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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 171 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 171: Evil Must Be Purged! Part 2



As for Silvia Goldberg, it was the same combination of mid-air jumps, mid-air dashes, wall jumps, wall dashes…… But this time around she could spam them one after another without any kind of break in between her actions.


Taking Meetias’s move set into consideration, the way in which he was able to swiftly move from place to place and avoid the installed bombs, he was the worst opponent possible for Clock Fire, whose mobility was pretty much abysmal.


「The way she moves, the way in which she control her own center of gravity, the way in which she calculates the best route possible even mid action……」


Seeing what I will have to go up against, it feels me with a premonition that it is going to be extremely hard.


Natsume-san managed to earn us about thirty minutes, and Pencilgton earned us about twenty five minutes for both of her won matches. Then she was eradicated, but let’s not talk about it for now.


Overall, counting the time in between games, we were about go past the two hours mark. And I must say, Pencilgton is pretty amazing, since it was her that managed to earn most of that time for us.


But he’s not here. He’s nowhere to be seen. That stupid Bakatsu is nowhere to be seen.


All this planning and efforts are to earn Katsu enough time to wrap the RwH 6 finals us and come here, so he can have his dream duel. But it will all be for nothing if he fails to show here in the end.


So right about now…… It would be all on me to earn as much time as possible against that monstrous opponent.


Once I take the Full Dive, I won’t be able to know if Katsu arrived on the stage or not.


This means that since I have no way of knowing if he’ll be here or not, I must assume the worst case scenario and do my best to stall for the maximum amount of time possible. And I cannot fail those who tried their very best before me.


And when it comes to Pencilgton, she’s a true devil here, a genuine Demon Lord. Not only she managed to earn a huge amount of time in game, she even got a huge chunk of it post game, getting Sasahara-san wrapped in an overly long and elaborate tale about who-knows-what.


But is Katsu going to be able to pull it off? I mean, no offense, but even if someone like Pencilgton was not able to do it, will he be…… No, no, no, can’t think like that! Not now!


「For that reason, I’m here right now.」


My role here is that of a reserve, the last defense line, battering ram stopper, secret bullet…… My sole purpose right now is to not get completely bodied too fast against the monster of a player that is Silvia Goldberg. I would like to have some handicap in this much, bu there was nothing I can do about it right now.


But the fact that the best player in the United States decided to come in third place, this put a dent in our original strategy and demanded some serious adjustments.


In the first place, this whole stalling for time operation is nothing but a side effect of our main goal, which is making the match “Uomi Kei VS Silvia Goldberg” a reality. For that, we need Katsu here, no matter what.


So with our antagonist now entering the stage, my goal is to simply “ultimately lose, but only after buying as much time as possible”.


But being honest here, I’m still going to beat the living crap out of that jerk Katsu once this whole ordeal is over. I realize that I must absolutely pull though here, but I can’t help but to think that it is impossible task, even for me.


But there are also good news. Mainly, that Silvia Goldberg is much stronger than we may have anticipated.


And since the nature of our goal, I absolutely must win one round. This means that I cannot allow myself to half-ass things and give it my absolute best right from the get go.


Better brace yourself, Silvia Goldberg! Otherwise I might just crush you in two rounds!


And since my overall goal is to play for time, I have no other choice but to give it my absolute best all the time, since my opponent is no pushover.


「I’ll turn you into a bloody pulp……!」



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