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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 095 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 95: The Unknown Remains Mysterious Until It Is Revealed Part 1

Perhaps the design of this golem was meant to keep players at a distance, not allowing them to get closer. That would certainly explain four arms, energy shields and laser beams.

「However, it was his own misfortune that he had no means to defend against an All-Out Attack like that.」

「Otherwise we could have been at a serious disadvantage here.」

All-Out Attacks were the strongest tactics that you could employ in a huge majority of games out there.

And because it wasn’t a simple monster but also not a boss per se, there was no rare drop or anything like that after it was defeated. So I watched Pencilgton pick up his spear from the ground.

「Is that your main weapon for the time being?」

「Yup, and believe me, getting my hands on something like that was a real pain in the ass……」


「Oh, you know…… Defeat fifteen enemy squads in PVP while being solo and stuff like that……」

Seriously? Talk about a real MVP.

Thinking about it now, Pencilgton was always doing crazy stunts like that, making it feel as if no amount of power leveling would be enough for you to get even remotely close to his level.

「This weapon’s name is “Saint Kaldeoulf”, one of the five Hero Weapons in the entire game.」

It looks like that there are the super rare weapons in this game that you can acquire, each with its unique “Hero” power: sword, spear, staff, bow and greatsword. Apparently, the requirements to obtain but a single one of them were quite literally insane.

Learning that fact leads to a certain conclusion that I was personally finding hard to believe.

「…… So wait, does that mean that you are a Hero or something like that?」

「It’s only a side job, my main class is that of a Magic Spearmaster.」

「So even ShanFro has something like Heroes, huh?」

「Hm? You say Hero, but Heroes aren’t all that different from Mercenaries or Assassins when you get down to it, you know?」

At that moment I updated my inner list of things I don’t like, adding the term “Hero” to it. Also, Pencilgton gave the vibe of a professional murderer more than a Hero, one that would spur up things like “I’ll cut the whole world down should I feel like it!”. Yeah, not exactly a Hero material over there.

There was once a game with a motif like that. Throughout the ninety percent of the game the story was your typical fantasy setting, but then it all turned upside down when the main hero turned out to be the villain when he decided to take revenge on the entire world for all the harm and loss he suffered. Talk about the pinnacle of a shitty game.

So does that mean with Heroes like that this game had potential to turn to shit? No, it would be more accurate to say that it would change alignment and become an evil godly game.

By the way, the main reason that one particular game has turned to shit was because of the main heroine. She was there for the protagonist the whole time, developing her character until the very end when she was killed by the protagonist as one of his first victims. There was something about betrayal in there and it was totally not cool or cute. Not in the least.

That act of turning, of shifting form a protagonist you’ve grown fond of into the villain, that was the most evil and shitty game design choice that the developers could have decided on.

「But seriously, even though it sounds stupid, it works rather nicely. So I guess it’s not stupid after all.」

「Hm? Does that mean it’s something super OP?」

「Well, I wouldn’t go that far with calling it that, since it is only effective when you are wearing a Hero weapon…… By the way, how do we open this thing? Is there some sort of key to it? Or a password? Open sesame or something like that?」

It would be nice if the gate would open just like that, without any other conditions. Because if they were to remain close, I’m afraid that we don’t have any means of actually prying them open by ourselves. Maybe the gatekeeper could, but he was gone now.

It is entirely possible that there is a key in here somewhere, or a passcode, a keycard, or that maybe we would need to hack into the gate, or blow it up with C4…… So does this mean we would really need to force it open?

「Ah, so maybe this thing is meant for situations like this?」

「What’s wrong, Katsu? Does this have to do with something unique?」

「Would you give it a rest already? This is getting old.」

「But we will keep on reminding you until you go to your grave?」

「Right, time for me to kick the bucket, it seems.」

It was the usual talk between us.

「When it comes to Treasure Hunters, or even Archeologists in general, they can learn magic called “Treasure Sense”. Of course, since I have that class as one of my side ones, I learned that magic as well.」

Treasure Sense…… Is that some sort of detection magic that might come in handy in dungeons such as this?

Katsu then touches the gate with his hand and activates a spell. Soon enough, there are light runes spreading all over the gate’s surface, kind of like roots of the tree…… But then they all went out.

「The higher the level, the higher the success rate, and right about now I’m level one with this spell……」

「Which means?」

「It means that the time has come for Sanraku-kun’s natural enemy, the RNG to enter the stage.」

Incidentally, Katsu said that at level one the success rate of this spell is about fifteen percent…… Which roughly translates that on ten tries, about eight of them would end up in failure.


「T-that was some great and long sigh out there……」

「Long ago, Sanraku-kun was so traumatized by RNG Gods that the shock lasted for about three weeks.」

The name of the game was “The Great War of Minakokoro”. In order to cure a heroine’s illness you needed an item called “Sendan Peach”. Of course, the RNG Gods kept on fucking with me and the item wouldn’t drop for me no matter what. It took me almost three weeks to obtain it, and when I finally did there were more or less three days left until the end of holidays. I had to finish the whole game in those three days.

I really preferred the games with no RNG elements to them whatsoever, but I do realize that it is hard to do without them. But when it becomes necessary to advance the story? That’s where I draw the line.



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