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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 089 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 89: You Win Some and You Lose Some Part 1

Originally, the pioneers had a limited inventory space. You get too greedy, you pick too much stuff on the field, and you had to pay the price of having your movements hindered.

However, what an amazing place this here Inventory was! Even if you count the things that were already here, you could continue to add more and more items in here and you would never really run out of space to store them in!

Above all else, this storage space was perfectly safe! It would allow me to wait here for the aggro of the scorpions to wear off, and go back into the real world to collect any materials that the grouping monsters would destroy on one another. It was a strange feeling, but right now I was completely fine with that.

「Fufufu, fuhahaha!!! I’m a genius! I’m a freaking genius to find a hole in the system like that!!!」

I start to laugh like a certain mad scientist that managed to create a monster out of various body parts only to end up drowning in the cold waters at the end of the world together with my creation.

And the only thing that I needed to take care of was my MP pool. There was nothing else that I had to worry about with this strategy. There was minimal risk and maximum of profit to be had for me with this strategy.

And even if I were to somehow run out of space in my inventory, I would just go to the shop and sell some of my stuff, gaining some money that would also benefit me in a lot of ways.

「I knew it, finding tricks like that is the best part of games like that.

I drink an MP recovery potion and shake my pickaxe around until the transition completes, and then proceed to mine all the mining spots in the vicinity. That way even if I run out of MP recovery potions I could just go back and buy some new ones. Rinse and repeat.

As I headed into the next mining point that looked promising, my inventory was slowly getting filled with lots of precious loot.

「Now then…… I got a fair amount of items, my MP potions are starting to get low and any more stuff in my inventory and I might become over encumbered if I’m not careful. What to do now?」

I was mining for over thirty minutes now when I decided that it would be right about time to call it a day for this run.

The abused pickaxe literally broke in my hands, and when it comes down to MP potions…… Yup, I have none, since I just used them all. My inventory was also already overflowing with precious minerals.

I might as well drop the items into storage and let the scorpions kill me to get a quick way back to Rabbitz. In the meantime I rummage through my items to see what exactly I managed to get.

「Crystal Scorpion’s Shell, Crystal Slabs, Crystal Claws, Crystal Legs…… Strange thing was that I was yet to receive a single Crystal Stinger.」

Speaking of scorpions, their stingers were apparently the rarest drop that you could get from them and could be sold for the biggest sums of money. So that was ultimately the best drop that you would want to aim for…… and if you don’t have any luck, you need to keep trying.

「Obtaining stingers is easier said than done…… When there are so many of them, how could I possibly trigger a stinger attack? Not to mention that the conditions in here for baiting such attacks are just terrible.」

And since there was no clear strategy for breaking their stingers, it seems that the only thing I could do was to rely on the RNG gods to bless me with a good drop.

「Not to mention that their tails are naturally folded, so it’s that much harder to get to them.」

Also, making so many trips over here led me to be able to recognize the “Hidden” Crystal Scorpions in their dormant state.

Finding a camouflaged scorpion in an area full of crystal is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but even the most perfect of camouflages won’t make you one hundred percent invisible. There are ways to distinguish their “shape” from ordinary rocks.

Taking both of my Yuzuki’s in my hands, I gently lift them up and drive their edges alongside the crystals, creating a distinct sound as a result.

The moment the crystal pile begins to shake and tremble…… I activate Ignition, Nitro Boost, Climax Boost, Off-Road, Six Fold Jump…… Every single skill that I have at my disposal that would allow me to gain some safe distance from the waking crystal horde.

I could feel all of my skills finally kicking in the moment the scorpions extended their tails and directed their aggro towards me, aiming at me with their stingers.

「First of all, one shot……!」

I then lightly throw one Yuzuki into the air, and after activating Infight, Hungry Wolf and Duelist I try to punch the base of the scorpion’s tail with my fist via the Hand of Fortune skill.

「Ooooooo…… uuuuuuuuuchchchchchch……!?」

Even if the level gap would be two, ten or even thirty levels, there’s just no way that the crystal plating should be able to withstand a punch with so many buffs added to it. But that’s exactly what happened here. So with tears welling up in my eyes I catch Yuzuki back in my hand while muttering curses under my nosebreath.

I jump in the air and land on the back of one of the scorpions, hearing the sounds of shattering crystal and approaching scorpions all around me. I then drive both Yuzukis into the scorpion’s back as strongly as possible.

「At least let me make a crack! That’s all I’m asking for……!」

Grasping a stable foothold on the unstable ground I then drive another Hand of Fortune punch right into the place where Yuzukis struck the crystal plating.

One hit. Two hits. Three hits. Four hits. Fifth hit actually missed because the blasted thing moved…… I did so much to damage the crystal plating, and it was still intact after all of that!

「I knew it, it’s going to be hard without at least level ninety something! However, I must do all that I can right now and at least find out if I’ll be able to damage it!」

At the edge of my field of vision I could see a literal tsunami of light reflections. The massive crystal scorpions approached me rapidly, looking like a mass of bulldozers that would just run me over and turn me into a pulp of minced meat. But I must say, that light surely was beautiful.

But I wasn’t just going to let them defeat me. No, if I was going down, mauled to death by them, I at least wanted to put up a good fight while I’m at it. After all, that’s where the fun lies in games like that: from challenging the impossible.

I take a step back and just stand there fully exposed to the wall of crystal stingers and crystal death running towards me, displaying my courage and the power of my resolve in this single action.

「Come at me!」



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