ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 083 Part 1




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama


Chapter 83: Usage, Training and Capture Part 1

「Hmm…… Well shucks, Young Master, but this thingy here seems to be beyond salvation.」

「I see…… Oh well, guess we’ll go and ask Weissash if he’s going to be able to do anything with it.」

「You moron!」

「Fire tongs!?」

Yo, what the fuck!? Get that thing away from my shin! Get the fuck away I said! Even Benkei wouldn’t be able to handle something like that without crying!

While I was still busy trying to protect my shins from the hot fire tongs, Break jumps up in the air and smacks me on the head. Of course, feeling that something like that might happen, Emul evacuated from m back a moment before so he wouldn’t get caught in the crossfire.

「Don’t you dare rely on Pops for every little thing! He has enough to worry about on his own, so don’t add to that pile!」

「Eh? Ahh, I’m… sorry?」

There was still a possibility for us to meet Emul’s trader buddy randomly around town, since he was not always at the palace every single time. But remembering Break’s words, it would feel helluva awkward to ask him now to repair the reactor. This was also strengthened by my intuition of a shitty game hunter, that if I was to ask him for help, that would raise another weird and complicated flag. So for now I put that idea on hold.

「Right, so what should we do right about now?」

「What are we going to do?」

「Hmm, it’s been a while since I had to think that far ahead……」

For now let’s go to the skill combining shop and see what we can do with our current skills. It would also be a good idea to allocate my skill points since I had so many of them.

PN: Sanraku

LV: 78

Job: Mercenary (Dual Wielding)

Money: 4000 Mani

HP: 40

MP: 50

STM: 100

STR: 70

DEX: 70

AGI: 90

TEC: 65

VIT: 2

LUC: 104


・ Infinite Ream

・ Growing Earrings

・ In Fight Lv.MAX

・ Drift Step

・ Setsuna no Mikiri

・ Hand of Fortune Lv.6

・ Greater Climbing

・ Climax Boost Lv.9

・ Six Fold Jump

・ Ricochet Step Lv.1

・ Hate Trample Lv.1

・ Moon Jumper

・ Transient Wolf Lv. 1

・ Off-road Lv.2

・ Mystic Sword Art 「Reflection of the Water Mirror」

・ Ignition Lv.1

・ Overheat Lv.1

・ Nitro Gain Lv.1

・ Duelism


Right Hand: Yuzuki 「Upper Fang」

Left Hand: Yuzuki 「Lower Fang」

Head: Mask of Bird’s Eye View (VIT 1)

Torso: Curse of Luukan

Waist: None

Feet: Curse of Luukan

Accessories: Inventory

Now this is great. Finally my Stamina and Luck parameters reached the levels of three digit numbers. Also, since I was going to give this whole “Inventory” thing a go in the future, I decided to assign a few points into Magic as well. Vitality was the only stat that was still but a single digit value, but I could easily boost that with appropriate equipment. What’s more, since I had a skill that would allow me to survive the otherwise fatal blow with one digit HP left, it was all coming up nicely anyways.

「While you’re at it, how about a secret skill?」

「If I save enough money. Then we can talk.」


Hey, don’t you fucking dare to pout on me like that! If I give you a chance, you’d take all of my money off of me without a second thought!

After some deliberation, I decided to leave my skills as they are, without combining them. With Assassin’s Earring and Oppresive Kick maxed out, surely that would open up some nice combinations in the future. It was also nice for focusing aggro on yourself, which could also be utilized nicely if done right. I had a feeling in my gut that they would become quite handy in the future.

While some of the skills got stronger, others mutated into new variants, so I would need to try them out later and see what exactly they are about……

Nurture…… Growth…… I see, if you don’t have the skills you like, you can always buy them, or if you don’t have money you can always try to cultivate them yourself.

That’s right. If we can turn to Weissash for help, we can only depend on Break for now. Currently, Break’s skill level at blacksmithing was called “Master”, and apparently you couldn’t repair the reactor if the smith didn’t have the “Grandmaster” level of profession.

However, Break herself was claiming that she was still practicing her skills. That means that there is no way that she was going to hit the level of Grandmaster all on her own in the near future. So I wonder……

「Emul, I now know more or less what we are going to do.」

「So, what is it?」

「I named it “Break Secret Training Plan”……!」

「And that is why we are going to help you score the rank of the “Grandmaster”!」

「Where did that come from, I wonder……?」

That reaction was inside the spectrum of my expectations. I’d say it would be a whole lot more suspicious if she screamed “Alright, let’s do just that!” and went on with the idea. Now here comes the hard part, actually convincing her to let us help her in her training.

「Muu…… I see, so if you can’t rely on Pops, you want to make me a Grandmaster…… But is it really going to work out?」

「I mean, you don’t have anything to lose, right? It’s something you’d have to do one day anyways.」


Break mumbled while playing around with one of the short swords she recently made. It was a shortsword, but in human terms, so for a bunny it was especially large and long, and every time Break swung it it looked as though she was going to fall over under its weight.

「…… Umu, what the hell. I don’t know what you have in mind, but sign me up.」

「Good. Really good.」

It was a good thing that we managed to convince Break without much trouble. One less thing to worry about.



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