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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 164 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 164: Fake Imitation, Trust Only Your Inner Evil Part 2

They say that path to victory is a thorny one, with lots of adversities being thrown in your face all at once.

Frankly speaking, that sentence perfectly describes Natsume-san’s current situation. By the way, it should be added that this thorny path of hers was also bathed in gasoline. That was then set on fire.

(Why do I have to go against the regular members of Star Rain of all people……)

In order to be able to make it for this event, Megumi had to cancel on the long-awaited family trip to Guam. She even neglected the jet lag to call her parents first thing she arrived in Tokyo to apologize time after time, but they were still saying it was alright.

Her role was, frankly speaking…… ungrateful. The only reason for her being here is so that they could all establish a duel between Kei and Silvia Goldberg. That is why initially she was unwilling to accept his call for help.

But what won her over was the one sentence he said: want to challenge the best team in the entire world alongside the Charismatic Supermodel and a Certain Gasmask fellow?

She had no complaints about standing side by side with two amateurs. Even she could tell that they were more than capable for this, each in their own unique way.

Even though she also got an impression that those guys could have as well gone against one another instead of their opponents, burning the whole building to the ground in the process while laughing maniacally. That’s the thing with crazy: for the sake of your own sanity, the only thing you can do is to accept it.

That is, only the calm and composed part of Megumi was thinking like that.

However, there was a certain “uncool” part of Megumi that understood that kind of attitude. Maybe it was because of the character she had chosen. Maybe because it was of something else. But right now, Megumi understood that there may be some kind of “destiny” at work here. And when it comes to that……

「I won’t lose to something like destiny……!」

Yggdryer is the type of character that excels at countering, his playstyle including installments of traps of various kinds. Technically he is the perfect counter for someone like Dr. Sandalphone, who excels at battle in close proximity.

That’s what she would have thought just a few days ago…… But right about now her whole attitude of mind has changed.

「Aaagh, geez! I’ll just have to do it!」

Yggdryer is someone who charges in first and asks questions later. If so, the most natural thing to do is to go with the flow and do not think in advance of what to do. The stage would be…… A hospital with lots of plants overgrowing it, clearly a result of the experiments of a mad scientist.

「Damn, as expected of someone going by the name No Name. Leave it to you to go directly for “Taking as many hostages as possible and stalling for time”.」

「Isn’t that the most logical thing to do when it comes to a hospital? Taking advantage of the weak and ill, consequences be damned?」

In Galaxia Heroes: Chaos, the first thing that should be abandoned should be morals. Following on that logic, even amongst the entire roster of characters, Yggdryer is someone who has way more than a few screws loose in his head. That fact makes him easy to pick up for beginners. That fact also makes him more suitable for advanced players.

When it comes to Villains, there is no such thing as a generic one. Each of them has their own unique reason for turning towards evil. Sad reason, firm believes that brought you to evil, violent maniacs following their instincts and desires…… Just like Heroes have their moral codes, Villains also have their unique set of rules and moral codes.

In such circumstances, Yggdryer’s action pattern is extremely simple. That is, do whatever makes you happy, without thinking about morals and be as self-centered as possible. Also stop at nothing.

「This game is really well-designed…… Even though the Villains seem to have the advantage early on, Heroes can always make a comeback as the time goes on.」

「But that’s actually the worst possible scenario for someone like us, who want to prolong the games as much as humanly possible.」

「And that is exactly why we can do it, my little Pumpkin-kun. That’s what all of our preparations were for, right?」

「I kind of sympathize with Natsume-san that she needs to put an act like that. Name and image-wise.」

「I, on the other hand, admire her. Even though it must be tough for her, Natsume-chan is still standing tall there.」

For me and Pencilgton that is not a problem, since no matter what kind of tomfoolery we decide to perform on a global broadcast, the only ones who get bashed for it are going to be No Face and No Name. But Natsume-san puts her real face and real name on display here. Even though it will be all roleplay, she deserves all the pity and admiration she can get.

「I know he’s working hard out there as well, so maybe toilet was a bit much……」

「Don’t worry about it. I’m sure that he is used to getting grilled all the time.」

「Even about his apparent stomach problems?」

「「Hahahaha…… Haa……」」

I only learned about it later, but apparently it was quite the eerie sight, watching a Pumpkin Mercenary and an Exiled Female Knight laughing and giggling cheerfully as they both watched the violence that unfolded on the screen.

Yup. It’s so nice to be able to go incognito and doesn’t have to worry about things like that.

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