ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 093 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 93: The Past Always Come Back to Haunt You Part 1

「It just occurred to me, but…… What the hell are we even looking for? It could be literally anything in this huge junk heap that is this place.」

「This is quite a problem. Whatever are we going to do?」

「Look for the entrance of the forge. The Magical Unity Unit was used by the blacksmiths of the Era of the Gods. We find the forge, we find the Unit.」

「Search for a forge or a workshop, got it.」

Just as Break suggested, we begin the search for the entrance to the forge. And since it was a search for something that a Bunny needed to become a “Grandmaster”, surely it won’t be as hard to find as the entrance to the Hidden Garden. At least I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case.

「But still, good luck finding the door of any kind if they are buried under all sorts of debris like that.」

Here and there you could see broken pillars that stick from the ground like a grotesque ribcage. Here, in this area, broken golems were mixed with a whole lot of architectural and industrial ruins, making the place look similar to a colossal junk yard. What’s more, since it was in ruins, the visibility here was rather poor, and I was seriously starting to regret the fact that we came here in the dead of night.

「Isn’t there something that could guide us towards what we are looking for? Like, anything at all?」

「If it was so easy, why would we have to search for it?」

「Fair enough.」

Unlike searching for something with a party of players where people could utilize the help of the Internet or message someone more experienced, it was hard to search for something peculiar together with NPCs. Mostly because I couldn’t be so sure I would be able to guarantee their safety.

Also, there was a key difference: time. In offline games the time would stop when you save your game and quit it, but in MMOs time was advancing like it normally would in the real world. But I guess there was no use worrying about that right now.

「So, in the end we have no other choice but to look, huh……?」

「No, I do believe it would be best to split up and search for clues! (TL NOTE: Don’t Scoobs, just don’t!) That way we can cover more ground!」

Why would we…… Ahh, that’s why.

「So? How are we going to split up?」

「The little furball can go with that birdhead for all that I care.」

Aramis says that and Break looks like the world just ended for her. Was that on purpose? Was that supposed to be intentional?

「Right, I don’t get why you guys would like to split up, but I would be a whole lot more reassured if Emul was to go with Aramis.」

「Oi, oi, does that mean you are worried about me?」

「You are the one who’s crazy enough to want to challenge the seven strongest monsters in this world……」

Welp, you got me there, can’t really deny it. However, I really would like Aramis and Emul to go together. Like that, their chances of survival would increase dramatically.

「Well, what do you say? Will you go with Emul, Aramis?」

「If that’s what my Lady wishes for…… so be it……!」

Oh, so you will bend the knee? Well, good thing that Break was here to prevent the crisis before it even got the chance to unfold.

「…… Hmm, and what about my opinion on the subject?」

「Seniority. Does that word ring any bells?」

And just like that we started to search for the forge in the following pairs: Aramis and Emul, and Break and I.

「There we go!」


This golem here was covered in swords all over with his head almost severed by one of them, which was almost making it look like a hedgehog. Or a pin cushion for that matter. Break managed to get a hold of one of the swords, then she used me as a platform to leap high in the air and thrust the sword right into the golem’s core that was peeking from inside the space between his head and the rest of the body.

「Well, well, I’ll be damned! Who would have thought that my daggers would lack the reach to damage them?」

Having its core crushed to pieces, the hedgehog golem stops moving and collapses on the spot. The rest of the swords collapse on the ground and disappear in a geyser of polygons, since they were a part of the monster instead of loot that would drop from it.

What remained out of it was a small statue that looked like a polished stone. Picking it up, the stone turned out to be a statue of a female knight.

·         Idol of the Sword

A small sculpture that may sometimes generate itself out of a golem upon its defeat.

The waves emitted by the statue can attract a certain kind of monster.

The more polished the idol, the stronger the monsters it attracts.

「Why do I get the feeling that those “certain monsters” would be goblins and orcs in this case?」

I really don’t want this to happen, since those are exactly the kind of monsters that female knights tend to attract. At least, according to certain “media”.

While trying to resist the urge to collect as much of those statues as possible, I take a look at the straight sword that Break used to kill the golem.

It was the very same Dullahan Blade that she used to kill the Humming Rich with. Contrary to its previous state the rust and dirt were scraped off, the blade itself was sharpened, and it now has a slightly red luster to it. Rather than renovation, you could say that the blade was given a second chance at life.

「Is it just me, or was this sword a little shorter before?」

「It certainly was, but it was thanks to years of improper use and lack of sufficient maintenance. Once I got my hands on it I got it back to its former glory, so that’s how it was supposed to look.」

「Hmm…… Maybe now would be a good time for me to practice using some of my specials skills as well?」

But I must say, this blade was doing really good in fights, even though its primary strength should lie in beheading its enemies. For a rare weapon that dropped from the enemy it was really nice, considering the amount of materials and effort that Break must have poured into restoring it back to its former glory.

It was lacking any fancy abilities, like that fusion with the user or attribute reversal, but it was its former role that was making it so effective…… No, I’d say that additional damage when striking the neck was more than worth it, plus its durability was making it even more useful in long skirmishes.

Apparently, their durability was five times greater than my current weapons. Additionally, it was very resistant to any kind of heat.



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