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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 211 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 211: Reaching the Heavens Part 17 Part 2



「Honestly speaking…… If things continue like that, I am almost one hundred percent sure that we are going to crush ourselves against a wall.」


「Yes…… I realize that.」


Because she was nothing more but a liability right about now, Rei understood that clearly. That is why she was being silent all this time and squeezed out a reply out of herself only now.


「But…… I can still fight……」


「Right, I understand.」


She said so, and there was not a trace of deception of over-exaggeration in her voice. Maybe that is why I was able to believe those words. She is one of the most powerful ShanFro players out there. If she says that she can still fight, I have no reason to doubt her.


At that time, the load roars of rubble collapsing grew even louder than before. It was accompanying us ever since the beginning of this strategy meeting, and it was finally drawing closer. So it means that it was time for us to finish.


「Alright, we are entering the last spurt of our battle against Kutanid. And whether we win or we lose…… It will be what is going to be. No hard feelings.」


What if the NPCs do not respond? It’s a possibility.


What if we get wiped out and we won’t be able to challenge to boss again? A possibility like that is also there.


But more importantly, they all had the right to be angry. We all had the right to be angry right now.


「Dragging us to the bottom of the ocean all of a sudden and forcing us to sit here for seven days straight. I say that he made our lives miserable enough and its high time for it to pay for that. I’m going to win this battle, even if it means I’ll have to punch it and bite it……!」


We all let out a roar of unity that was almost as loud as the sounds of destruction all around us, if not even louder.


Turning around, we could all see Kutanid approaching us, slamming its tentacles into the ground at random.


Since right now Kutanid was moving on its tentacles instead of its legs, it looked as if its main body was floating through the air. The halo behind its back and the tentacles growing out it were now larger than the first time we have seen them, most probably because of that action of stopping Armageddon by force. It was also reminding me of something……


「…… Leonardo Da Vinci’s……」


「…… Ah! That picture of that one guy laying down on the ground and looking like a huge letter, right?」


「Fubufu! Fuh, nfufufufufubuh…… It hurts! Rust, if you keep hitting me with elbow like that, you’re going to break my ribs eventually!」


Hmm, I wonder if everything’s okay with me? …… Right now, I felt literally nothing. No anger, nothing. Maybe I have finally managed to reach Nirvana?





It would be ideal if we could reduce the amount of unforeseen circumstances to zero, but the sad truth is that unforeseen circumstances will never amount to zero.


Even if we take extreme precautions and come up with the most safe and elaborate strategy out there, there is always a possibility that all of a sudden a meteorite might come crushing down, and we would be the only ones receiving damage from an attack like that. Let’s just hope that a nasty surprise like that won’t meet us here.


However, those are the events that are subjected to “ifs” and “buts”, something that you cannot really account for when creating a battle plan or a strategy. To begin with, there is no such a thing as a game with zero amount of unforeseen circumstances. And even if there was a game like that, you would have to take the possible risk of bugs and glitches into account.


However…… Yes, there is one big “but” here. Here in this world of ShanFro, were the developers tried to be as accurate with reality as possible, unforeseen circumstances were suddenly elevated in rank, and were now a realistic threat that you had to take into consideration when you were making plans.


「This means…… Large-scale buffs……!」


“REGULUS GLORIA”, a skill that greatly raises all stats across the board.


“OVER WAKE”, a skill that gives buffs to your stats that are proportionate to the number and quality of bad stats and status effects.


“EXERGATION BRAVE”, a skill that gives you tremendous boost to stats while you fight against enemies that are larger in size from you.


“FAIR REWARDS” a skill that raises your stats such as Magic or Strength proportionally to the decrease of statsu such as HP, MP or Stamina.


Also, there are lots of money bills flying in the air right before my eyes. No, that’s not it. Those are not bills, this is merely an illusion. What I’m seeing right now is a tremendous amount of magic scrolls being used up.


I see, what you need to use “Armageddon” is the skill itself, as well as the sufficient amount of MP to use it. However, the parchments scrolls were not containing any spells, instead they were feeding Rei MP directly…… You can do something like that?


「I got them…… just in case…… as a last resort. I won’t last…… for very long, but…… I can still fight……」


「It looks expensive, but the price must be astronomical……」


「About eight digits in total……」


So we talk about at least ten million mani. That’s really a lot of money. If so, then those scrolls frying through the air could have been bills.


Coated in a huge amount of magical energy, the rust-colored heavy armored knight stands up once more.


Due to aftereffects of using “Armageddon”, Rei cannot take off her armor or let go of her sword. However, it seems that she also had an alternative, for Rei did not hide the sledgehammer back into her inventory, only left it on the Coliseum’s ground.


Apparently, since Rei was still holding onto the sword, the sledgehammer was treated like a mere object rather than regular weapon. Which means it can still be used in a fight, but only as a regular weapon, and all of its skills and special effects could not be used.


However, since the sword was also a broken slab of metal for the time being with lowered stats and durability, comparing the two the sledgehammer would actually be way more effective and useful of a weapon in here.


「Now then……」


Rei was on the front lines. Alva and Sickle were right beside her as part of the avant-garde. Mold and Akitsu Akane were staying at the back in order to avoid focusing aggro on themselves.


Rust was moving around with Emul on her head. Her role right now was not to attack from the distance, but rather to observe how the situation would turn out.


So, what am I doing at the current moment? I’m messing with the inventory screen far away from Kutanid’s slimy grasp.


The heart of this operation is Akitsu Akane, who at this point should have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to fighting strong enemies, since he helped us out during the battle with Nightprowler Luukan. And to make sure that Akitsu Akane’s trump card hits its mark, I needed to make sure that Kutanid comes to a full stop with fear.


It’s not just your usual fear. It was that kind of fear that would make your whole body go numb and unable to move for a whole ten seconds.


And with the rest of the team being exhausted and unable to act, I am the only one who can do it.


「Three minutes…… Knocking out Kutanid in that time limit is a huge responsibility……It might be hard on you as well, but right now I really need your help here.」


Let fulfill those ambitions that we were unable to fulfill on that day.


「No need to be stingy with energy, so we might as well go wild here…… “SEIRYU!!!”」



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