ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 121 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 121: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 7 Part 2

This is the reason why Saiga-0 holds the title of “Maximum Firepower”, and if there was ever a chance of us winning this battle, that would be it. That is, if she manages to land that blow.

Believing Rei’s words that she would definitely manage to do it, we were now balancing on a really tight tightrope trying to keep her safe for long enough.

「God damn it, why won’t you keep on attacking me, you damned mutt……!!」

First of all, what is the pattern of the aggro for this monster?

Just when I was thinking that it was prioritizing the “cursed” opponent over normal ones, it was shifting its aggro towards Rei again. It wasn’t a wolf, it was a god damned cat! Doing whatever the hell it wanted!

However, he who hunts two hares will catch neither, and the only reason we are able to balance things out was because Luukan was shifting its attention between us.

「The moon is hiding behind the clouds again!」

「It’s coming……!!」

There’s a certain item in this game called “Torch”. It is an item that illuminates the area in a five meter radius from the item, and it was really convenient for lighting up dark places such as underground passages and caves.

「This game is designed in such a way that you can see something even in a dimly lit environment, so an item like that is not that popular, but even so…… Presto!」

The movements of the shadowy alter-ego were not all that complicated, but the real problem was the moment it appeared, because we can’t be sure where the attack will come from.

So I focus my senses and try to hear where it will be. Breathing, the ground, fur shifting in the wind…… anything that could serve as an indicator. Where will the invisible death strike from?

It is there, even if we can’t see it. If only I could predict its actions, it would stop being such a great threat.


I can feel chill running up my spine. Then there was a gust of wind. It wasn’t a natural phenomenon, but rather an action provoked by the movement and exhale of a large mass of darkness fast approaching. My senses managed to warn me in the last possible moment.

Rei…… I was sure that she managed to sense that as well, and I took a look towards the moon high up in the sky.

The moon was hidden behind a thick veil of dark clouds, and the malevolent wind was the only thing I was feeling for the moment.

But then, because of the wind the clouds disperse and the moon peeks out from behind them, illuminating the battlefield with its light. And in that light I could clearly see it. Luukan’s alter-ego disappeared into nothingness.

(I knew it, if the moonlight shines onto it, it cannot use its special attack…… What to do? There’s no way to counteract it and it is too unpredictable……)

Light, light…… Shit, I wish I had a flashlight on me or something like that. No, unless we can’t stop the skill from activating, it wouldn’t do us any good.

The flow of wind, the clouds in the sky. There were so many of them out there that it was despair inducing. How can we win if the weather itself is our enemy?

「No, wait…… There is a way, at least I think so.」


But using that in front of Rei…… No, what am I? thinking? Weapons are to be used, not to be put in display cases. It’s like buying a new pair of shoes and never wearing them. And cool weapons are worth showing them off.

I then ask Rei to aggro Luukan for a moment and disappear inside of the INVENTORY.

「Yeah, sure, I can’t wear the whole Power Armor, but it doesn’t need to be whole…… But what if it doesn’t work out? Aah, screw it, it’s too late for worrying about that! Let’s do this shit!」

I take out three items from INVENTORY.

One of them was the aether reactor that Break managed to restore to its former glory.

The second one was the helmet of one of the Power Armors, a piece necessary to operate the rest of the armor.

And the third one…… a vermilion body resembling a mythical bird, with its wings folded and waiting dormant for the command of its master.

「Now come, this will be your first job ever…… “Suzaku”!」

I place the aether reactor inside of the power suit “Suzaku”.

And then, the Vermillion bird wakes up and descends onto the battlefield under the bright glow of the moonlight.



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