ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 159 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 159: Anonymous (Idiot) A Team, and the Storm Clouds Part 1

Here are the spoils of my battle against Atlantic Reaperorca:

·         Bone of the Netherworld Orca

·         Feather of the Netherworld Orca

·         Fin of the Netherworld Orca

·         Heavy Crust of the Netherworld Orca

·         Armor Plating of the Netherworld Orca

·         Loss of large quantities of Healing Items because the battle took so long

·         The EXP that was so-so at best

·         Status Ailment: Sleep Depravation

·         Despair induced by the fact that when I looked at the clock it was 4 a.m

·         Even greater despair upon realizing that I need to be up at max 10 a.m

·         Anxiety of having to face against foreigners

·         A whole bunch of other problems

「For fuck’s sake…… Why i sit that shitty games always manage to find their way into every aspect of my life……」

「Hi there, Hizutome-san! You surely think highly of yourself, arriving late like that!」

「How do you find the taste of this brunch? It’s the brunch that you’ve been waiting for! So, how it is??」

「Does the fact that I can’t possibly retort to that makes me guilty, Your Honor……?」

Later that day I learned that those two overslept as well, so why were they trying to bust my balls so much right about now?

We decided to change places, and right now we were sitting around the round table, using the models of the avatars from our previous games as our representations.

「The venue for the first day of GGC is currently underway, but unfortunately instead of attending it we must stay here and think of possible countermeasures against the Star Rain.」

「Katsu, I know I asked you before, but…… Those three machos beside Silvia, just how strong are they?」

「When it comes to them, each and every one placed in the Top 20 when it comes to the games they were previously playing.」

「Oh shit, so does that mean we need to prepare ourselves for the pounding of our lives during that match?」

「Can we stop talking about those foreigners for now!? This is getting old!」

Well, aside from my roaring teammates, right now I had an even bigger problem that was on my mind.

(That’s right…… Sooner or later I’ll need to tell those two about Kutanid, Rust and Mold.)

In the first place, the only reason I’m in this Kutanid mess right now is because of that deal with those two in Nephilim Hollow. And since their intel really turned out to be connected to Kutanid, I’ll have to show them the Mechas…… and let them use it in order to uphold my end of the bargain.

And I’ll just have to think of a way to break it all to those two, preferably in such a way that they won’t think that I wanted to screw them over.

「Although that might be downright impossible……」

「Isn’t our Sanraku-kun awfully low on tension today?」

「Oi, oi, don’t go and blurt such flag-sounding things, Sanraku!」

The noise in the background was annoying, but for the moment I was unable to hear it at all. If I managed to convince those two to just fail the exhibition match so that we could focus on the Unique Quest EX, that would mean an additional two people to the party and the potential difficulty to drop significantly.

But that also means that I won’t know what will happen to the NPCs. I also think that Alva’s story could be essential in a fight against Kutanid, but if that goes down the drain, will I have a plan B on the ready?

On the contrary, making this Unique Scenario EX a success can be a huge bargaining chip here. Mainly, the fact that there are bound to be Unique Items as a reward.

「So hostage and threatening……?」

「Say, Kei, didn’t you say that this guy was supposed to be loud and obnoxious!?」

「Sanraku, don’t be so negative! See? We have Pencilgton with us, and her skills are genuine and nothing to scoff at!」

「So she’s the first in line for the pounding? Is that what you want to say? Hmm?」

Gah, noisy, so noisy, would you shut the fuck up already!?」

However, all things considered, that might be the only way. Defeating Kutanid and putting the Drop Items on the table might be enough to get Pencilgton involved. And as long as I have Pencilgton on board, Katsu should have no reason to refuse me either. So that means the thing I should do next……

「Use the overwhelming force that can trample all the absurdity before me……!!!」

「Ahh, could it be that Sanraku-kun…… Oi, are you even listening?」

「Haa? What was that, a dude who can’t clear a Unique Scenario on his own?」



「Now then, Mister Overly-Exceptional, could you share with us commoners your detailed impression of the members of Star Rain?」

「…… Bite me, that’s my answer. And honestly, why don’t we leave them to Pencilgton? I think that she’d be more than enough to massacre them all.」

While holding my still hurting head I share with everyone else my genuine impression of all the members of Star Rain aside from their Ace.

「Aren’t they proficient at martial arts or something?」

「I’m not entirely sure, but I think at least one of them is a Professional Boxer as well. Of the Heavyweight variety.」

「Why boxing of all things……? Oh well, not that it matters all that much. But since they are doing some martial arts, we can at least assume that their fighting style can be based on those martial arts.」

Normally, such knowledge would never be considered a weak point, since knowing the technicalities of a martial art or two can help tremendously when it comes to fighting. Especially when shitty games are concerned. However, even though it can be a leverage, it occasionally can become a weakness as well.

That is why in this battle, the weak point that shouldn’t normally be considered a weak point becomes a weak point.

「And putting it simply?」

「Boxing is a sport when you only use your hands while being on a ring.」

 Natsume-san looked at Pencilgton, who was smiling in a perfectly evil manner, with an expression that was hard to put into words. Then, as if suddenly remembering something, I turned towards Pencilgton as well.

「Say, Pencilgton, you always wear that nasty look on your face?」

「No, no, no, no way. I can control my emotions and hide my feelings perfectly fine. It’s a necessity in this world if you want to get by without much problems.」

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