ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 174 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

I threw Meetias against the wall and slammed my arm into that wall. Meetias’s face was currently suspended in between the wall and the tire on my arm. It was a truly loud sandwich, but I didn’t care. Whatever it takes to take her HP down to zero.


Meetias’s HP bar was growing short rapidly. I don’t think I’ll be able to reduce it to zero that way, but you can be damn sure that I’ll try to shave it as much as possible.


「Get the hell…… away from me!」


Meetias delivers a kick to my stomach, forcibly disconnecting the tire from his face. He then started to jump around all over the place to gain some sort of distance from me. Oh, how sweet, is she suddenly afraid of me? Sadly, it was no longer human versus human battle anymore. Right about now I was a human-sized monster!


「Shoulder-Wheel Drive!」


「Uwah, that’s sickening!」


How rude, and I was just trying to…… Yes, I just did a bridge with one half of my body in order to make an bridge so that my arm and leg would form something akin to an improvised motorcycle. With that I could easily evade an incoming attack, but I realize that it might have put me in a position that made me look like an absolute pervert in the eyes of some people.


From that position I could now do something similar to a drift and use the created centrifugal force in order to get back up. The only downside of that technique was that I would stay immobile for a couple of frames after getting myself back up, which would normally leave me open for attack.


I then dropped on all fours and fired up all my engines at once, letting out a beast-like roar. Then I rammed myself right into Meetias, who didn’t have enough strength in him to change the direction of my charge or deflect me. This was a perfect opportunity for a combo that any Cursed Prisoner main should memorize and use properly.


「That’s for Round One! That’s for acting so full of yourself! And this……! This is for my precious yakiniku!!!」


I do a slight kick to accelerate the tires, then dig some ground with them to intimidate my opponent. I then start turning around like a wild tornado, delivering a powerful blow to Meetias’s jaw with my tire turned sledgehammer thanks to rotation and centrifugal force. Finally I finish it with a powerful tackle that sends him flying into a wall. All of Cursed Prison’s combos are powerful and have a real kick to them.


Just as my combo ends, Meetias gets blown across the street with a look on his face that seemed to be asking: “Why the hell is this guy talking about yakiniku!?” It seems that I might have overdone it a little bit with the engines there, because they were so hot right now that the air coming from them was distorting my view and my whole body was feeling their heat.


「Come on, America’s Number One! I’m going to pulverize you!」


All of the engines on my body roared furiously as if responding to my feelings, and the mufflers spew out black smoke mixed with flames. It blew all over me and clouded my vision a little, so I didn’t know what was Meetias’s expression, but I’m pretty sure that he was laughing.


Now, I think that the time is going to be about right……



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