ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 220 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 220: Interlude World Truth Book ‘Abyss’ Part 2





The third form of Kutanid, resembling a giant squid created as a result of combining various magic circles.


Each and every one of the eight tentacles of Kutanid possesses a special ability, and the corresponding inversion abilities are applied to the players and NPCs alike.


Red: short-distance nullification. This power renders any attack applied to Kutanid within the range of ten meters ineffective.


Orange: long-distance nullification. This power renders any attack applied to Kutanid from the range greater than ten meters ineffective.


Yellow: physical dame nullification. This power renders all physical attacks and skills ineffective against Kutanid.


Chartreuse: magic damage nullification. This power render all magic attacks and skills ineffective against Kutanid.


Green: color inversion effect. This power causes all the colors in the field of view of the players and NPCs to be inverted.


Blue: gender inversion effect. This power causes the gender of all players and NPCs to be inverted. The body type and age are generated based on the play logs of the players (and NPCs).


Indigo: statistics inversion effect. This power causes two randomly selected statistics of both players and NPCs to switch values.


Purple: damage inversion effect. All damage caused to Kutanid and its tentacles are being inversed into healing, and healing is inversed into causing damage.


Each tentacle possesses an item called ‘Holy Grail of Eight Colors’. Destroying one of the grails causes Kutanid to shift to the next corresponding color and power associated with it. This shifting will continue until the end of battle.


During the third phase, Kutanid has no set attack patterns and its debuffs lasts through the whole duration of battle.



‘Virtual State’


Kutanid’s fourth form, a huge jet-black sphere resembling a black hole that sucks in all surrounding matter and players.


It possesses a special magic ability ‘Random Encounter’ for five minutes indiscrimately and inexhaustibly, absorbing all summoned monsters every thirty seconds. Depending on the number of monsters swallowed up during this phase, the total HP pool of Kutanid’s fifth form may change greatly.


This form does not target players or NPCs specifically.





Lord of the Abyss, the final form of the octopus monster given humanoid body, made of flesh and blood.


Apart from new physique, this form of Kutanid possesses a two-level behavioral pattern. The first stage consists of Kutanid using two special abilities called ‘Analysis’ and ‘Reflexus’ to randomly scan the play log and motion log of the player or NPC and imitate it.


The first stage of this form of Kutanid comes equipped with five ‘Damage Armors’. Doing a certain amount of damage to each part of the armor causes it to come off. Once all pieces of the armor are broke, the battle shifts to the second stage.


During the second phase, Kutanid will grow eight Giant Tentacles from his back, based on the Abyss Jewels.


The goal of the second stage is to destroy the Abyss Jewels on Kutanid’s back, after the destruction of which the corresponding tentacle is going to disappear, dealing a massive damage to Kutanid’s health bar.


A certain amount damage can be easily dealt by one player alone, so it can be said that instead of fighting Kutanid itself in this form, the battle is actually to destroy all eight of the Abyss Jewels instead.



Story Setting for Kutanid of the Abyss


As a creature coming from the ‘Abyss’, Kutanid’s values are quite different from that of humanity. For example, Kutanid does not perceive humans as individuals, but rather as a collective called ‘Humanity’.


Because of its origins, Kutanid holds a sense of respect deep inside of itself towards the human race. For some reason it thinks Humanity as the objects of the ‘Back Up’ plan and resigned itself to observing them and watching them grow.


Therefore, it can be said that this whole Unique Scenario EX is nothing more but a magnificent ‘Board Game’ prepared by Kutanid, with it as the game overseer, designed to see if the participants can overcome various challenges it throws at them, and rewards the players accordingly when they manage to succeed.


Some of you may have noticed that Kutanid is nothing more but a game keeper from your typical TRPG. Birth, growth, despair, destruction…… No matter what you throw at them, Humanity never stops moving forward and always overcomes every challenge you send their way. It is the reason for Kutanid’s life, to see if Humanity still has what it takes to move forward.


The true nature of Kutanid is that of an octopus that was selected to be a subject of a certain experiment. The objective of that experiment was to ‘Grant one individual the power to mold the reality as one saw fit and observe the results’. It was one other plan alongside ‘Plan B’ that was formulated at the end of the Era of Gods.


The first phase of the experiment was obtaining the ‘spell’ itself, the second one was to successfully implement that ‘spell’ onto an individual that would command it. The result was the power that would allow one to rewrite the fabric of reality as one saw fit, thus creating the power of ‘Inversion’. Under certain conditions, Kutanid would wield that power freely and command it as it saw fit.


However, as a side effect Kutanid has lost everything. His body, his consciousness that was exchanged with an autonomous magic expression, ability to think, its memories…… That is the Kutanid of the Abyss.


In other words, Kutanid of the Abyss is a ‘Living Magic’. A magical ‘concept’ that was engraved onto the World itself. Just as the concept of matter being transformed by fire is called ‘burning’, the concept of an apple being thrown in the air and coming back down is called ‘pulling force’, the concept of Kutanid itself is called ‘Kutanid of the Abyss’.


Another key item that is indespensible when talking about Kutanid is the ‘Reverse Keystone’ that is being held at the top of the Lulilas Castle…… and its keeper, the Queen of Lulilas. In fact, the Queen was the only human that Kutanid ever perceived as an individual.


It is a model for ‘Alice Frontier’ who has the full authority over ‘Plan B’. The focus of ‘Plan B’ is to deliver Humanity to a future that differs from the one predicted in ‘Plan A’. More details will be described in the World Truth Book ‘Undying Chapter’.




–––– Below, Some Information Will Be Filled In After Clearing the Fourth and Fifth Part of the World Quest ––––


As described in the Queen’s diary in Lulilas Castle, the reason for why Kutanid is based in the Abyss at the very bottom of Lulilas is to seal away the ‘Crazy Ultramarine Horde.’


To begin with, the true meaning of the ‘Crazy Ultramarine Horde’ is that it is ‘–––––‘ of ‘–––––‘, that is, the awakening of the ‘Source’ originating from even before the Era of the Gods.


People of the Era of Gods once tried to resist ‘–––––‘ but ultimately failed to eradicate that threat, and now Kutanid is the kind of a warning bell for Humanity of this era.


–– Now, this ‘Source’ slowly starts to awaken. Mankind, now it’s the time to make a stand unlike you never made before.



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