ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 100 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 100: When You Walk Across the Sky, Nothing Is Impossible Part 2

Of course it would be much easier, since we had no blindfolds on. And the role of the watermelon would be its neck!

With the chain created by Emul and latched onto the Dullahan, we managed to pull it off its horse and as it was approaching us fast I activated Infinite Stream and started to thrash it around like a soccer ball or a really huge bag of potatoes.

At the same time as I bully the Dullahan, Emul keeps on firing magical attacks at its horse. I wonder, if I was to attack the place where the head should be, would it still count as a critical from hitting the neck even if it technically wasn’t there?

「Oraaa! Operation start!」

As the Dullahan’s body keeps on flying through the air on the chain I mercilessly keep on slashing it with my Dullahan sword. However, I also add new strikes to the combination and even jumping attacks, trying to recreate the “Tensei” techniques I witnessed in the battle against Wezaemon.

Each time one of my hits connects with its armor I can feel the shock of the blow getting transmitted through the blade to my arm. It felt like hitting a balloon filled with mud and watching the ripples slowly spread.

While savoring this peculiar feeling, I brace myself and resume my attacks with even greater ferocity.

I also decided to add even more power to the blows by activating Moon Jump. In response…… I could see and feel that the Dullahan was starting to resemble a rotten potato. I was just hoping that I won’t have to witness some sort of nasty goo-like substance oozing out of it in the near future.



While the headless Dullahan screams like a demon as a result of being pummeled against the ground, I could also hear the painful moan of the horse being torn to pieces by Emul’s Magic Edge. I must hand it to Emul, once he gets his mind on the job, he does it splendidly.

The Dullahan then falls onto the ground, twitching miserably and blood-colored polygons seep out of the cracks in its armor. I then approach it with my Dullahan sword raised high, looking down at it with pity.

「I sorry for doing this, my friend, but I really need that precious EXP that you are holding within yourself.」

I then bring the sword down and take it out of the ground once the Dullahan changed into a geyser of red polygons. But even before I did that its body managed to become completely limp.

At the same time, the Dullahan’s horse also falls to the ground and becomes motionless, turning into red polygons soon after.

Now that I think about it, Dullahans are much like vampires. Vampires that like sunbathing. Vampires that like to eat lots of garlic bread. Vampires that like to adorn their bodies with lots of silver accessories. They had lots of weaknesses. Vampires are kind like Dullahans. That makes me sad.

「At least now you can sleep peacefully, Dullahan…… Although I made you look like a punctured tire.」

I even tried making a cross sign in the air, but then it occurred to me: what kind of religion was dominant in this game in the first place?

I haven’t really seen any churches in this game so far, but since there are Saints in here it must mean that there was at least some sort of Christianity, right? Let’s try asking Katsu about that, since he is a monk, and the monk is very close to a priest, right?

The Dullahan, being a rare enemy as it was, right now seemed to me like a martyr who sacrificed  himself so that I could grow stronger.

「Level seventy nine…… Looking at numbers alone, that’s just one poor level up.」

But in this game there is more to leveling up than just making the skills become stronger. Was it really just a transition from seventy eight to seventy nine? No, that’s not it. It means that I was gradually growing stronger. Humming Rich, Iron Golems, Dullahans, Wezaemon…… All of those fights were making me grow more accustomed to battle and making me stronger, making it possible to undergo more difficult fights. It was also making it possible for the skills to go stronger and even discover new ones.

And just now, as I was looking through my status screen, I could feel my mouth getting distorted in a twisted kind of smile, seeing that I just got a very particular skill, one that a preview I saw in that magazine some time ago.

「I was waiting to do this…… Double Jump!」

PN: Sanraku

LV: 79 (5)

JOB: Mercenary (Dual Wielding)

Money: 62,000 Mani

HP: 40

MP: 50

STM: 100

STR: 70

DEX: 70

AGI: 90

TEC: 65

VIT: 2

LUC: 104


・ Infinite Stream –> Continuous Slash

・ Growing Earrings

・ Infight Lv.MAX

・ Drift Step

・ Setsuna no Mikiri

・ Hand of Fortune Lv.MAX

・ Greater Climbing

・ Climax Boost Lv.MAX

・ Six-Fold Jump → Seven-Fold Jump

・ Ricochet Step Lv.MAX

・ Oppressive Step Lv.4

・ Moon Jumper → Skywalker

・ Hungry Wolf

・ Off-road Lv.MAX

・ Secret Sword Art 「Water Mirror Moon」

・ Ignition Lv.MAX

・ Overheat Lv.6

・ Nitro Gain Lv.MAX

・ Duelism

・ Fistfight Lv.1

・ Ten Counter

・ Power Slash Lv.1

・ One strike


Left Hand: Dullahan’s Beheading Sword (2H)

Right Hand: None

Head: Mask of Bird’s-Eye View (VIT + 1)

Torso: Curse of Luukan

Waist: None

Feet: Curse of Luukan

Accessories: “INVENTORY”



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