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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 136 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 136: Opportunity, Pity and Stupidity Part 2

「Party…… W, whatever should I do……?]

Saiga-0 was currently in a serious distress. Right in front of her was a window that stated that she was still a member of a party formed by her, Sanraku, Akitsu Akane and two Vorpal Bunnies. But there was a fast and easy solution to that problem: she just had to press “YES” button when asked: “DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE YOUR CURRENT PARTY?”

However, even if her mind understood that, her heart was still violently objecting against it.

It was difficult for her to cut herself from this connection they had right now, especially since it was the bond formulated by such strong emotions. She knew that, she understood that perfectly well. One day she would have to do it. She would have to cancel her party with Sanraku and rejoin her guild, who were all eagerly awaiting her return.

「Ugh, uuuhhh……]

Up until now she was free because of her sister’s schedule, but now she was being pressed into coming back to the guild, both in game and in real life. With the construction of the Pioneer Ship at its finish, she would need to help other members of the guild in releasing their level cap as well. That is why she would need to beak the current party and board the ship herself.

Also, their research indicated that there might be a fierce battle once aboard the ship and that items that you can buy on board are going to be really expensive. However, making this choice was truly difficult for Saiga-0, even harder than the one about facing Luukan in battle.

「Mu, Mumumumumu……!!!]

Making strange movements with her fingers. Steeling her determination only to be cast into doubts again. Then waiting for a few seconds.

To illustrate her inner dilemma, Saiga-0’s index fingers were spinning in mid-air around one another like crazy, with a speed that would put any professional sprinter to shame. The difference here was that Saiga-0’s fingers eventually slowed down and then came to a stop. She reached her decision.

(I get it…… I understand it, I really do…… But, umm…… Even though I know that cutting the ties with his won’t be easy…… I know that it’s mostly me being sentimental here…… Yes, if I knew that it would be this hard, then Tower Arcana would have been better representation of me……)

Contrary to her slowing down fingers, Saiga-0’s thoughts only kept on accelerating. For those who knew her it must have been a truly hilarious sight, but for most of the NPCs, it looked like a knight in the rusted armor was making some weird gestures with her hands, presumably casting some sort of curse. That’s why all NPCs decided to keep their distance.

「Is something the matter, Rei?]

「…… Umm, yeah, I guess.]

「You’ve been acting really weird out there for a second. Let me guess: the stress of having to go to the new continent is getting to you? It must be really mentally taxing, knowing that you’ll be one of the selected few to go there first.]

「Ahh…… Umm, yeah…… Please give me a moment, I’m going to separate from the party……]

Any further hesitation on her end will only serve to annoy her sister and her guild mates even further. And if they really are friends, Sanraku and her, they can form another party on some other occasion. Her brain was screaming at her to push “YES” button, while her love-struck brain was urging her to stop doing what she was about to do.

「Naaaagh! Make up your mind already!]

「What’s this all of a sudden!?]

Saiga-0 twisted her neck and shook her head with a mighty force, closed her eyes and pushed her finger forward. That’s why she didn’t know at what window she was aiming at, and what button she was going to press.


The window informing of the action of breaking from the party was pushed to the side by the new window with the newest system announcement…… It means that the decision she was about to make was regarding the Unique Quest that her party’s leader just accepted.

In other words, the finger of the “Maximum Attack Power” player, which was strong enough to break small objects if she wished so, went on a full collision course with the “YES” option…… in the Unique Quest window.

「…… Ah, Are? What button did I just push?]

「Found you, guys! Now, prepare to be loaded and delivered!]

「Transport! Transport! Transport!]

「Ehh, wait just a…… What is…… KYAAAHHH!?]


「SICKLE-SAAAAAAN!? Ah, well if it isn’t Saiga-0-san! Long time no see!]

And just like that, before any of them could realize what exactly was going on, they were put inside of the barrels and delivered to the slaughter docks, much to the surprise of thir party leader.

「Ahh…… Umm……]

Akitsu Akane’s explanation and Rei’s speculation. Plus my own assumptions and basically I already knew what exactly happened. I didn’t disbanded the party once we arrived in the city, ad because as a leader I accepted another unique quest, these two were able to undertake it as well.

And to think that I would involve them not only in the battle against the Night Prowler Luukan but Kutanid of the Abyss as well…… whatever shall I do with this situation?

There was such an intense brainstorming session going on in my head right now that I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around all this. Luckily for me, God came down and aided me in my plea, passing the sentence instead.

「Oh, for fuck’s sake, do whatever the hell you want!]

「I don’t really get what’s going on, but I like the sound of that!]

「Hahaha, you’d better believe we will!]

Just like that, two additional party members were added for this quest. Don’t blame me if you come to regret it!



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