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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 181 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 181: Throwing Your Baton Like an Anchor Part 2



「The times have changed, and you can no longer depend on sheer power alone…… Here I go, Meetias!」


Meetias then started to dash through the air in all directions. He wasn’t completely gone, though, so his incoming attacks could be avoided.


Looking up on the screen, I could see Silver Jumper leaping high into the air, bouncing off the air and the walls of the buildings, only to disappear behind the corner of one of the roofs.


Silver Jumper’s ability is really simple. He doesn’t channel the energy of the stars, he doesn’t detonate bombs with his evil eye. He just jumps really high…… And that’s about all there is to it.


However, just because it was simple, it doesn’t mean it should be underestimated. His jumping abilities are the best in the entire game, allowing him to do four consecutive air-dashes. It’s a number that even exceeds that of Cursed Prison during its Ultimate Move stage.


In other words, by sacrificing the immense fighting power of characters such as Cursed Prison and agility of Meetias, he is able to move through the air so swiftly that it can be even compared to flying in some instances.


And the lack of fighting power is certainly not a disadvantage for Silver Jumper.


In this game, victory can be obtained in two distinct ways.


One is the “usual” way, meaning hitting your opponents until it dies to death. And the other is……


「Securing the Chaos Cube!」


A keystone that is the core and supporting pillar of this city, hidden somewhere around. Securing the Chaos Cube is much like treasure hunting, and it’s the second way of obtaining victory.


However, avoiding the fighting completely is a no-go as well. In order to get the Cube, you need your gauge. And in order to fill his gauge, the Hero must……


「Aim for taking down NPC Villains……!」


Thinking about it now, Natsume Megumi must have been aiming towards victory via securing the Chaos Cube. But, since No Face and No Name were such battle maniacs, obtaining Chaos Cube never even came across their battle obsessed minds.


No, it’s not like we didn’t realized that. It’s just…… We felt like winning through that wouldn’t really count as winning……





「Well, think of it like a small gift from yours truly who couldn’t beat Silvia-chan directly.」


「Ah, that, what was that again…… If feels really similar to Abyss Destruction……」


「Do you mean Misdirection?」


「Oh yeah, that’s the one! You’re so smart, Natsume-san!」


「It’s common sense, my Pumpkin Friend. But I know. It’s hard to utilize common sense when you have a pumpkin instead of a brain.」


「Shut the fuck up, Zombie Female Knight. Go pick up the flowers in the toilet or something.」


「Could you stop insulting one another all the time? This is getting really old.」





(The initial actions were delayed. Is Kei aiming for securing the Chaos Cube? If so, he’ll need gauge for that, so that means he’ll have to beat NPC Villains.)


「When it comes to being sneaky and trying to utilize that in battle, you need to use seventy percent of lies, ten percent of truth and……」




By the way, the remaining twenty percent was half-truths.


The moment Silvia’s thoughts changed from “battle” mode to “chase” mode, her movements underwent a change as well. She went after Silver Jumper and tried to tackle right into him when she had the chance. Then the two roll onto the ground.


「And my gut tells me that if you want to achieve an advantage in PVP matches, you need to be able to take your enemy by surprise at all times!」


At the moment when Meetias stood up and gazed down at the Silver Jumper, a huge portion of the nearby building’s wall came down and crushed right in between them.


「This is no longer a well-kept and maintained colosseum. Now then, what will you do as the Hero, Silvia?」




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