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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 180 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 180: Struggling Evil Part 2



My remaining HP was about ten percent, not nearly enough to survive the obliteration that the falling meteor would bring with itself.


「…… This technique, if you’d like to try cutting it in half, that would be like, using a building for comparison, trying to destroy it from the twelfth floor upwards.」


I never thought I would actually do that at the very last possible moment, and against someone like Silvia Goldberg, to add. Hiding on the twelfth floor…… That means I have two floors left to go……!


「What did you left behind?」


By comparison, right now I should feel as though I had my head placed on the decapitation table. Or as if I was standing at the edge of a steep cliff with my hands tied around my back.


I see, then what I should be saying here is……


「Uhhhmm…… Ahh, that’s right…… Umm, if you keep being so forceful……」




Hey, hey, haven’t you noticed that you’ve been really forceful yourself for the past couple of minutes? Oh, guess it cannot be helped right now, so let’s just roll with it.


「After five seconds have passed, it’s now thirty seconds.」




The Hero rolls his eyes. When I looked up to the sky, there was a giant metal piece shooting towards the earth, spilling glass and sparks all around.


「It’s just Death! And if you don’t know where it is, I’ll tell you…… It’s right here!」


Armor encases me yet again…… The evil star that once devastated the world was trapped in a cursed prison once more, but this time around I was more like a rigid demon closed in a melting armor.


I surveil my surroundings and then destroy the transport car that looks just like your typical ice cream truck.


If the shock conversion was my hidden bullet, then the equipment that I left in here at the very start shall be my last attempt at evil struggle!


「This is my „initial position”!」


「…… Why you little!!!」


「Aah, there is only one more thing left for me to say.」


Gatling gun, shotgun and modified truck engine.


Leaping, somersaults and jump kicks.


Black warrior wearing metal scraps for armor and a meteor glowing bright blue in the sky.


As the black bullet shoot towards the heavens, the meteor comes crushing down, and a bright glow starts to shine from within me.


「I want yakiniku more than I want sushi ––––!!!!」


「That’s why I’m asking: WHY!?」


There was a big explosion.


Well, and there you have it, you’d have your precious Katsu VS Silvia match, so everyone should be happy, right? But what about the results?




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