ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 240 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 240: The Price of Strength, But Eyes Filled with Fiery Fury Part 2

However, when I was making Yuzuki I did not really care all that much if it would be necessary for some other quests down the line. But what struck me as odd was the selection of materials that were needed in order to create it. But if the designation was “materials from beings that the user thinks that are strong”, this means that only the materials from the most powerful of monsters out there would really do the trick.

The strong enemy that you have struggled against in solo subjugation. Super strong enemy killed together in a party battle. The former are better when it comes to the “strength” factor since you were fighting it alone, but the latter tend to give better quality materials due to their increased difficulty. What kind of judgement applies in this case…… Honestly, I would rather not invite other people to do “Epic of the Vorpal Bunnies” together with me, because if that was to happen a whole lot of people would try to selfishly farm for weapons and forget about team effort. And I don’t want that.

However, the monsters that I have struggled against the most were Luukan and Kutanid of the Abyss, and they did not drop any items or materials. So that would leave the other strong monsters in the areas that were associated with Unique Monsters or of high level requirement. And most of those materials were taken when creating Scorpion Gauntlets, Mirror Shield and Dis Patel. But since the materials from monsters are not all that specific to begin with, it may be possible to create a new weapon or strengthen the already existing ones with what materials I have left. If it is indeed like that, then lucky me.

「The materials used in creation of the Scorpion Gauntlets and the materials from Atlantis Reaperorca…… Except for Kutanid and Luukan, those were the times where I was prepared to die if it meant taking those monsters down.」

Without the field gimmicks, those were the kind of enemies that I would normally never even hope to defeat on my own. Especially that Reaperorca, how were you supposed to defeat that thing without reflecting its laser back at it? Or without a weapon of mass destruction, or evaporating the whole sea all at once?

For a moment out there, Weissash was looking at the claws of the Golden Scorpion and the Crystalized Feather Fins of the Atlantic Reaperorca. Then, after a moment of silence he grinned widely and took those items from me, alongside Yuzuki as well.

「Hoo, this is going to be really interesting here…… Break is going to have quite a laugh with that……」

…… Hmm, yeah. But that’s it? Umm, okay, maybe I should wait with giving him the Delta devices after he completes the weapon modifications for me. Yeah, let’s do just that.

Right, that should be a good moment to ask.

「Incidentally, Big Bro…… Sickle, what was this thing’s name again?」

「It’s True Quiet.」

「Right, that. You see, I would happen to be interested in fighting that thing……」

「Oh, funny that you say that. Akitsu Akane said the exact same thing. Personally, I don’t think there is any meaning in defeating this monster if you are not going to do it in a one on one battle, but if you really want to help him, I am not going to stop you.」

No…… What I meant was that I wanted to fight it on my own…… Oh well, whatever. Anyways, the drop item from this monster should be its scythe, right? And since it’s a quest related monster, defeating it should not make it impossible for others to challenge it. So it’s all okay in my book.

It’s not like I want to help Akitsu Akane no matter what. But I do believe that if I go and say that out loud, it might actually affect my likeliness gauge with Sickle, so I don’t want ot risk getting a bad karma here.

「Right, thank you so much.」

Well, we are not complete strangers, so if I can help you, that is what I am going to do.

「Alright! I am going to win next time for sure!」

「Oh, won’t you look at that? He got insta killed again.」

「Akitsu Akaneeee!!!」

I think that Akitsu Akane’s strong point is that unrelenting mentality of his. He doesn’t give even in a situation like that. I should learn a thing or two from him.

I went out for a moment to the waiting room of the Colosseum and when I went back to the arena, Akitsu Akane had his head chopped off ten times already and was currently on his way for scoring the beheading number eleven. Witnessing him getting executed time after time like that was starting to get really depressing.

「Ah! Sanraku-san! Hello there!」

「Ah…… Yeah, hello. And for the time being, STAY.」


Yeah, just like that. Let’s sit down. Yeah, that’s right, it was high time for a strategy meeting. For the time being the only thing you can really do is to die repeatedly in order to get yourself familiar with the boss’s attack patterns and learn to respond to them. It was all about muscle memory, really. However, I was more than sure that this monster was just like Kutanid of the Abyss: it was all about a gimmick.

And unless we unravel the mystery of this gimmick, the Death Penalty will only keep on piling up.

「From the perspective of the audience, I can say for sure that this boss has a gimmick to it. If you get caught in its grab animation, it is already over for you.」

「That’s right! I tried to move away and jump, but in the end I was still unable to avoid it……」

Well, the current point of view is not so bad. Actually, that whole gimmick is a whole lot easier to understand once you view it from the third party perspective.

「Hmm, that would be kind of a spoiler if I say anything here. Are you fine with that?」

「Yes, please! Honestly speaking, I was starting to feel like I was getting stuck, so any help you could give me will be well appreciated!」

「Nhh, once you get grabbed, it forces that teleport. The trigger here would be “shadow”.」

Yes, the moment the Reaper’s hand reaches out towards the player, its shadow lengthened considerably. But it was a pretty fast action, so it might have been difficult to spot.

Some sort of verification would be nice here so that we could be sure about that, but I do believe that as long as the shadow of the player touches the shadow of the Reaper, the player will be automatically locked into a grab animation.

「This is probably not a homing attack, so you might want to try to avoid by doing a back step or jumping sideways when it starts its grab animation.」

「I see…… I understand! I am going to give it a go right away!」

While looking at Akitsu Akane who run off without even stopping or looking behind, I cast a short glance towards both Sickle and Emul.

This piece of vital information can be easily obtained if you just sit in the audience seat and keep on watching. Still, if I were unable to grasp that all on my own, would any of the Vorpal Bunnies offer to give me this information as hint or clue?

Thinking about it calmly, this is just too incomprehensible. Unique Monsters serve the purpose of testing the player’s skill and innate abilities, and their drop materials can help the players to become stronger…… Does that mean that Weissash is not going to be an enemy during this Unique Scenario EX?


Oya, it looks like Akitsu Akane has respawned.

「Before I could notice anything or do anything, I was cut from behind!」

「Have some more confidence in yourself man…… Ah, right. How many times have you fought that monster?」

「That was the first one!」

「…… I shall lend you a hand here, so let’s both give it our best, alright?」

Does that mean that there are still nine monsters left out there? Presumably even more powerful than that one just now? Is that really something you would like to put the low level players through?



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