ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 241 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 241: Gold Moon, So Blue Yet So Cold Part 2



「Sanraku-san, even though you are clenching your fists so hard, you look awfully happy for some reason.」


That reason being: I am still young! So that means that I can enjoy my youth some more! I can indulge myself in youthful fantasies how much I want!!!!!!!!!




When I saw this ghost type warrior that seemed to be really strong, I felt overjoyed that I would be able to challenge it. It was also thrilling to see that it possessed attacks that would require you to figure out its gimmick, so not only challenge your physical skills, but mental ones as well. It was only slightly disappointing to see that Akitsu Akane got to that enemy first, but there is always something you can learn from watching others struggle.


Although there is no real sense of pain to it, getting repeatedly stabbed or skewered like that is not all good and fine for one’s mental health. It is one of the best things in games, that death does not come with all the pain and dark emotions surrounding it. And while there are people who might enjoy those kind of feelings, they should not impose that onto others, who might feel completely otherwise.


Games…… Ever since they have first appeared in the world, it can be said that the history of the online battles was that of meeting new people, taunting one another and absorbing animosity from other people.


There are even cases of adding fuel to the fire by sending friend requests to the salty players after everything is said and done. Worst case scenario, an all out flame war might erupt and escalate to an unprecedented scale. However, as the time goes forth, so does the technology and the culture of players playing the games. There are less cases of salty players fighting one another, and games come with at least some levels of precautions against that kind of behavior.


Even if you miss a new release, there is nothing bad about it, since there are always more games to come out sooner or later. There are so many games on the market out there that the older games tend to get depopulated quickly in favor of newer releases. There are even the type of gamers nowadays that devote their free time to only one kind of games out there, even though there are so many genres to choose from. But that is also something that is perfectly acceptable.


There is also a certain unwritten rule nowadays: don’t treat the new users and players in a way that you would not want to be treated.


When it comes to people like Pencilgton, Katsu and myself, we tend to bash one another on a daily basis, but it is only because we know one another for a while now. We would never do such a thing to a new player. That would be rude and stood in opposition to what games are meant to be.


「Basically, I do not recommend dying too many times with Full Dive system, so for now we should focus on acquiring as many information as we can while trying not to die all too often.」


「I get it! I understand!」


I said that I get it, but I wonder if I really DO get it…… If it was for me, I sure would have go with something alongside the lines of “For now, let us try something else……”


Oh well, I guess to each player their own unique play style. Other people may want to give you advice sometime on how you should approach things, but one should never force their own style on others.





Although the amount of mental damage I have suffered was truly tremendous, I felt that it was about time for us to be on our way…… So I made a quick toilet break and logged back in. And while we were going towards the blacksmith’s workshop, we have come across someone we did not expect to see in a place such as this.


Good, that way I can expect the finished product to be of a really good quality.


While we were on our way towards the workshop where Weissash should have been working, we saw a white bunny that was smoking a pipe outside, apparently waiting for us to show up.


「Ohh, it’s Break Onee-chan.」


「Hey there, Pops is calling for you guys.」


「Ooh, could it be that the weapons are already finished?」


「Yeah, they are…… and they are wonderful. They are so wonderful that I actually cannot find the right words to describe them, as well as the awesomeness of Pops’ craft…… I’m so jealous……」




「Ahh, you are here, huh…… Great, I think that the results are really nice.」




This weapon went a long way to get here to this point. It was once a simple Vorpal Knife, but then after some refining and strengthening with materials from Emperor Beetle it has become Half Moons “Lower Fang” and “Upper Fang”, that combined were the mighty “Yuzuki”. And right now, this very same Yuzuki gained a new appearance thanks to the materials from the Golden Crystal Scorpion and Atlantic Reaperorca.


「I present to you, the “Whale Rabbit Moon”…… This one’s name is “Kinsho”. And the name of this one here is “Meiki”.


SO COOOL!!!!!!!!!


It was probably because both weapons used similar “crystal” catalysts for their strengthening but from different monsters, but even though they looked kind of different, they had similar “crystal” outline to them. Their ornamentation was also really similar and their names sounded cool as hell as well. But the size was also different. While “Kinsho” was looking like a normal sword and was accurately as long, “Meiki” looked more like a dagger rather than anything else.


Judging from their names, the golden one uses the materials from the Golden Crystal Scorpion, and the dark blue blade uses the materials extracted from Atlantic Reaperorca. For the time being, they both get a one hundred points when it comes to appearance alone. But how about their skills and abilities? Let’s find out!



Whale Rabbit Moon “Kinsho”.


Anit Blade Sword


The name of this sword comes from the golden glow of the moonlight that was encapsulated in the crystal used to craft this blade. Thanks to the magic of the Vorpal Bunnies, it can still emanate the true chill of the moonlight while also exhibiting the chill of the Netherworld itself.


When fighting an opponent whose level exceeds that of the player character, upon landing a successful critical hit and additional effect of “crystallization” will be placed upon the enemy.


When consuming the player’s HP gauge or receiving the radiance of the moonlight, the weapon can rapidly restore its lost durability.


By hitting a certain amount of critical attacks, an additional attack mode will become available based on the accumulated “Penetration” gauge.


Requires following attributes to be wielded properly: “Strength 100”, “Dexterity 80”, “Skill 80”, “Vorpal Soul 200”.




Whale Rabbit Moon “Meiki”.


An Anti Blade Sword.


The name of this sword is derived from the spiritual power of the soul of the crystal used to craft those twin blades. Thanks to the power of the Vorpal Bunnies, it manages to glow with the radiance of the moon while retaining the golden aura as well.


When fighting an enemy whose level exceeds that of the player character, upon landing a successful critical blow it will be possible to gain additional effects.


Based on the HP or MP of the player that the weapon consumes, it will be possible to change its shape.


By hitting a certain amount of critical attacks, an additional attack mode will become available based on the accumulated “Penetration” gauge.


Requires following attributes to be wielded properly: “Strength 100”, “Dexterity 80”, “Skill 80”, “Vorpal Soul 200”.



At long last. You can clearly see Vorpal Soul emanating from this thing. No more hiding and no more suppressing. Just out in the open. Would not think it was an actual stat, though……




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