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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 129 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 129: An Isolated Ocean at the End of a Fierce Battle Part 1

No, that’s not it. That’s not it Luukan, it’s not something unreasonable, right? I said “release the curse” not “enhance it”. And what’s more, why is there an additional equipment destruction condition added there!? What’s the deal with that? Would you be satisfied if someone who was supposed to secure your house rigged it with a self-destruction device? Hahaha, or put an exploding dynamite belt around your waist?


「Uumu, if something like that happened to me I would also succumb to despair, so I can’t really blame you.」

There were some good things added to it, but the demerits written in small print…… What the hell is this? Was I just scammed big time or what?

Ahh, Luukan, you son of a bitch! And here I tried to be nice to you, to end this event on a positive note, but you had to go and one up yourself on that one, didn’t you!? …… No, wait!


I see, if it was his plan all along, then he’s a brilliant tactician, that stupid mutt.

After taking a moment to take delight from my screams of mixed despair, desperation and sudden enlightenment, the signs of Luukan’s presence completely disappeared.

In other words, from now on it would be even more of a hard mode for me.

「To hide a trap inside of a trap…… What the hell is this, an inception……? You can’t do this to me, game…… That’s just too much for one person  to handle……」

「Are you alright? Maybe try jogging for about two hundred meters? That will surely cheer you up!」

「I don’t feel like running at all right now, but I guess some RTA is better than sitting around and doing nothing right now.」

There is no such thing as a Humanity meter in this game, so please don’t worry about me. Now, is there a ShangriLa Frontier TA out there? But more than that, I should try to look at the bright side rather than worry about the future.

「I need to remember to thank Rei properly next time I see her. She was only supposed to help me capture this area, but she ended up going against Luukan with me……」

「Oh, do-don’t worry about that, it’s not that I mind…… But if you really want to thank me then I guess that we could…… date…… go…… together……? Dating…… Wawa…… Wawawa……」

All of a sudden, Rei started to swing her sword around her like mad, turning the surrounding grassland into a sea of molten magma that would be potentially dangerous for our lives as well.

「Uoah, that’s dangerous, woman!」

「N-Nonononononono!!! After all, we didn’t even defeat the area boss yet! That’s right! That’s right! I, I guess I might as well accompany you some more until we get our original goal done!」

The fact that she was still able to swing her sword with such vigor, does that mean she’s that good of a fighter or was it simply that her thirst for blood wasn’t quenched quite yet? I guess it takes all kinds of players out there to make the world, huh? SF-Zoo clearly showed me that today.

Also, does that mean that “Black Wolves” are full of people who are just like Rei when it comes to combat? …… Apparently that seemed to be the case here. I guess there are players like that as well: innocent on the outside but once they start fighting they turn into bloodthirsty demon lords of the Endgame Boss class or something like that.

「That’s right! That’s right! I’m pumped now! I feel as though I would be able to take even Siegwurm right about now!」

「Siegwurm is that super strong Unique Monster! Talk about dreaming big! But it would most probably wreck me in a matter of seconds!」

I can see that Rei was getting especially pumped up for some reason. I was worried about that Siegwurm monster she mentioned, but right now I was too tired to think about it. I don’t want to think about any Unique Monster for a while now…… While…… think…… monsters…… unique……?

「W, What time is it now!?」

「He? About four o’clock. What about it? HEEE!? It’s so late!? It took us that much time……!?」

Isn’t that bad for us all to be staying up so late!? No, I forgot that it is summer vacation right now, so even if I got up at noon no one should be able to tell me off because of that.

But more importantly, I had an appointment at around eight in the morning! Although we still had time, adding room for reorganizing my equipment, buying some supplies, bathroom and shower break, getting something to eat…… That’s right, if you neglect your real world body, it will hinder your in-game performance. And since there have been cases of people being hospitalized after playing too much in a Full Dive environment, taking care of yourself is of utmost importance!

「For now we need to reach the town, secure a checkpoint there, return to Rabbitz, ask Break to repair broken weapons and armor, strengthen what can be strengthened, log out, take a shower, go to the bathroom, eat something……」

Yeah, adding all that up, there would be next to no time left before the appointed time. And if I don’t reinforce my weapons before a certain time, Break won’t be able to make it in time.

Creating a draft timetable in my head, I arrive at a certain conclusion: we didn’t have enough time! With so much in need of being done in so little time, we needed to act fast, or we might not make it in time!

「We need to beat this area, and beat it fast. You said the area boss is something called the Usurper Dragon?」

「No! I’ve actually made a mistake there! Surely it was, umm, let me check…… Ah, that’s right! Surfing Dragon!」

「So instead of Usurper Dragon we will face Surfing Dragon, right……?」

Well, whatever. If it’s the normal boss for this area, it can’t be anything too hard.

But we seemed to have forgotten about something. Until now we didn’t even realize it, because fighting to the fullest against Luukan was so entertaining.

Since we were fighting it with the intention of going down during that battle, we used up almost all of the tricks that we had up our sleeves. So right now we had none to spare.



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