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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 237 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 237: Information Power Attack !!!!!!!!! Part 2





Both Pencilgton and I cast a short glance at one another. It was not even a month ago when we were pitted against the best competitive gamer in the United States as a Female Knight and Pumpkin Mercenary, an experience so tiresome and so traumatic that we both could easily agree that we did not want to get involved with that woman ever again.


Personally, I do not even want to think what would happen if the word got out that both the infamous “No Name” and “No Face” could be found here within this game.


「Fortunately, she is not yet all that accustomed to the JRGs, so for no she is stuck in Secandil.」


「Oh my oh my. Could it be this is the reason why you were so busy outside of the game, Katsu-kun? Could it be that you and Silvia are secretly dating?」


「…… You know what, Pencilgton? Sometimes it is really hard for me to guess if you are joking or being serious. So? Who is this Blazing Red Name-san over there? And what has she done?」


「To make a long story short, she done fucked up and got into a fight with the guild “Black Wolves” purely out of spite.」


「Seriously? You must be really courageous, or really stupid.」


「Hehehe…… You’re making me blush.」


Ohh fuck, I completely forgot about the fact that guys from Ashura-Kai are mostly a bunch of fucking savages. So this means that in case of Kyogoku, she represents the “Dark Side” of this game. A side that not everyone might approve of.


“Dark Side”, huh……?


「So? Is that really the only reason why you bothered to call us all here in ShanFro? Is there nothing more to it than that?」


「No, you see, to say that Kyogoku-chan here done fucked up might be a little bit of an understatement…… After all, “Black Wolves” took  that little misunderstanding a little bit too serious and are basically on a warpath with us. Guns blazing and all that.」


Warpath…… Personally, I don’t think that a thing like that is enough of a reason to want to wipe someone else out.


「I was forced to activate my whole information network and ask around quite a few information brokers, but apparently the current goal of the “Black Wolves” is to get the “Wolfgang” to spill the beans about any unique information they may hold. It is also done under the pretext of distributing all of that knowledge to the whole player base. Or at least that is the story they are selling to the other Guilds. That being said, looks like the time for pleasantries is over, huh?」


「Once tryhards, always tryhards, right?」


「That’s right. Also, Saiga-0’s decision to leave “Black Wolves” and join “Wolfgang” was just the worst timing possible, only adding fuel to the fire…… All of that is making the “Black Wolves” all the more hostile towards us.」


In the meantime I asked the shop clerk for a bowl of roasted beans. What I received looked like a blended mess of both beans and almonds, and while I was munching away on that I started to think. Well, it was without a doubt that “Black Wolves” decided to take a rather drastic approach.


If it was any other of the top guilds…… If both SF-Zoo or Library would want to pick a fight with us, that would be a whole different story. But “Black Wolves” are something we might not be able to handle, at least not without heavy losses.


However, the one behind the foundation of the guild “Wolfgang” is none other than Arthur Pencilgton of the former Ashura Kai. That fact alone is more than enough to feel animosity towards Pencilgton new clique, plus its members took part in taking down two of the seven Unique Monsters. Plus we managed to set flags in Luukan’s Unique Scenario EX. But is that all? Is that really the only reasons for one guild to hate the other group so much……? Unless……


「But what about if the vast part of their hatred towards us is because of me?」


「No shit! Look, guys! Sanraku managed to reach the truth completely on his own! Let’s give him a warm round of applause!」


「Sanraku, I see that you have finally started to grow as a man……」


「You wanna go? You wanna go? Come on then! Line up! I’ll wreck all of you and then even some more, so if you wanna take this one outside we can go no problem!」


While I was doing some shadow boxing and others were trying to not fall to my silly provocation, I started to think just what kind of bullshit the future could bring us.


At least we can all agree that yielding to the “Black Wolves” demands is out of the question. Forget about this whole situation reeking of bad taste and personal grudges, but disclosing all that we know to the general public has no merits for our guild at all.


If we disclose all that we know to everyone now, there will be no merits for us at all, we will only be at a loss. Plus, agree to such terms once and they will most certainly try to wring you out of information in the future as well.


First thing first, I will be the one who shall take the majority of the backlash here, because I am the one who possesses the most information. That would most certainly spell the disaster for me, since both Rabbitz related quest as well as Cait Seith jewelers would also be leaked. Worst case scenario, the allied guilds might keep tabs on me at all times, making me unable to do anything in the game at all. And even worse…… “Wolfgang” might get absorbed into “Black Wolves”?


It’s not that I hate the idea of party play, but I hate the idea of being tied down with a “quota” to meet for the sake of the Guild. I am sure that Pencilgton and Katsu both feel the same way, but there is nothing better in times like these to get together and make one unified statement. That’s why the three of us gather together now.


「So? Whatever the hell we should do now?」


「Hmm, I never wanted to take things this far, but I guess if we are going to fight against “Black Wolves”, I don’t want to lose to them. So getting our numbers even would be a good idea.」


「Don’t tell me that all that you can think about now is recruiting new people?」


「No, no, no, that would be impossible right about now. What I mean by that is that we should look for allies that would help us even the odds just a little bit.」


I see, it would certainly be a good thing to be able to secure us some allies just so that we could keep Black Wolves in check for now. Now, getting ourselves some allies might require disclosing some information, but that way we can choose what to disclose carefully rather than be forced to spill it all out unconditionally.


And since “Wolfgang” is still a new guild with only about five members in its ranks, getting ourselves all the help we can get would be great.


「Ahh…… I’m sorry, but you guys just keep on talking in bullet points, but do you think you could be more elaborate? I would like to actually understand what is going on here.」


「Some assfuck got hostile towards the “Black Wolves”, not she wants to shift the blame for that onto us, and so we need to secure ourselves and alliance with some other guild if we want to keep the “Black Wolves” in check.」


Currently, the guild “Wolfgang” has three main problems we must address.


First of all, we must not let the conditions for the alliance with other Guild to be simply: “Full disclosure of any information about the Unique Monsters”.


Second, we must take in to account that right about now because of this whole Kutanid situation and Saiga-0 transfer, lots of people look down on us and treat us like trash.


Third, if we don’t do something about Kyo-Timate being all “PK-Trigger Happy”, we might as well cut our own stomachs open right here right now.


If we manage to handle those three problems right, we might be able to secure an even footing against “Black Wolves”. It might also help us to alleviate some of the bad PR we were getting recently.


「…… I guess I do not have a say in this matter, but it is something that just cannot be helped, right?」


「Shouldn’t you be saying something like: “I’m really sorry for going all PK Trigger Happy here, I’, going to reflect on my actions from now on, my dear Kyogoku-chan……?」


「The PVP that you talk about is not that of action games, but rather of the simulation games……」


Well, no matter. Our reason for fighting right now is really simple: we want to protect our interest and position, just so that we might continue to play the game and enjoy it.





And that is why.


「Now then, for you to actually try to get in touch with me…… Do you have some business with me? Or maybe it is something that relates to the whole “Library”?」


Both Pencilgton and I knew that dealing with the Wannabe Magical Girl was going to be a major drag. Mainly because she knew what would the purpose of our visit be, since she understands our current situation, as well as that of Black Wolves. But still, we needed to confront with “Professor” no matter what, even if our position seemed to be at a loss.


「Well, I don’t really know how I should put this……」


So I just press a few buttons and play the recording.


「Hoooray! I finally did it! I finally managed to get to the root!」


「We are going to throw you a bone here, but in return we demand your full cooperation.」


In order to preemptive the blow that was coming our way, we decided to counteract with a full information disclosure on our own terms.




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