ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 230 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 230: Uncontrollable Motion Part 2







Yup, I’m fucking dead.



「…… Huh!?」


When I wake up after my respawn, I find myself not in the simple bed that could be found in the Colosseum, but rather in the fancy one in a room that was given to me within the Bunny Court.


Wait, what just happened!? Why the fuck did I die!?




「I’m sorry for worrying you, Emul. Now please explain to me how did it happened that I died?」


「Sanraku-san, don’t you remember? You started to run around like mad until you have crashed into a wall at full speed.」


I crashed…… into a wall? Now, don’t be stupid, that’s impossible. There was a good twenty meters distance between me and the wall. Also, to drop dead simply by crushing into a wall is a little bit….. No, wait a moment.


「No way, so that’s what it was all about……?」




「Alright Emul, this might sound weird, but for now I might be dying quite a lot. But do not worry.」




There is no death penalty for now. Good, before that hits me, there are a number of things that I would like to try out. So I rushed towards the Colosseum and slammed my amber thumb into my chest again.


「Motion correction. Increased sensitivity……」


For example, let’s take a simple action of raising your arm and touching your chin with your hand. What if you were to increase the speed at which your arm moves to maximum and change the power with which your hand touches your chin to the level where you could basically dislocate your jaw?


Human beings cannot exist whilst utilizing one hundred percent of their potential power. There are limits to our strength and senses that our bodies subject us to. For some reason, we are creatures that were designed to be unable to exist properly having the grip strength to crush a ripe apple with our bare hands and smashing roof tiles with single steps.


In other words.




I tried to do a backflip. But instead of a backflip, I ended up performing a double one, with way more excessive force and power, not to mention a movement that I was unable to control. As a result I fell down to the ground face first and died.


The way in which my neck was bent right now was a direction in which a human neck should never bend under any circumstances.





「This is really dangerous.」


「Sanraku-san, I really think there might be something seriously wrong with your head. Usually people falling to their deaths and breaking their necks like that is even more than simply “really dangerous”!」


「Oh, it is certainly way better than some other kinds of deaths that you can suffer here, like being crushed to death by giant claw.」


Dying by being crushed flat like a piece of origami is shocking to say the least, even if it is relatively painless. I don’t even want to know just how shocking it would be if it was actually painful. Good thing that your consciousness was fading to black before any pain could be registered.


However, those experiments has given me a vague idea what the state of “Overflow” is, and that it is connected with the excess amount of kinetic energy. Basically, all movements become really rough and overly powerful. What’s more, thanks to the movement correction it causes you to do two backflips instead of one, and if you try to run a little bit it will cause you to crush into a wall. So the movements get over-exaggerated.


It’s like a machine whose output was calibrated in a wrong way. It’s like a robot that was supposed to just walk around, but it puts too much power into every step, raises its legs too high and falls as a result.


What’s more, even the slightest injury in this state is enough to cause you to die.


「But I wonder if it is going to work here? “Arcana”……!」


The “Fool” Arcana. Its effect is that it halves the time that is necessary to recast a skill, but in return it impedes your healing and makes you take double damage. Which is already bad in and out of itself……


Then we have the extra effect of the “Overflow” state, losing fifty percent of your current HP every ten seconds. If we double on that number, that would mean that every ten seconds I would get a minus one hundred percent of my current HP as damage.


But the fact that I’m still standing means that even though it decreases my HP by one hundred percent, it does not act like a “Poison” status and kills me on the spot. In other word, even though I get a minus one hundred percent HP every ten seconds, I can withstand it with having one HP left.


However, having one HP left is basically being half-dead. Now, let’s add to that my paper thin defenses because of the curse marks, and the fact that the “Overflow” makes it  difficult to control your movements…… This creates a situation where basically everything can kill you. You die if you hit a wall. You die if you stumble and fall to the ground. You will die if you fail to stick the landing when you jump. And of course, you die when you get hit. 


I mean, there are so many things that can go wrong here and cause you to die…… No, but wait, maybe Luck could take some of those risks away? It is true that with Luck above fifty you get a percent chance of surviving otherwise fatal injuries caused by self-harm, but can it be activated time after time? Hmm……


「This seriously reeks of retrogaming. I mean, a character dying in one shot? What the hell……」


Moreover, with the movement speed increased tremendously, it is not even the in-game enemies that you need to worry about, but the environment. This is way more lethal now.


In the era before the Full Dive system was invented, you could play side-scrolling rouge-like games at double or even triple the usual speed, but in this day and age it would cause a serious lag between the game world and you consciousness that was in Full Dive. Therefore, there is a law that prevents things like that from being implemented in games. However, apparently there is a research into that field going on recently, the one that would allow you to accelerate the “consciousness” as well. Personally, I think this is like trying to make a drag car to make sharp turns. You cannot really do that, but no one can prevent you from dreaming about it, right?


「In short, in this state one becomes ten. So if we were to put it in the terms that are easier to understand, it means that every action becomes amplified at least by a few fold?」


「And here we go again with talking to yourself, Sanraku-san……」


My dear Emul, my mind tends to work the best once I encounter a problem like that. It makes me want to find a proper solution, or rather, a way to utilize it to my advantage? Even bugs that seem useless can be turned into powerful weapons. Even items that were bought for one hundred yet can be sold for one hundred and fifty yen. The examples are many and come from many different branches. It’s just a matter of researching them an utilizing them properly.


「Okay, for today…… Or you know what, make it tomorrow! Tomorrow we shall train ourselves in the art of basic movement while being in “Overflow” state!」


「But before that!」




「There is something that I have forgotten to tell you, Sanraku-san!」


「Something you have forgotten to tell me?」


「I have completely forgotten to tell you that we were supposed to go to Break one-chan’s place!」




I have completely forgotten about it as well. That there is a number of chores that I was supposed to do.




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