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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 233 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 233: Destination RTA, Aiming For the World’s Record! Part 2



Now, did you really think I would have jumped into a seemingly bottomless hole head first like it was nothing?


You utter fools! I am way too smart for a rookie mistake like that! Now behold! The superior ability nurtured by years of experience!


I take out one of my swords and place it right above the hole in the ground. I then simply let go of it and let if fall down. It was falling down for quite a while, but finally I have heard a pleasant sound of metal hitting the stone floor. It was faint, almost non-existent, but it was surely there.


I see, it certainly is deep. If we would try to go down normally, there would be nothing more but a minced meat left out of us…… If we were to descend normally, that is.


「Alright, Emul my friend! We are going down!」


「Eh? Going down? But how, exactly?」


「We are going to get down directly from here.」


「…… Sanraku-san, aren’t you forgetting about something? This is a hole. Not a road. We cannot just go down the hole like that.」


The way Emul was talking to me was like a parent trying to explain it to a child that it cannot do something that it wanted to do really badly. However, the more he was talking, the wider the smile on my face was becoming.


My oh my, Emul my dear friend, have you already forgotten? I am Sanraku, a man who can run through the sky. So even if the path leads vertically and there is no road for us to follow, that is hardly a problem.


「B-But, you see! It should be obvious, right! I know that you are amazing, Sanraku-san. We all know that. But even you cannot possibly hope to dive into a hole like that and expect it to end without any harm on your end, right!?」


「You are absolutely right. Normally it would be impossible for me to fit through a shaft this small and so deep……」


The doors may very well be an indestructible object or anything else like that. If it was your normal doors from a normal town or a village, it would be possible to break them down somehow, but here it would surely not work. Because this is an advanced dungeon with a motive taken straight out from a Sci-Fi.


「Say, Emul my friend? Have you already forgotten about a teensy-tiny little detail? That your Sanraku can now use magic as well?」


「……??? ……!!! …………!!!???」


Just what is this guy talking about!? No, wait! Could it be…… No, it couldn’t!? No, no, no, no, no!!! That’s impossible!!! Impossible!!!


Emul still sits on top of my head, but I can easily imagine that this is what he must be thinking. Also, his facial expression must be truly priceless right about now. Or not. He was frantically clinging to my neck, while the Star Mantle started to flutter furiously.


「Listen now, Emul, and listen well.」


「W…… What is…… is it now!?」


「There is no specification that cannot be abused!」


「W-Wai…… Please wait just a…… Pyiii!!!!」


I activate the magic stored within the cloak. Now, if salmons are capable of ascending waterfalls with ease, then I shall descend with even bigger ease!


This magic is, in a sense, the kind of magic that requires a whole lot of micro management. It comes from a magic scroll that I bought at Rabbitz shop under Emul’s recommendation.


After all, this is the magic that saved my life once in the past, the magic that allows to open up a teleportation gate and open the “eject” point at the specified coordinates within five meter radius from the caster’s location.


The short range teleportation magic that Emul used once in the past in order to help me take down Mud Digger. Its name is……




The coordinates of the destination gate strongly depend on the field of vision, but as long as the hole or a gap is big enough for your gaze to pass through it in the other side, you can set it right there!


At that time, Emul activated it for me and right now he is holding onto me as if his life depended on it.


It idles for a moment, but right after that the coordinates of the player and the NPC overlap, making the process that much shorter. The darkness is indeed deep, and if we don’t synchronize that perfectly neither I nor Emul will be able to escape from being turned into a paste.


「Falling…… Hyiii……!?」


「Everything’s fine, Emul! Believe in me! Who believes in you……!」


「B-Believe in meeeeee……!?」


Both Emul and I are being dragged down. With every passing second we gain more and more speed, which would eventually be converted into force of impact upon landing, resulting in our gruesome deaths.


「Haahahahahaha!!! Hooray for Skills!!!」


Activate Flip Float and regain my posture! It’s time to traverse downwards! Yoshitsune’s Possession! Meliotic Foot! Gravity Zero…… All start!


By jumping through the air, I slowly descend down the shaft from wall to wall.


Climbing correction. Movement correction. Sprinting correction. Gravity correction. If you can run on the ceiling, then running down and up the walls is as easy, if not even easier.


「Don’t underestimate someone who was once flying at high speed through Universe filled with asteroid belts and cosmic debris in zero gravity!!!」


「We’re gonna die, we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die, we’re gonaaaaaa………… WHATTHEHELLISEVENUNIVERSEANYWAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?」


With Zero Gravity in effect, every surface that my foot touches is treated like the ground. So in other words, what I was trying to do here was to traverse down the shaft by letting ourselves fall bit by bit, while sticking to walls constantly in order to reduce the falling animations.


「The Universe…… That is what lies at the end of the sky that reflect the past to us!」




Shit, the effects of Gravity Zero are soon to end…… I have done every single thing that I could to make this work, but the bottom was still very far away.


At this rate, I’ll…… No wait, that’s it! I can do it!


「Emul, that might tickle you a little bit.」




The probability of this thing actually ending up in a failure is quite high here, higher than anything else…… But I have no other choice but to do it. No, I must do it!


No worries. I can do this! I only need to imagine! As long as I have a concrete image in my head, I can do virtually anything!


I clench my right fist tightly and slam the amber on my right thumb into my chest. Causing the threads of black electricity to emerge and starting to crawl all over my body.




「Now, I would like you to bear with me for a moment and be patient……!」


It was that kind of behavior that exceeds all recognition. The first time I ever tried it it did not work, the acceleration was too sudden. But even if I was to take that factor out of the picture, my reaction was too slow, so it would have been a failure either way.



That is why.


「I simply need to go even faster……!」


My consciousness accelerates.


About one hundred meters until I reach the bottom of the ruins.


Six seconds left until the gravity manages to finish me off.


Black thunder starts to shine in the dark.


Five seconds is more than enough here.


In that exact moment, I managed to caught my body.



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