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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 127 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 127: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 13 Part 2

「I am the incarnation of chaos. An endless expanse of the Heavens and the bottomless emptiness of the Abyss.」

This skill truly deserved to be called a Trump Card, for its power was unparalleled by anything else in this world. And even if it lacked finesse unlike some of the magic spells and its chant was needlessly long and complicated, it made up for it by the sheer amount of its raw destructive power.

「I am Tenma, two sides of the same coin, a being that reaches the extremes.」

It is a crushing force that combines in itself the power of Satan’s “Catastrophe” skill and overwhelming destruction of Satanael’s “Apocalypse”. A combination of the two most powerful spiritual deities who, when combined, couldn’t be bested by anyone or anything. A sword and an armor creating a set, items that could only be obtained after clearing ultra-high difficulty  Unique Quests: “Demon King of the Heavens” and “Staring Into the Depths of the Abyss”. Normally those pieces of equipment sealed away the attributes that were opposed to their own alignments. But now, their energy was rapidly being released, and both sword and armor were rapidly decaying as a result of that. At the same time, swirling pools of light and dark energies began to gather alongside the blade of the sword, creating vortexes of great power that was almost pushing everyone present into the ground.

「I am the Conqueror, one who does not falter in face of adversity in its path. For I am the Power that shall clear all obstacles that show before me.」

Luukan rushed forward, aiming at the place where black and white paths were crossing. But it was held in place by the mechanical bird and the magic of the Vorpal Bunnies. Then Akitsu Akane and Sickle intercepted it, delivering a mighty blow to its jaw, separating one set of deadly fangs from the rest of its body. Luukan then tried to quickly regenerate the portion of the body it had lost, but it was already too late for it to do anything. It could only look at its opponents with eyes filled with pure and unadulterated hatred.

「I am Satanael, who reigns in the Heavens. I am Satan, who reigns supreme in Hell……」

As for Saiga-0, she honestly thought that this incantation was too messy and difficult to memorize, which makes it almost useless. But right here, right in this moment, she thought that she finally understood what it all meant. This was going to be the last attack, one that would end this battle for sure. With this, she could finally fulfill the expectations Sanraku-san had for her. With that in mind, Saiga-0 finished the chant while bringing the sword down.

「Thus ends the world as we know it, and a new one emerges from the ashes…… “ARMAGEDDON!!!”」

A mixture of black and white energy being released, there was a torrent of a continuous spiral of raw destructive energy raining upon the battlefield and Luukan, each wave even more powerful and even more destructive than the previous one. It was a true “ultimate assault” that would melt even someone like Luukan down, since every wave of destruction was only growing proportionate to the last wave, increasing its strength to the levels that would threaten the existence of the very fabric of the world itself.

Finally, when the last wave of Armageddon came to a halt and the moon slowly began to sink, the white and black glow dissipated uncovering the remains of Luukan with eighty percent of its body now gone. It should be impossible for any creature to retain its shape after an attack like that, much less to be able to stand on it own, but somehow this beast was managing it……

「Was it still not enough……?」

「Could you cover for me for a moment? That was really exhausting……」

The expense of using “Armageddon” was that all color, luster and power was lost from Saiga-0’s equipment. As Sanraku, Akitsu Akane, Emul and Sickle formed a defensive circle around her, she no longer looked like a proud knight but more like a decaying corpse of one. The decaying remains of Luukan gazed at her, and then let out one last sorrowful roar before eventually disappearing for good. Only the inactive Suzaku was left in the place Luukan once stood.

「Did we…… Did we do it……?」

「Is that another flag……? No, it certainly doesn’t feel like a flag at all……」

「We, we did it, guys! We’ve managed to beat Night Prowler Luukan!」

Anxious Saiga-0. Worrying Sanraku. Akitsu Akane already celebrated victory. As each of the players was inside their own world, they suddenly heard the voice of one of the bunnies behind their back.

「S, Sanraku-san…… L, Look over there! L-Luukan is!!!」

「Akitsu Akane, Luukan, that bastard…… It’s still here……!!!」

It didn’t have any physical appearance, but that feeling was so unique that I would never mistake it for anything else. It was right there, still in the darkness, where there should be nothing right about now. It felt as though even if they managed to defeat its alter-ego, it only laughed at them and mocked all of their efforts. At least that’s how it felt to Saiga-0.

「Earned the title of “Kagerou”.」

「Item obtained: “Divine Light of Guidance”.」

「Would you like to accept the Unique Quest EX “Extinguishing the Darkness With the Light of Courage”? 「Yes」 「No」」



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