ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 196 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 196: Reaching the Heaven Part 2 Part 1



「Ah, even though the sequel has only been announced, and I can already feel that so many feelings are already overflowing.」


Originally it was a game that depopulated quite fast because the demand to be able to clear the content on the frontlines was way too damn high, but you know how it is, right? When you announce a sequel to something, people really want to try the first title to see what all the commotion is about. At least that’s my take on it.


The main entrance, usually full of evil glares and intense aura due to intense competitiveness even amongst friends, right about now was bursting with new players and the overall atmosphere was much tamer. I get it, I totally get it. It is good to want to test your own limits against other players, but being obsessive about it all the time is bad for your health. Sometimes a change of pace is what you really need.


Receiving this business gift (not really a gift, more like a bribe) was really sudden, but since I got it the only thing I can do right now is to utilize it to its full potential. And since I thought that a machine of such high quality would be wasted on a mere shitty game, my choice for the first game to be run on the ‘chair’ was Nephilim Hollow.


I could have chosen any other game, but there was not really all that much to the fact that Nephilim Hollow was my choice. Well, maybe a little bit. It’s because I want to test something with Rust and Mold, but we shall see how it goes.


「So, here goes my plan.」


Because I have shifted from Survival Gunner to Nephilim Hollow, I should be able to have best possible conditions and achieve best possible results. No, I was sure I will be able to do just that.


After briefly looking through the entrance, I realized that Rust and Mold were not here. Then I saw it on one of the monitors. Rust and Mold were fighting someone named Super Tama. Both ‘Phoenix’ and an unfamiliar craft were locked in a fierce combat, with the skills of the pilots being roughly on the same level. At this rate, I do not think that ‘Phoenix’ would lose. Or maybe I shall be in for an unexpected surprise?




「Now then…… I will show you the fruits of the remodeling I was doing bit by bit all this time.」


Also, let’s see just how much my performance is going to improve thanks to that new hardware I just got.


I don’t think that there is a bird with so many colors and that can achieve so much speed. A brand new Nephilim with wide palette of colors and wings added for an extra effect. Each of its disjointed parts had a different color, as if you just took different buckets of paint and splattered them all over the machine.


Naming it in the same way would not sit right with me. It was too distinct from Kingfisher to simply inherit its name. And because of that, a different approach is needed. Let’s name it in a way that is somewhat related to Kingfisher, but at the same time different.


「Well then…… Let your wings flutter, Collossus Lilac!」


This is going to be my revenge for that one time with Kingfisher.


Just as I predicted, Rust ended up shutting down Super Tama’s craft and right after that I have issued a challenge to her. And just like I expected, the acceptance came almost right after that, probably because Rust took the bait seeing that the name of my craft was different from the last time.


The only downside of official matches is that you cannot chat with the other player. It is a feature that is only available in custom matches between friends. However, judging from the way that ‘Phoenix’ rushed towards me the first thing after the signal to fight was given, I’d say that Rust was more than motivated enough to do this thing.


「Good, no escaping or hiding this time around!」


Shoulder blades, arms, shoulders, legs and hips. Except for a pair of handheld portable blades dubbed ‘Totsuka’, every single part of this frame is equipped with propulsion boosters, and if you combine it with the basic boosters that gives you fourteen propulsion boosters in total. That’s a lot of propulsion power.


This frame has completely abandoned any form of long-distance combat in favor of maneuverability, all so that it could make sharp turns, close the distance between itself and the opponent and then devastate it with two portable glades in its hands. Someone might think that this is a disadvantage, but there is no such thing as a complete disadvantage in this game. I’d say that this frame is even stronger unit than Kingfisher was.


「And check this out! This is what I can use right now!」


I ignite fourth, fifth, eleventh and fourteenth booster. Do a quick triple axel in the air…… and as a result my frame avoids ‘Phonenix’s’ charge and manages to land safely behind its back. ‘Phoenix’ was quick on the uptake and started to move in order to attack me, but it was too slow.


However, I have already ignited third, seventh, eight and thirteenth booster. Keeping the momentum created by the Triple Axel, I start to spin around while swinging my blades, which results in me managing to cut off the ‘Phonenix’s’ arm.


Fuhahahaha! Did you see that, Rust!? Did you see that, Mold!? You may have won against my Kingfisher and Fiddler’s Club, but make no mistake! I have the power now! And because this new chair, I’m practically invincible! You’ll never beat me!


If the Scarlet Wings and asymmetrically-placed boosters allow you to perform irregular maneuvers, then this should be something like super-ultra…… With this much flexibility and booster power I should be able to go even further beyond with no problem! Fufufufu, now that is the level of agility that I can put behind! However, need to remember to keep the maneuvers real, because no amount of processing power and tech specs could make impossible possible!


With the headgear console, the processing power was always too slow and the input would often end up not keeping up with what was actually going on at the screen. So while you were rolling around in mid-air, you always had like thirty percent chance of actually crushing into the side of the building. But with the additional processing power that I have acquired…… I’d say that this number went down way below twenty percent! At least!


「Normally it would be hard to move in an environment like that, but…… Nephilims can even break dance in the air if need be!」


Now let’s try this full 3D maneuverability that I have heard so much about! Just like those annoying mosquitoes or dragonflies, I fold my wings and……


「Ah, mistake with controls…… Gbeh!」


I was thinking…… Concrete that makes up walls of the buildings are such tsunderes. Because no matter what you do and how much affection you shower them with, they always cause you harm, treat you poorly and never reciprocate your feelings.





「Uhh…… I feel like driniking a sake of victory right now…… Straight out of the barrel, baby!!」


「………!!! ………!!!」


Even though Rust was constantly trying to hit or punch me, however I was not going to give her the satisfaction of doing that. No, no, no, can you feel it? That anger and frustration? How does it feel? Better savor that feeling while you can. However, this marks the vengeance for Kingfisher’s shaming as officially complete!


「Ugh…… I was so close, I could feel it! And that fact makes it so god damn frustrating!!! What even is this thing, this Collosal Lilac, anyway!? ……… I need a fucking drink right noooooow~~~~~~.」


Wait, wait, wait! Stop! Could you just stop it for a moment!? That’s dangerous! And moreover, what else can I possibly say here? The more speed and momentum I accumulate, the more the probability of delivering devastatingly powerful attacks!


「One more! I want one more duel!」


「No way…… Do you have any idea how taxing moves like that on you? I can’t do a couple of battles in a row!」



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