ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 186 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 186: Seafood All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet!! Part 1



I don’t think I ever mentioned that before, but Emul’s ears are not just for show. He managed to guide us towards Alva better than your typical sonar would. On few occasions we were almost spotted by the mermaids, but aside from that we managed to quickly find Alva and rejoin him.


「Right, so we managed to find Alva, but now what……?」


「Ooh, well if it isn’t Sanraku. Finally decided to wake up? Then get to work and help me out here!」


Oh, yeah, that’s right. Lending a hand. On it. See? I’m doing it. I’m like super lending you a hand right about now.


But when it comes to the monster that Alva was currently locked in combat with, I couldn’t quite put my finger around it. What was it, exactly? Its size was a litter bigger than two meters, but its shape was all over the place.


「Hey, the fuck is this?」


「Probably a Chimera. You’ve never seen one before?」




Usually when games talk about chimeras, they picture a monster that is a combination of a lion, a snake and a goat. When it comes to Japan, we have our own kind of Chimera that is called Nue, and I even heard of countries with mythologies that classify Cockatrices and other monsters like that as Chimeras.  But the common consensus is that Chimera is a “monster that incorporates parts of various living organisms”.


Also, in other games Chimeras are depicted as being of considerable size. So is that thing really a Chimera?


「You little shit, I’ll get you for mistreating my precious sword like that……!」


The Chimera was holding something in its right hand. That something was a sword, and it looked just like the sword of a marlin.


As for its left arm…… It was completely covered by some huge rock. No, scratch that. It was an oyster. An oyster that was acting just like a shield would.


Instead of its right and left leg there were tentacles. But what kind of creature they belonged to? A squid? No, the suction cups made it look more like an octopus.


But that was not all. There were also crustaceans’ legs right next to the tentacles, the ones that you would often see on crabs or lobsters.


All of the above parts were connected to the main body of the monster, which was an irregular sphere of a gel-like substance. And instead of its head there was a huge chunk of coral. If I had to describe it in one sentence, it would probably be something like……


「A freaking Seafood All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet……」


Now, I would like to see that thing cooked in butter and served on a plate! Or maybe slowly grill the whole thing and then garnish it with spices! But wait, aren’t crabs and lobsters better off boiled rather than baked or grilled? Oh well, no matter the method of cooking, I’d bet it would taste delicious either way!


The inside of the gel sphere is filled with something that looks like thin strings or cords reaching from its center towards the limbs. It may be hard to believe but is that…… is that a jellyfish the likes of which you can find aplenty swimming in the ocean.


Could it be that thanks to the influence of Kutanid’s power a normal jellyfish was given some human characteristic and ended up becoming that monster as a result? On closer look, it even looks like a very primitive mecha……


「Let’s see…… Here we have a jellyfish with crab legs, lobster legs, tentacles, oyster shells, colar reef and marlin’s sword. Seriously……?」


「A Chimera is such an organism that adapts to any environment by devouring its prey and utilizing its special characteristics in order to adapt to new situations.」


「Ah, I see. Now I get it.」


So in other words, when it comes to Chimeras the yesterday’s dinner basically becomes today’s body. Not that I want to pry into this matter too deeply, but how the hell are they even doing that? Is it some kind of magic? A skill? Genetic mutation? Or maybe a racial ability that only Chimeras ten to possess?


No, now’s not the time for that. Need to focus. We came here looking for Alva and his sword. And it just so happened that his beloved sword was absorbed by this Chimera right here.


「Hm? And what’s that? Oh my God, what is that thing that hangs in between its thighs? D-Don’t tell me that’s actually……!」


「Is that its dick!?」


「You moron! Stop with the crude language! That’s unbecoming!」


「How dare you turn my beloved sword into something so shameful! You bastard!」


Looking at the Excalibur dangling from the monster’s crotch I cannot shake off the feeling that if Pencilgton was here right now she would have died of laughter…… Because surprising no one, this sort of situations are exactly her kind of humor.


「Now this makes things a whole lot more difficult…… Since it clings to that nasty place, I think the combat difficulty will raise tremendously.」


It’s also about the fact that we’ll have to actually pull the sword out of Chimera’s body. Now imagine that: pulling on the monster’s dick to actually pull and item out of it. Gross, right? If it was growing out of its ass it would be somewhat easier to do, but it would still be gross as hell. Suddenly, I am not so sure if I want to be here anymore.


「Just so we are completely clear on the matter: are you sure you still want to do this? You don’t want to back away?」


「Of course I am not going to back away! Ahh, I won’t forgive! I won’t forgive that monster for treating my precious sword like that! No, I won’t! This bastard needs to die for this!」


Alright, that about does it for formation of the Seafood Mix Subjugation Squad. That being said, it would require us to hold an actual strategy meeting beforehand, but since our strategy here is going to be really simple, we can come and start doing it right away.


「Alright! Everyone! CHAAAAAAAAARRRGGGEEEEEE––––!!!!!!!!!」


「「Yes, sir!!」」




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