ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 162 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 162: Female Knight Who Does Not Destroy Off-Season Pumpkins Part 2

「Hey, Pencilgton-san? Here’s a question for you.」

「Alright, bring it on! I’ll show you just how big of a brain I have there!」

「I don’t think that it works the way you think it does…… Anyway, that’s not the problem right now, here it comes. What do you think our group is at the current moment?」

「A Cosplay doing circle that takes pride in what we do.」

「Ahahaha, at least say something I can comment on, you little!」

「Ah, could you give that gun from over there?」

「Come on, come on, you’re the one who ordered that, isn’t that right? Don’t you know it goes layer by layer? Oh, yeah, yeah, that’s it! Keep that low angle! Now, could you move a little bit to the right?」

We headed out roughly about half an hour after Katsu departed for his own event. We wanted to walk around for some time and see what the venue had to offer, but after a few people with cameras spotted us and asked if they could take a few photos, we were currently posing in our cosplay and brandishing out accessory weapons in lots of strange ways. …… Is this what my life has come to? I mean, we should have seen that one coming, and as I turned towards the female knight standing right next to me I wanted to basically murder her with my gaze. It’s a shame that her helmet prevented her from realizing what I was doing.

(Really now…… Just what kind of character is that? And from what game?)

I know I’ve seen those costumes somewhere before, but I just couldn’t remember the title of that game. At least I knew that her cosplay was fantasy related, and my own was more of a Sci-Fi field…… from some FPS, maybe? Yeah, but which one……?

「…… So? How long is this photo shoot going to last?」

「Hmm? Oh, sorry about that. You see, as a professional I tend to get kind of lost when it comes to photo shoots like that. Sorry, guys! There’s somewhere we need to go, so can you wrap this up in a minute or two!?」

It’s at a times like that that get to be both astonished and in awe of people like her. Is that the true power of a professional model? It might be something completely natural for her, but when it comes to me, I don’t want to do such a thing ever again. Even though my face was completely hidden and even though it was certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

「Nfufu, what do you think, Sanraku-kun? I know that we are going to play one of the best teams in the world in front of an audience like that, but how does that compare to having your pictures taken by a crowd of so many people? Think it will not affect your performance?」

 「…… Are you trying to better your own image after roping me into this gig, you filthy schemer……!?」

「Oh my, oh my? Even though everything I do, I do in good faith?」

Good faith does not guarantee good results, mind you. Especially if someone as malicious as you says she does something in good faith. It only makes you look even more suspicious. After all……

「You scheme on a daily basis.」

「When you put it in a straightforward way like that, I cannot even openly deny it.」

Incidentally, as soon as we got in here, Natsume-san went towards the place where our Exhibition Match was to take place. It wasn’t all that nice of her, but I understand: it’s the most effective way of dealing with guys like us.

「So how about it, Pumpkin-kun? Shall we be on our way as well?」

「Say, I thought that it’s too early for pumpkins to be in season?」

「For a cosplayer, there’s no such thing as season. That’s what it’s all about. Even in the middle of winter there’s nothing that can stop you from posing in a swimsuit.」

「No shit.」

I tried to scratch my full-face helmet a couple of times…… My cosplay consisted of a strange military attire accompanied by a full-face helmet resembling a pumpkin, making me look kind of like Jack-O-Lantern. Luckily, it was a helmet made out of synthetic materials, so it wasn’t making my skin itchy or anything else like that. Dressed like that, I was about to set my foot in the world of incandescent competitive gaming.

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