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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 243 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 243: Replay Abilitiy That Is as Interesting as It Is Maddening Part 2


「I see, I understand…… And since I have received Nightprowler Luukan’s Wounds…… and the curse that comes along with them…… this means that of all the people here I can counter the Poison Curse’s effects. Call it lucky.」


「Or rather…… You could even think of me as a poison sponge, if it is really going to work that way. Yeah, that sounds about right. But this also means that we can actively go on the offense, bring the fight to them and eliminate all of the “Dividers”.」


Now, I have no idea if the AI of this game tailored that quest to my specifications, or maybe if it was its original design in the first place. However, I cannot stop thinking that it was not a coincidence that my new Whale Rabbit Moon had the skills and abilities that it had. To be more specific, I was talking about “Kinsho’s” “Crystalization” ability. For the time being I am afraid that “Meiki” would continue to be more or less useless. Kinsho will be the key to getting this quest done.


「Fumu…… Personally, I cannot stress it enough just how important the defense of the tunnels is for the safety of Rabbitz and all of her people. Now, just where have I put that map……? Is it this? Yes, I think it is.」


Edward pulls a tube-shaped parchment from under a mountain load of papers and rolled it open on top of his desk. Together with Emul we watched as the parchment’s contents slowly revealed themselves before our eyes.


I was expecting the map to portrait but a single straight line, just because we were talking about a tunnel here. However, it seems that the tunnel in question was going to be more complex than I would have anticipated. Sure, there was a one big and long straight line that seemed to have go all across under Rabbitz surface, but that was not all. There was a bunch of branches here and there, and those branches had branches to them as well, creating a net of something that looked pretty similar to the tree’s roots. And even though there was no distinction where the snakes and bunnies were being stationed as of now, I was somehow able to imagine that and get a picture of the battlefront situation. One that in which snakes and bunnies were constantly trying to push in onto the other side of the tunnel and push their opponent out.


「The main vein of the tunnel is where the main body of Goldunine once try to dig its way through. When it comes to that main vein, until now we managed to somehow secure about thirty percent of its length. …… There is also a possibility that somewhere from this point forward there may be an undiscovered horizontal shaft, and from that point onwards there is the current frontline where all of the fights and skirmishes take place.」


「Is there a possibility that there are more undiscovered or unmapped tunnels out there? Any potential places from which our forces would be ambushed?」


「There is always a possibility like that, but right about now it is highly unlikely to happen. If the snakes wanted to dig new tunnels, they would have to use the already existing ones as their starting point. If that were to happen, our scouts would notice the sounds of digging and alarm the rest of the soldiers. However, human ears may be able to pick up the sounds that bunny ears are not able to perceive, but……」


Surely, there may be some differences between the things humans and bunnies are able to hear, but my money is on the fact bunnies have way better sense of hearing. So I guess that if we are going to take part in this quest, we need to be wary of surprise attacks at all times.


「Parts of Goldunine’s body…… Her shells…… I guess before we can go and challenge her directly, we need take care of that thing first……」


Because the map of the main tunnel seemed to be simple, it would be nothing out of the ordinary to assume that our task here is simple as well. But even so, Edward started to point at various points around the map, one unreasonable request coming out of his mouth after another.


「If you are looking for places to start, I would highly recommend to start here, here, here and here…… It surely going to be a tiring and dangerous run, but it would surely guarantee the fastest and the most efficient way of getting to Goldunine. Do you think that you will be able to do something like that?」


That is exactly why I needed to carefully think about how exactly I was going to answer here.


「I will do it even if I am not able to do it. Then I will do it until I will be ready to do it. Then someday I will be able to do it for sure…… After all, that is what we Pioneers do best!」


Breaking through a dungeon full of high level monster while aiming towards avoiding all possible encounters? It is something that lazy players who skip the leveling process do best. Also, it is a nice challenge from time to time, especially if you add the element of RTA to it.


The designated route seems to be the shortest and the fastest one…… Even if it might cause some losses on our end. But we cannot let something like that cloud our judgement. In the first place, avoiding small fries on my way to the bigger target is something I am well acquainted with over the years of experience as a gamer. So this time around it should be more or less the same, albeit with really peculiar enemies.


「I see, so does it also fall into the line of my Father’s expectations……? If so, this is going to cost a hefty amount of money.」




Could it be, a speculation?


「This is just a theory on my end. I think that in about one week’s time there is going to be large scale defensive operation here in Rabbitz.」




The timing also seems a little bit too perfectly matched.


「The purpose of such operation would be to push the frontline as much as possible, while also trying to seal off the side tunnels three and four here. …… That would give us the advantage that we need against Goldunine and would be of great relief to the defenders.」


「I can’t make any promises…… But at the very least let us try to aim for a tactical victory.」


「Also, let’s make your hard work an example for all the others.」


As expected, it is highly unreasonable to think that a mere single player will be able to make all the difference……


But wait, what? Example?




Thinking about it now, Akitsu Akane should be able to do all the necessary requirements and take part in the defense operation about a week from now on. Just that one fact was making it so that my ShanFro schedule was starting to look way more intense.


Fortunately enough, I have no plans for the next weekend. This means that I can just buy a bunch of energy drinks and go to town. But for now, the more pressing concern for me is tomorrow…… the day when the talks between “Wolfgang” and “Black Wolves” were supposed to take place.


To make a long story short, the answer that Pencilgton sent in response to the “Black Wolves” threats were more or less like that: “We do not negotiate with terrorists”. So that was that. There was no way for us to tell them anything and yield to their demands. Moreover, I happened to receive a message from Pencilgton saying that she was preparing for a magnificent firwork show for tomorrow and that I should be looking forward to it.


Why is it that I always end up getting dragged into all kind of stupid shit thanks to other players? I just want to play in peace. That being said, if there is going to be a firework show, then I really do want to see it. Nothing beats a good show like that.


「I wonder if it is okay to record all this……?」


Now then, just what is going to happen right now? Oh well, it can all wait for the time being. Right about now, all I want to do is to take a nice and long nap.




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