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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 154 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 154: Half-Naked Man Drinks Domestic Energy Drinks Part 2

The monster makes a brilliant U-turn and opens its jaws up again, as if guided by some kind of invisible string that was guiding it towards certain victory. Guided by its biological instincts, Regalex tries to escape its assailant’s jaws. But its mass and slowness was its doom, because it was not nearly fast enough to escape in time.

The monster’s fangs seeps into its body. In the next moment Regalex screams loudly as blue flames of blood burst from its wounds, right before a huge chunk of its flesh was being torn out right out of its body. It was a roar that shook the very foundation of the city. As to prevent its prey from escaping, the monster wrapped its long body around Regalex and tightened its grip, preventing Regalex from being able to do anything.

The strength of this grip must have been like that of thousand men, and there was no way for Regalex to escape. Still, even though it was so strong, the monster was able to swim so fast and be pretty nimble about it as well. This was no longer a fight of two equals. It was the predator making its prey into its dinner.

The assailant’s wings emit a strange light. It was a strange kind of light, completely different from the warm glow of the surrounding city and the blue flames I saw not too long before. It was a glow that killed everything it touched, and not allowed even the smallest speck of dust to exist. Since time immemorial it was believed it was the tool by which the Gods executed their wrath and the fact that it was high-speed and high-damage made it into almost 100% sure insta-kill attack.

In other words, it was what we people would call “Thunder”.

Its lens-wings begin to spark brightly. Depending on its scale, the storage capacity, and the amount of volts this monster would be able to generate, it may or may not be able for it to fend off any assailant. On the other hand, something like that shouldn’t be possible with its wings alone, it would have to be assisted by the game’s system. As for the Arctus Regalex…… it tried to break free of its assilant’s grasp by thrashing about in a fierce matter, but it was to no avail. It misunderstood the situation. Nothing’s changed when it comes to this hunt, not a single thing from its very beginning till this moment.

Then a predator enters this city, it becomes the object of the hunt. And since Arctus Regalex was a predator out there for sure, and the apex one at that, this rule must have hit it especially hard. But rules are  rules, and they are absolute.

If the flames if this monster were blue in color, its lightning was for sure to be blue as well. Regalex must have felt what was about to happen, for it thrashed its body even harder in order to escape, but it didn’t do it any good. The Reaper’s scythe was going to fall down on its neck one way or another. 

The glowing wings peaked when it comes to its light, making the natural crystal light of the city dim in comparison. Then a widespread dome of electricity began to spread around, catching the fish and buildings in the blast range, crushing them to dust and making the smaller fish explode on the spot. Poor fish. If I were to be caught in that as well, it would surely end up worse than some serious damage.

「…… Thirty seconds, two seconds, five seconds, that’s short.」

In turn, monsters should be something that players should be able to distinct on moments notice. There are, of course, friendly monsters such as Emul, but usually they are hostile…… The flame-spitter and crystal wings over there is no exception.So instead of worrying about something that one-shotted the Dragon-thing, it is best to think of a way to overcome it instead.

In general, this whole area was nothing more but a dungeon that players could explore and ultimately capture. And even with all of those monsters around, this place was no exception for that rule. So what I needed to do was to try to think of a way to conquer the unreasonable odds that were in front of me, not to succumb to them and lose hope.

Things that I want to do. Things that I must do. And things that I should do. If you can’t decide where to start, let me give you a quick solution. What you want to do, it would be ideal if there was no audience that was watching your every single action. It’s way easier that way.

「If I had any complaints about this game, any at all, it would be about the animations of monsters preying on other monsters. I know it’s because of the engine’s limitations, but still……」

And because of ShanFro’s care to look especially realistic, that goofy animation of chewing was especially hilarious to me. I scoff at it some more before I eventually dive down towards the place where the monster is in order to collect some of the dropped items for myself. Now that I think about it, isn’t the food chain in this underwater ecosystem all messed up? I mean, even if you take Kutanid out of the picture? It sure seemed to be that way to me.

「This is going to feel exactly the same as trying to appeal to the flames, isn’t it……?」

I just needed to provoke it, that’s all. I didn’t really need to defeat it. There was something I needed to make sure of, and for that I required a “mighty destructive force”.

That’s why I went to challenge the Underwater King that was looking down at me from the sky with no fear in my heart. Now it was time to make some serious provocations! Thanks in advance for any drop items!



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