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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 212 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 212: Reaching the Heavens Part 18 Part 2



I point the muzzles towards Kutanid with surprisingly little effort. Which was weird in and out of itself, since there was metal components attached to both of my arms. Then I create a path through the visor that does not exist in the real world. Then I jump off the tentacles and step through the air, positioning myself right in front of Kutanid’s face.


「Let’s see how you like this!」


There is a splatter of lightning. Next, a barrage of bullets is being ejected from inside of both Castor and Pollux, hitting Kutanid dead in the face, even though my aim was only rough and not all that accurate to begin with.




When faced with a theoretically high firepower like that, Kutanid, who should have been really tank right about now, falls back and screams loudly. For a short moment when the boss was stunned the tentacles opened up, exposing a gap we could exploit…… No, unfortunately, it was too shallow.


I imagine a slide going down in a gentle curve and I slide down towards the ground on it. We must hit Kutanid with even bigger firepower, open up bigger gap that will stay there for longer. Only then we can be sure that Akitsu Akane’s attack is going to connect for sure.


「…… Amazing! This is freaking amazing! Simply marvelous……!!!」


「Uwah……! Oh, it’s just you, Rust?」


Apparently I must have landed near Rust’s location. And while I was getting impatient and thinking about my next move as the time limit was fast approaching, I was approached by Rust with Emul sitting on top off her head.


「I’m sorry girl, but if it’s impressions you’re looking for, please save it after the battle is over……」


「…… I think I might have found a clue in regards to Kutanid’s weakness.」


「Okay, I’m listening. But make it in twenty seconds or less.」


The remaining time is less than two minutes, right now every second counts.


「…… The ring behind Kutanid’s back, from where the tentacles grow. There is something shiny at the base of every tentacle, it makes it feel almost like a weak spot. If you can focus its aggro on yourself, I can shoot those points.」


Even though Kutanid stopped moving for a moment, the info on the visior was telling me that its aggro was still focused on me. I don’t have time to confirm that myself just to be on the safe side, but I believe that there is no real need for me to do that.


「You sure you can do this?」


「…… I only have enough MP left to make eight shots, but with buffs from Mold I should be able to pull it off.」


「Right. Leave the role of the decoy to me. Emul, tell Akitsu Akane what is going on. I want him on standby at all time!」


「Yes, sir!」


「Alright! Everyone! Plan B!」


What does “B” in “Plan B” stands for, you may ask? Well, of course it stands for “Blow Away!” Or “Beat it to death!” Or “Beat the living crap out of it!” What is meant by that, is that right now everyone present except for Akitsu Akane are going to hit Kutanid with everything they have without holding anything back.


But of course, Kutanid is not stupid and the opposite can happen as well. That is why we needed a code like “Plan B” in order to make it cryptic, but also easy to understand for all of us.


「Let’s do it like real men……! Mano-a-mano……!!!」


We are dealing with an octopus that inverts things just so that it can get its sick kicks out of this, so I’d say it’s only fair if we give it a taste of its own medicine, right?


Hearing my command, everyone starts to approach Kutanid in a straightforward, and a little bit cowardly manner. Apparently my previous attack caused it to fall to the ground, but now it was trying to get itself back on its feet, which was hard to do when you are floating in the air. Hm? What’s that? Is it doing push-ups all of a sudden? No, there’s just no way…… But it’s convenient for us, I won’t tell.




「Fucking fuel efficiency…… But wait, isn’t that you just eat way too much fuel for what you’re worth……!? Ah, forget it! I’m going to make you do your part of the job, even if it requires me to drop the fuel reserves to zero!」


Instead of Castor and Pollux, I deploy a new Non Standard Weapon: a huge cannon named “REGALUS”. As a result, there is now a huge, one meter in diameter cannon being strapped to my right arm. And perhaps it’s a common theme for Non Standard Weapons, but this one also unveiled its true shape through repeated unfolding.


I don’t know how he knows that, but apparently Kutanid is able to recognize that “REGALUS” is a serious threat here. It even raised its arms in a defensive motion, turning towards me. I don’t care , you idiot. You can even come and attack me with your stupid tentacles for all do I care.


「The time has come, Kutanid, so let me tell you something good…… The true meaning of the word “Inversion”.






Fair and square? What’s that even supposed to be? Is it something to eat? Is it tasty?


While Kutanid was on high-alert of me, both Sickle and Alva sneaked behind its knees. The both attack its knees at the same time, but this time around the firepower behind their attacks was on a completely different level.




Kutanid collapses on the spot, since the attack on its knees has greatly changed its center of gravity. The barrel of Regalus shines brightly right in front of it. Although the attack would not probably be able to blow it away, I was hoping it would cause it to lose its balance even further.


The mighty bombardment hits Kutanid right in the clavicle, causing its center of gravity to shift even further, pushing it back.


「If you like to invert things so much, how about you do the same to your own body…… REI!」




Kutanid tries to fall back, but it was not enough. But even so, a massive barrage of attacks like that would never be enough to stun it for long enough.


That is why we are going to go even further beyond that. Call it an overkill if you must, but right now Rei was about to unleash the full power of the magic scrolls she used up on herself just a moment ago.


「Here I go…… “TITANOMACHIA!”」


Rei began to gather all of the magic energy she received from those magic scrolls, and after a brief moment all of that energy was released and given form according to Rei’s will.


This particular spell corresponds to the Earth attribute, and has a special requirement in order to cast it. There must be soil in a specific radius of the caster. And although we were underwater at the current moment, Lulilas used to be an island originally. So technically speaking, we are all standing on the “ground” at the current moment. So the requirement to use God’s mighty blow was satisfied without any issues.


Right after that, the ground in the middle of the Coliseum cracks and splits open, and something massive emerges from the underground.


「Oh wow, that looked just like flipping a pancake on a frying pan.」


A huge fist made entirely out of earth emerges from the ground. It looked like a fist of the angry red giant, or maybe even some sort of an ancient god. Whatever it was, it flew straight into Kutanid’s back, delivering a mighty blow to it. Kutanid, who was just on its way down from being struck in the air, bounced upwards once more. Yes, believe it or don’t –– we were currently juggling Kutanid around.




Now, let us show you! The power of the strongest player that Nephilim Hollow has to offer!



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