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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 113 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 113: Fixing a Hole With a Hammer Part 2

Leveling up and evolving the Secret Sword Art 「Water Mirror Moon」 allowed for its effects to change as well. Normally this skill would spawn a clone of myself behind the enemy’s back and focus its aggro onto itself. This improved version, however, worked in a different way. It allowed for the effect of this skill to be reversed.

Instead of spawning a new source of aggro behind the enemy’s back, it was spawning it right in front of it.

In other words, even though my real body was on its way behind its back, the Overseer Golem dropped one of its fists onto the created copy of myself, crushing it mercilessly under its massive press-like body. Normally I would  use that skill to create the opening for some other damage dealer, but right now I was able to effectively utilize it in such a crafty way.

It is kind of ironic that someone who is supposed to possess Vorpal Soul is trying to sneak around their opponents in order to get a backstab at them, but what can you do? Getting behind its back I can see various junk that creates its body: broken weapons, debris, some vehicle parts, strange gizmos I don’t recognize at all…… Man what a clusterfuck of junk it is!

All of this junk was assimilated into the Golem and became a part of its body. Most probably it was all parts of some wreckage long ago. I survey its back and look for easy spots to climb on, determining my route up.

「Twenty three seconds have passed, climbing should take about five seconds!」

While the effects of other skills are still active I activate others that would help me climb in a more effective manner and prepare to traverse about three hundred frames in under five seconds.

Off-Road lets me maintain my balance even if the ground I’m standing on is not all that stable. Acrobatic lets me consume less stamina for any kind of jump or acrobatic action made within a certain amount of time. Ricochet Step will make me disregard a few other factors that would be crucial during a climb like that. And if my footholds run out? No problem, Skywalker has me covered.

「Twenty five seconds have passed, let’s go!」

Start…… I leap onto the edge of the first major debris that was within my reach. After a second I use the broken window frame as footing and launch myself higher. After two seconds I slide over some broken pillar and jump off the broken sword, making the body of some unknown vehicle my next foothold. After three seconds I use the incoming barrel to cut my way up short. After four seconds I use smaller junk as stepping stones and at their end I sink my daggers into the Overseer Golem’s body that was slightly exposed  and activate a new batch of skills.

Greater Climbing allows me to climb even faster and steadier on an uneven ground, and I assist myself with my daggers to be extra sure that nothing goes wrong. The higher I go the harder my climb becomes, but my skills help me compensate for that more than enough. Finally, I arrived at the place I chose as my goal…… A huge crane.

「Thirty seconds have passed, from here on out it’s the real deal!」

It looked like a giant crane, with the difference that it had a huge steel wheel attached to its tip. Umm, just what is this……? It looks like some sort of huge construction equipment. Or one of the things they use in those blockbuster Hollywood movies.

This huge excavation wheel…… a number of players verified that it can actually be destroyed. Once destroyed, the damage impairs the movement algorithm of the Overseer Golem and causes it some nasty direct damage.

It’s a stupid weakness, I know. However, it is designed to be unreachable as long as you don’t have any climbing skills and destruction attribute to your weapon.

The wheel is held in place by a steel fork, kind of like the front wheel of a bicycle. Destroying them would cause the wheel to fall off, but it will only be successful if the Golem is leaning forward.

And if it isn’t? What do you do then? It’s easy, really. You just make it lean forward.

「Thirty three seconds, first is the one on the right……!」

I activate my attack skills and unleash a flurry of strikes onto the rusted parts with such swiftness that I would like to have it memorized in some sort of way.


「Oh shit, it’s tougher than I thought!」

Fucking shit, was it because the daggers weren’t strengthened enough? I switch to my gauntlets in a hurry and unleash a flurry of violent attacks on the forks.

Forty five seconds, the right fork is destroyed…… Which leaves me with fifteen seconds!? No, it’s too late to chicken out, I need to take care of the left one as well! Or that’s what I was supposed to do.


I got a hang of this during the previous fight. Recognizing the voice command, the left gauntlet starts to glow brightly. As the scorpion’s core hidden inside of it started to activate, the whole gauntlet changed its shape and started to shine brightly.

Immediately after that, if you compare the gauntlet to a human hand, there was a small stinger-like object starting to grow out of the place where the middle finger should be. That stinger pierced through the remaining fork, which was now on the verge of collapsing. Of course, it was not enough, but I wasn’t finished yet. That little stinger was like a seed. And what do seeds do? They grow, of course! As nature intended!

「Now…… Time to spread my wings a little bit. ‘Growing Up!’」

Divine Blessing of Scorpion…… Apparently something like that was quite common back in the age of the Gods.

During that time, everything could be attributed to one of two things: control or activation. It is said that weapons from that time can harness the hidden power of the materials used to create them and utilize them in combat.

If so, what would be the power of the left gauntlet, harnessing the power of the crystal scorpion?

「Rapid growth of the stingers in order to create stakes out of them……!」

I then hit the place where I was standing with the gauntlet. Then I activate the command that was sleeping deep within the gauntlet, one that embodies the true nature of the crystal scorpion and their relentless nature.

At that moment the gauntlet shone brightly. In the next moment, a huge stake was erected from the gauntlet at high speed and with tremendous force, throwing my body high into the air!



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