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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 156 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 156: Beware of the Tyrant Part 2

There was no way in hell that the tower itself was supposed to be a gimmick. But as long as I know that an object exists around the tower that possesses the ability to “reflect”, I can exploit that in my own favor. Taking a short glance, there are three possible ways to do it. All because of the attribute of “reflection” rather than “absorption”.

There was not even a need for debate over the subject, like you’d do in terms of a quest goal or battlefield property. The enemy can shoot a huge-ass laser, the players have the means of using it against the monster itself, and that’s about it. With that, even the strongest of monsters can be brought down easily. Now I only need to psyche myself up for what’s to come.

「I don’t know if it can be considered a “knightly” tactic or not, but for now in order to succeed in our quest we’ll have to aid ourselves with whatever strategy will be necessary.」

「…… Right, I shall believe in your words. So tell me: what do you want me to do?」

「Go fishing.」

「…… Excuse me?」

This will be what’s called a “Lure Fishing”. It is a method of fishing that uses an artificial bait instead of a living one, so in order for fish to be fooled and swallow it some level of improvisation is needed to pretend that the artificial bait is actually a living one. So having that in mind, I want Alva to swim around as fast as he possibly can, aggroing the monster and keeping it away from me.

「I have no idea how it’s done, but you can swim through the air, right? I want you to try to bait it to use up as much of its flames as possible until its laser attack will be ready to fire. In the meantime, I will go towards the tower and adjust my position.」

「But won’t that be difficult to pull off? I mean, what if Reaperorca decided to pursue you when we actually split up?」

「There’s actually some secret to that, which for now will remain hidden.」

I’m a man who learns from the past and my own mistakes, and who usually does not falter, even when faced with a hopeless situation. I told Alva that I had a secret up my sleeve, but the truth is, I’ll need to test if it works or not before anything else. But there was no reason for me to tell that to the NPC. So for now I need to play the role of that “reckless Pioneer that challenged Reaperorca with no hesitation”!

「Okay, when I give you a signal, you haul ass like crazy…… It would be ideal if you could keep it in place somewhere reasonably far from where I’ll be…… And if my trump card works out like its suppose to, it should aim right at me.」

「All this talking, but won’t the Reaperorca go away before long…… Shouldn’t we chase after it if we want to kill it?」

「Okay, then let me explain just what we are going to do……」

Human mind tends to work in a different way from that of an AI, which can only act according to computer logic and reason. Nevertheless, I can’t possibly forget about the fact that this Reaperorca monster is part of ShangriLa Frontier’s system, a game that is said to use military-grade AI when it comes to its monster’s behavior.

It was trying to catch a nasty little fly that was leading it by the nose for so long, so its frustration must be reaching boiling levels at the current moment…… It is a feeling that I can understand oh so well.

It’s the same level of frustration when you need to play some bad and annoying mini-game in a shitty game over and over again. I’m not obliged to clear it, and there won’t be any penalty for quitting half-way through, but it is something that puts my honor and pride on the line.

There may be some people walking the ground that are the same as you…… And maybe our powers are like Heaven and Earth apart, but when it comes to frustration, it is something that is difficult to control no matter how good or powerful you are.

「Now then…… Let me show you the ultimate magic that I call “Sanraku’s Amazing Brain Cells Power”!! …… Now, Alva!!」

「Don’t blame me if something goes wrong here!」

Alva releases me from his grasp and starts to run away from the approaching monster. Naturally, my body continues to float for a second or two, but then it starts to slowly fall down towards the ground. This move seemed to have grasped the attention of the monster.

The monster opens its jaw wide enough to swallow me whole in one bite, and starts approaching me. Right now Alva was watching from a safe distance, while I was crouching so as to avoid getting accidentally crushed to death.

「Well, I didn’t think that the answer would come so easily…… But let’s hear it!」

I ask that question while the monster approaches me at a very fast pace, drawing ever so close. Now, it was time to actually verify what I wanted to know.

「Why can’t you…… just “wait” for me!?」

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