulverize that pretty little face of yours right now?」

Talk about a twisted sense of morals…… Anyways, it looks like we needed some ancient artefact from the era of the Gods to activate the Inventory’s contents.

「But there’s more where that came from, so brace yourselves.」


「I’m not all that sure about that, but there seems to be a way of repairing the broken items from the era of the Gods.」

「Umm…… Yeah, it would be awesome, but aren’t we basically grasping at straws at this point?」

At this point Pencilgton looked as though he was about to throw up…… Oh well. I do believe that Weissash also spoke about something similar in the past. What was it called? “Craftsmanship”? The art of restoring the ancient artefact back to their former glory. So perhaps Katsu’s broken reactor could in fact be repaired?

「I can look into that matter, but I would need you to leave the item with me temporarily.」

「…… I can do that, but on one condition.」


Katsu takes the strawberry from the top of his portion of the cake and then looks at me suggestively after eating it.

「If you’ll tell me about the unique conditions that you’re hiding, then I’ll gladly part ways with the reactor.」

…… I see. Now I get it.

「Katsu-kun, that’s a little bit……」

「Haa? You think I’ll just accept? What happened to discovering the game on your own? Can’t do anything without other walking you by hand?」

「You want to say that again to my face!?」

「It was just funny in my opinion that a Professional Gamer would act in such a way……」


That was a really surprising development…… I didn’t really want to disclose that information, especially since I knew that neither one of us would normally share information regarding things like that or Unique Monsters. Then again, sincerity is the sign of friendship, they say. Both Pencilgton and Katsu look at me as I swallow my saliva and make my decision.

「I cannot be sure if it works exactly like that, but in my case it was tied up to the Unique Monster “Night Prowler Luukan. I had to hit it with critical strikes a set number of time with a “Vorpal” weapon, dodge it’s attacks for about five minutes and be at least twenty levels below his level.」

「Right, end of meeting!」

「Take that you fucking idiot!」

「Ouch, what the actual fuck!? Gyagh!?」

Katsu then throws the reactor directly in my face, and after suffering a direct hit I shook in my chair and fell over. I pick up the reactor, massage the huge bump that rose on my head and raise a voice of protest.

「Why in the everlasting fuck would you do something like that!? Are you fucking retarded!?」

「I think that it would be easier to teach pigs how to fly than to be able to attempt something like that. Fucking Agility-builds, go blow yourselves and drop dead!」

「That’s too unreasonable!」

Apparently Pencilgton agrees with Katsu on that one. Shit, that could have gone better……

After completing the item transfer process I place the Ether Reactor inside the “Inventory” accessory and then proceed to stand up from my chair.

「Ah, that’s right, Sanraku-kun.」

「What is it?」

「Could you give me back that thing I lent to you?」

Aaah, now that I think about it, it was the first time after the battle with Wezaemon that we met, so I haven’t really had the opportunity to return it earlier, did I?

「Roger that.」

I opened up my own inventory and fish out the item that I was supposed to return to Pencilgton after the battle at the Reversed Hidden Garden was over. The golden scale shone brightly in the private room, illuminating the place up.



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