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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 205 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 205: Reaching the Heavens Part 11 Part 2



I must say, that Rust and Mold’s current appearances were quite a spectacle to behold. Even though I knew that it was not right and that their clothes did not belonged to their respective genders. As for Akitsu Akane…… No, it was out of the question. That was just a gag character, nothing more.


「I don’t think the game is being considerate here, some tutorial would be nice for this.」


「Ugh…… It’s really hard to move like that……」


Now, I’m not going to laugh at anyone or point fingers at anyone specific, and I’m especially going to keep silent about the fact that Mold looked like a protagonist of a shoujo manga right now.


I mean, is it not because you know that their genders does not really match their clothes that they tend to look even better? No, no, no! I must not think like that! If I keep thinking about it, something strange is going to awaken deep inside of me! I must calm down! Only calmness can save us right now! I don’t find the concept of genderbending appealing in the slightest! I’m NOT!




「I don’t want to hear that from you. Next!」


「I have never heard of Kutanid possessing this kind of ability!!」


「Yeah? No shit, I did not think of that either. Next.」


「Kuh…… Such humiliation!」


「Yeah, yeah, it must be unbearable. Next!」


「I do not feel that anything has changed.」


「That’s because you’re genderless! Next!」


Shit, normally I would have a field day laughing at all those guys right now, but at this rate none of them are going to be of any use to us in the upcoming battle.


And while we were at it, another tip of Kutanid’s tentacles started to glow with bright light. This time around the light was orange in color. No wait, was it really orange!? Our perception of colors is being inverted right now, so what kind of color was that just now!?


「No, it’s not orange…… It’s blue……!」


「I see, so the effect must go back to their original state once the same light shines again……!」


The old man with a foxy face, a dou consisting of shoujo manga protagonist and a shounen manga protagonist, it seems that everyone were able to go back to their respective genders. After I confirm that, I turn towards Kutanid.


「For the time being, let’s wait for ‘Green’ to turn up again so that we can see normally. Once the colors return to normal, we go towards that tentacle and beat the living crap out of it.」


There is also one more detail about those tentacles. Each one of them was holding onto a cup at all times, even during the times when they were slamming into the ground. It is also because of those tentacles that there was a slight lag between the slamming into the ground and the tentacle going back up. Most probably those cups were the source of the tentacles’ powers. Now, the question remains: if we destroy the cup while its power is still active, will it go back to normal, or will the power stay in effect? But even if so, I’ll keep on fighting with my boobs swaying around and my color palette inverted!


「I’m curious what the other tentacles are capable of doing, but right now we must take care of those annoying ones, since I’m starting to get it. The chalice gets within reach every time the tentacle rests on the ground after the slam. So first we trigger the tentacle slam, and then we attack the chalice!」


That being said, if just the brute firepower is enough to destroy the chalice, Rei is our go-to option. But is the sledgehammer really enough here……? No, what am I saying? In terms of sheer destructive power, hammers are much better for destroying objects like chalices and stuff like that. I mean, it pretty logical to assume that, since even people of the past must have known that. It would be weird otherwise.


「Rei, let’s destroy the Gender reversal chalice first! Otherwise the NPCs are going to freak out every time their gender becomes swapped!」




In this setting the thing that upsets me the most is the fact that Sickle, who could be the main damage dealer alongside Rei and I was sitting right there, totally useless. Also, that color reversal was not that much of a problem for us, but who know how it was affecting the NPCs? It certainly must have been difficult for them to act normally.


While dodging the tentacle slams Rei and I reached all the way to Kutanid. Due to the inverted colors it looked to be pure white right now. But more importantly, the colors of the tentacles were also inverted, so it was really hard right now for us to determine which tentacle was responsible for which power.


「Which foot……!?」


「Umm…… Maybe it’s the opposite of the blue one, so that would mean that this chalice is…… gender reversal! So that would mean that that one is…… Color reversal!」


「First of all, Gender reversal……!」


Even if you think that you do no damage to it, we must remain careful at all times. Even if we have to chip its HP little by little that’s what we are going to do, but we must be cautious at all times. Just then one of Kutanid’s tentacles slams into the ground right before Rei and I, and we ready our weapons to attack. Let’s just hope that’s the Gender inversion power.


It’s hard to say what is the power of the cup just by looks alone. Just as I was wondering about that, Kutanid’s eyes turned towards me. The tentacles come all up and ready to attack, becoming a serious threat to Rei and I. However, even if our field of view has the coloring inverted, it is not nearly enough to stop us.


「Here it comes……!」


The tentacle comes smashing into the ground, only to hit an empty space, as everyone present already managed to dodge into safety. But as a result the golden chalice comes so close to the ground that it was well within the reach of melee fighters. That was the moment we’ve been all waiting for. We jump towards the chalice and begin to unload everything we had at it: arrows, swords, magic…… Wait, what is the exact HP pool of this blasted thing, anyway?


「No luck! This is extremely hard!」


「Is it even possible to destroy it!?」


「It looks like it’s cracked! Which means it can be destroyed!」


Shouted Alva, but the tentacles slamming the ground all around him did not let him say anything more. In that short moment the chalice went upwards, where the short distance fighters would be unable to reach it.


「For the time being, we must bait its attack patterns and attack the tentacles in the meantime! It’s the only way!」


Ah, the light shines again. Is it the gender reversal again!? Not that I’m bragging or anything, but even with some underwear equipped on me, they sway and bounce around so much that it fucking hurts!


「Uoooooohhh! Not this shit again! So annoying!」



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