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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 124 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 124: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 10 Part 2

「Right, let’s do this! Come on Emul, it’s time to make history! Or maybe you want to say that a mere cat is far better than the Vorpal Bunny?」

「We bunnies are way more fluffy and cute! Wait a minute, is that……!? UPYAAAHHH!? LUUKAN!?!?!?! NIGHT PROWLER LUUKAN!?!?!?!?」

「Hahaha, took you some time to realize what was going on!」

「This is insaaaaaaaaaane! I don’t wanna do this!!! Let me out!!! Or at least give me a cushion or something like that!!!」

「Sorry, but no can do right now!」

You’re going to be sitting on that metal helmet more and more in the future, so might as well start getting used to it right now.

…… Oopsie, my bad. This party wasn’t three and two, but actually three and three.

Right now I was motivated to not lose. It’s kind of strange really, but with Emul on my back right there, I felt secure and I felt like I could do literally everything right now.

Also, let’s not omit the fact that Emul was like a magic missile batter that was strapped to my back. With that, there were quite a few options we could make when it comes to attacking.

I think I’ll leave focusing Luukan’s aggro to Emul’s magic, and while he is doing that I can focus on dishing as much damage as I possibly could. Occasionally it might try to target Rei with one of its attacks, but that’s what Akitsu Akane and Sickle are here for, to support her and protect her from harm’s way.

「Front legs! Let’s go!」

「Hyiiii!!! “MAGIC CHAIN!!!”」

SF-Zoo showed us that restraining its movements was indeed a valid strategy up to some extent. In the next moment there was a magic chain that shot out from Emul’s hands and entangled Luukan’s front legs, restraining its movements.

Of course, it wouldn’t be enough to stop it completely, but at least we got a moment to breathe when it came to a sudden stop. But it lasted only a short while, and after a second or two we could see the chain starting to break and Luukan started to move again. But before it managed to do that I got close to it and used that opportunity to slash it with my swords a bunch of times, not going to waste any opportunity to dish out some damage.

I know that my attacks weren’t much, but it was weird that even though I felt that the blades penetrated its skin deep, there wasn’t a single drop of blood that spilled from its wounds. …… Unless, there was another possibility directly related to that.

「…… It really is strange.」

Despite having age restrictions, ShanFro uses polygon geysers to represent the blood gushing from the wounds. In other words, wounds of any kind would result in red geysers instead of real blood. Sometimes the polygons would be red, green, or even blue in some instances. But no matter how deep or grievous the wounds that Luukan was receiving, there was no such thing coming out of it.

Therefore, it might be necessary to assume that since there is no blood being spilled, we weren’t doing any real damage to it. Then, considering the setting for this Unique Monster, the answer to that dilemma becomes apparent really quickly.

「That’s not its real body, it’s something else.」

Luukan is capable of producing its alter-egos, and visible or not it might actually be that the real Luukan is not here at the current moment, observing and controlling the movements of its alter-ego from somewhere else where it is safe from harm.

Then, assuming that everything changes, as we will have to adapt to this new and sudden revelation.

「Emul! Shake the fucker up a bit!」

「Roger that! Mumumu…… “MANA SHAKER!!!”」

It was the type of magic whose damage could be said to be infinite when it comes to its sheer destructive power. However, even if Emul was at a level ninety threshold, he wouldn’t be able to deplete the HP bar of even a level one player by a small amount. But if so, wasn’t there a contradiction? Sure it was, but let me demonstrate the true utility of this spell on this here Luukan.

The moment a wave attack from Emul’s spell hit Luukan’s shoulder, it collapsed onto the ground, albeit momentarily and a series of tremors started to appear all over its body, although there was no visible damage to its flesh. For you see, “Mana Shaker “ is an attack that is highly effective against apparition-type enemies and creatures whose bodies are created out of magical power. In other words……


「Bingo! It seems that even if it doesn’t look like it, it’s still an apparition-type enemy after all!」

It seems that this huge body was just a diversion that was supposed to draw the players attention away from Luukan’s real body…… which was surely out there somewhere. In short, it must have been something similar to a “poltergeist”. A ghosty entity that could influence the real world…… and seeing its proficiency in creating alter-egos, it must have power over darkness and shadows. In other words, the wolf right in front of us is nothing more than a remote-controlled puppet. So we could hit it all we want, but it wouldn’t do a thing, since we were only damaging the puppet, and not the one pulling its strings. So if we want to defeat Luukan, we need to find a way to disable that puppet of his.

(But still, it doesn’t make any sense…… So does that mean that if you’re not a magician, you cannot even damage the real thing and hope to defeat it? Or maybe there is a way to do it as a physical fighter?)

No matter how intricate the opponent, it would simply be bad design to make it susceptible to only one type of damage while making it impossible to damage it with the other. It would be like making physical fighters look like complete tools compared to magicians. The other way around was also a no-go, since making something immune to all kinds of magic would limit the options of magic-only classes. So there must be a way to do this both ways.

If so, then there is still hope for us, but it seems that the last attack didn’t really manage to do anything to Luukan.

「Pyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! It’s glaring this waaaaaay!!! It’s really glaring this waaaaaay!!!」

「Oh wow, won’t you look at that! Now all the aggro is focused on me!」

「I don’t wanna do this! I wanna go hooooooooooooooome!!!」



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