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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 125 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 125: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 11 Part 2

If I was alone, I would have easily taken on the ultra-fast attacks of Luukan, but with Emul being here right now I didn’t want to risk it. So right now my priority was not to dish out as much damage as possible, but to find a safe way to chip away at its health bar. Seeing the SF-Zoo fight with it, it was safe to assume that it would simply ignore the tanks and leap for the rear guard right away. So apparently having its mobility reduced was more of a threat to it than having tanks take on his aggro.

「It’s really frustrating that its effectiveness is so ridiculously good.」

This monster could easily predict the moves and habits of its opponents and utilize them against any threat it might face. In other words, it was even deadlier than any other kind of opponent I’ve faced so far and making even a single mistake here meant certain death.

The time until Suzaku will be called off is one minute and thirty seconds. I had to make sure to use it to the fullest before we lose our only way of keeping the clouds away. It won’t be a game over, but it will certainly be troublesome to leave it as is.

「Umm, I wonder how should I even formulate an order like that……?」

「Just who are you talking to?」

「Ah, you know…… Just to that little birdie in the sky.」

「Sanraku-san….. No way, is your head so badly screwed that……」

Keep talking and I’m gonna shake you off my back.

Hmm, that’s strange. Normally I would never react like that. What could that mean? …… Did I learn some really bad behavior from Katsu and Pencilgton? I hope not.

「Alright, Suzaku. One more job before going back to sleep. Listen well, on my mark……」

It was the most crucial moment.

After we finished our brief strategy meeting I passed some orders to Suzaku and then changed my weapons from Yuzuki back to the Scorpion Gauntlets.

「Emul, make sure to adjust your timing just right!」

「Sir, yes sir!」

「Sanraku-san, I’m going in as well!」

「Okay…… Here we come, Luukan!」

Don’t let yourself be distracted, pay close attention…… Three, two, one, NOW!

I twist my body as I punch one of Luukan’s front legs, maximizing the strength of my blow and hitting it where it should hurt it the most.

It was enough to throw Luukan off balance. It wasn’t long, maybe five seconds at best. But it was more than enough. In that short span of time, a lone knight in full armor got right in front of Luukan’s face, brandishing her huge sword at it.


A huge slash with the gigantic sword goes through Luukan’s head and cuts it deep across the eye. Although it was an attack that would make any other monster die on the spot or at least writhe around on the ground in pain, Luukan simply toughed it out, and soon enough his damaged eye started to regenerate, as if the damage had never been done in the first place. It was glaring at us like mad.

「All conditions fulfilled……!!」

「Right, let’s go!」


This is where the final act starts! With all of us being ready, we could finally give it a shot to tie this stupid mutt in one place!

「Now, Suzaku!」

「Acknowledged, “Incineration: Magic Blade Slasher” activate!」

Suzaku then descended down onto the battlefield like a burning meteor. Gathering up all of its remaining power, it deployed a set of long and sharp blades from its abdomen while the fire from its thrusters continued to burn everything that was below it.

Suzaku aimed its attack right at Luukan’s hind legs. Legs that were the crucial part of any living animal’s mobility, as long as it had a physical form. Of course, there was no way that Luukan wouldn’t be unable to notice the falling Suzaku, and it tried to intercept it and stop it, but……

「Sorry, Luukan.」

Unlike with normal playing cards, when it comes to Trading Card Games you can have more than one trump card. Technically you can have as many of them as you like.



「I’m the one who brings forth Chaos……!!!」

Once you get a hang on the aggro criteria, it is only a matter of formulating a strategy. With the updated AI algorithm that allowed it to evaluate threat levels…… It was basically synonymous with bestowing fear on it.

Me being the first trump card, cutting it deeply.

Second one being Emul, waiting behind me and firing his magic at its legs diagonally.

Rei was the third one, hidden behind Emul and I, already beginning the chant to unleash her strongest attack.

Suzaku being the forth, it was a perfect setup where even if you managed to avoid one of us, the three others would still get to you. It was the ultimate kind of deadlock, one from which there was no escape. There was only one thing it could do right now.

「I knew it, RNG really is the biggest shit out there.」

Of course the moonlight had to shine just now. With that, the alter-ego disappears from our sight, making itself invisible again. But right now we were all out of our trump cards, so if we don’t manage to handle it somehow, we are as good as screwed.

「I’m counting on you…… Akitsu Akane!」



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