ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 206 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 206: Reaching the Heavens Part 12 Part 2



Good thing that this game did not reproduce the effect of having one’s throat crushed. No…… I think it’s not impossible to recreate that in this game, it must be because the developers chose to omit something like that. Now, for getting back my HP…… I knew it, potions are way better and faster at HP recovery. It would be better if I could at least cook the fish before eating it, that way it would be much easier to swallow. But raw ones are fine as well, especially in this current circumstances!


If Rust saw me eating with my bird mask still on, I’m sure that she would make a sassy comment about birds swallowing their food in one piece without chewing, but I’m a human being as well! Not a bird! Speaking of which, ever since I have started playing this game lots of people have confused me with a bird for some reason…… What’s up with that? Even Alva was thinking at first that I’m a birdman or some other creature like that. This really will give me an identity crisis somewhere down the line, I can already feel it.


「Whoa there, hello!」


I make a sudden jump, putting all of my Strength and my whole body into it. Then twisted my whole body like a madman once I realized that indigo light flooded my vision once more. I hurriedly took off my armor and started to run away from Kutanid, once I realized that my HP was getting dangerously close to the levels of zero. Like that, I was once more a half-naked female character. But right now I had little to no time to worry about my appearances, since survival was the only thing I could think of at the current moment.


「That was dangerous, too dangerous…… Muguh!」


「Umm, maybe you should try to wear a little bit more clothes…… Or maybe stop eating raw fish like that, that’s quite an image to get stuck in your head……」


「Mold, please do not be fooled by my appearances. I am still a man through and through, and I think that for the sake of the efficiency it is okay to throw the common sense out the window from time to time.」


「That’s not just the common sense you are throwing out the window right there, that’s actual decency as a human being……」


I know that there are some animals out there that eat their pray all at once, some birds even swallow them whole with the heads and whole skeletons without a goddamn care in the world. But I’m a human. Not a bird, but a busty human right about now. So I don’t know why would everyone would get upset at me trying to eat like normal humans does.


「…… Sanraku, please don’t teach Mold any unnecessary thing. If you really want to do something, then please go do it somewhere where other people can’t see you.」


「Once my status goes back to normal, I’m heading back to the front line! So it’s just a waste of time for me to go somewhere else just so that I would not bother anyone in here! See that chalice over there? The ‘purple’ one? This one is of the highest priority, so be sure to aim for that!」


It should also go without saying, but at the start of this battle phase four out of the eight chalices got destroyed on the spot, most probably corresponding to the four tentacles that got sealed away thanks to our previous efforts. By extension, it would most probably mean that the powers that the four tentacles represented should no longer be active. Which is good, because it means that we would not have to worry about Kutanid screwing around with distance or attack types. But other effects are the ones we should be on the lookout for. And yup, the next light that glows is colored purple.


「Wait, we talk here like that and the chalice……!」


「I’m sorry, I wasn’t fast enough! I wasn’t able to destroy it!」


「Holy fuck, is that something healing related……!? Oi, what are you all waiting for, how many potions do you have on you!?」


「…… I still have some of them left.」


「Me, too……!」


And the third thing that we managed to discover, which turned out to be the worst news out of the entire bunch…… the power of the color Purple. It is ‘Damage Reversal’. And  that’s not all. There was a slight twist to it. What that power does, is that it turns normal damage into healing, and healing into damage. Meaning that every single normal attack we direct towards the chalices would now start to regenerate it. But wait, there’s more!


Kutanid raises one of its tentacles. Then the tentacle fall onto one of the other tentacles, the one that was holding the most probable target for us to attack, the blue chalice. It was not going to attack us. At the moment of impact there was a loud crashing sound, but instead of becoming damaged some more, the chalice was starting to repair itself.


That’s right. That bastard Kutanid knows all too well how that power of his works, and how he can utilize it to its full potential by healing itself! What a cheeky octopus this is! And the worse thing is that we cannot counter it in any way…… Damn you, Kutanid!


However, it’s not all so bad. The damage heals it, but the opposite effect also applies. That is why we have been throwing bottles of potions at it right now. What was intended to heal all wounds was now acting like a highly potent acid, and it was damaging the chalice that was already regenerating.


「Good thing I have a whole lot of fish to replace those potions if need be……」


This fight was already annoying as it is, but the fact that this monster can also heal itself is even more annoying! Good thing we know how it works, but we also cannot rest assured that it is a full-proof method. We can save some of our potions to use them as throwing weapons if need be, but we must not hoard all of them!


Either way, with Rei being back to the front to cover for me, I now have some time to think things through. I don’t want to change our current formation, since if I stay behind I cannot fully utilize my potential in dealing damage to the chalices. But thanks to Emul’s voice we would know when the next light emission would occur. Now the only thing that was left was to pray for a good RNG to occur.


「Thirty seconds have passed!」


The timer…… I can hear Emul’s voice sounding through the air just now.


「It’s indigo color again!」


「Alright! That’s what I’m talking about! Now let’s just break this sucker to pieces!」


After Rei regained her original tankiness and I have regained my original agility and speed, the two of us brandished our weapons and we started attacking the indigo chalice like there was no tomorrow. I’m getting really tired of this! This swaying, that is! My chest was really starting to hurt!




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