ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 244 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 244: The Wolf Battle Begins, Glass is the First to Get Broken Part 2


「Hmm, I do not think that they would try to pull some weird trick on us this late in the game, maybe it is about some real life circumstances……?」


「If it was something regarding the real life, don’t you think they would have sent us the message that the meeting would be postponed?」


「Maybe they have all slept in? It is always a possibility. Or at the very least you can’t clearly deny it……」


「I think we seriously need to do something about that wild imagination of yours…… And we need to do something the hard way……」


「Hey, don’t gang up on me all of a sudden like that! How come you can do it so naturally……!?」


Kyogoku starts to smile bitterly while the duo of Katsu and Pencilgton naturally starts to plan a whole lot of sanction for that one particular person who was yet to show up here at the scene.


The moment we have entered the Black Wolves Hall, some rather poorly equipped people started to glare at Kyogoku as if they wanted to kill her with their stares alone. However, Kyogoku herself did not care about any of that at all. She just smirked at those guys and kept on walking as if she owned the place.


「Just look at that, Pencilgton. Boy am I glad to have PK’d those suckers first moment I had the chance.」


「It is a good thing that you do not try to deny that fact, but you DO realize that there is both time and place for everything, right?」


While scolding Kyogoku for her brazen remarks, Pencilgton was nervously looking sideways, to see how the other players were reacting to that. Needless to say, they were not pleased one bit.


(Oh well, even if there are some people here who have a personal grudge against some other player, if the guild policy prevents them from actin on their own, they should behave just like they are told to. It is really a kind of brainwashing, if you think about it.)


A huge amount of players look at Kyogoku in a way that suggest they have a grudge against her, but there was also a considerable amount of players who looked at Pencilgton with fear and respect.


It seems that Black Wolves have some players who know their way around online etiquette. I guess it is a good thing, even if it is for the entirely wrong reasons.


(If only that Momo-chan could learn to act that way, that would be so cute……)


In the first place, if the opinion on a certain subject within the guild is not united, nothing good can ever come out of it.


And on that note, it can be said that the guild “Black Wolves” was already divided into three distinct factions.


Initially those groups were the “casuals” and “hardcores”, but recently the hardcores further divided into those who wanted to crush us the “Wolfgang” and those who would be more than satisfied with just the information alone.


That was the current status quo. And it just so happened that Kyogoku’s sudden PK Trigger Happiness presented yet another irregularity to that group. That being said, not all irregularities are necessarily bad.


(Now then, where should I start poking those guys……? I knew it, having so much ammunition on my hand is just the best!)


「…… You look like you are having a lot of fun, Arthur Pencilgton.」


「Nfufu…… Does it really look like that to you, my dear Saiga-100-chan? When it comes to that…… I have to thank you for it.」


Saiga-100 put her elbows onto the table and looks at everyone present. The expression on her face was really hard and nasty. No matter what topic was brought here until now, her expression remained unchanged. Even when the topic of “Collapse of the Ashura Kai” was brought up.


Katsu gently turned his head away, Kyogoku’s eyes shone brightly, and Pencilgton let out a sigh inside of her heart while keeping a smile on her face.


(Good grief…… It is only because of playing your cards right in the open from the get go that that things tends to get messed up like this. No consideration for the future.)


Pencilgton is not the only one in here who can take a hold of the reins, there are different people with different speculation here who can do just that.


And naturally, in order to be able to come here Saiga-100, the head of the “Black Wolves” had to put the worries and various emotions of her own people in check. Otherwise the talks would be unable to be carried out.


「Is it not that enough already?」


「Took the words right out of my mouth, but for the time being, my dear gunball is…… Fufu, maybe I just managed to find something new and unique all over again……」


And that’s a big hit.


However, there was no way for everyone present in here to know that it was the half-naked woman here, the one standing in the dead center of the current problems, was the one who managed to reach the most uniquiness. So that means the words of the “Black Wolves” were nothing more but a provocation. That fact alone made me want to prick their sides even more than before.




「I see…… And I think that it is safe to assume that you have absolutely no way of holding the reins of that particular player.」


「That’s a gunball for you all. I mean, what good would it do if we tried to put a piece of rope on a flying bullet?」


There it is. A question like that was bound to appear at some point, one way or another. And Pencilgton managed to pass that ball over to the “Black Wolves” in a brilliant way.


The atmosphere was so tense that it seemed as if the air would explode in here at any moment now. And to that situation, the three members of the guild “Wolfgang” had but one solution.


We were sitting at the table, and then we looked one another in the eyes and……


「Time to get the fuck out of here!」


We did exactly what was suggested. I, a half-naked busty woman in her underwear, jumped through the small window that was overlooking the ground floor of the building and fell down there from the upper floor, narrowly managing to stick the landing.





「Say, Pencilgton, aren’t you laughing a little bit too much in here?」


「Nah…… You know, nfufuh, I did not think that someone could have knockers so bouncy…… and to see it jiggle so much in just one day…… Nfufufufufufuh, I really didn’t think…… Pufufu.」


Now, no, please refrain from using words such “knockers” when around other people. Besides, this is no laughing matter, it’s the gift bestowed upon me by the octopus. That being said, their size is a little bit too big and this is truly a matter of concern here.


「Wait, you can change your gender in this game?」


「Unfortunately, it is impossible for you. You are not unique and spontaneous enough.」


「Right, you want to see how unique and spontaneous I can get? How about decking you in the face right now? Would that suffice?」


「Kyaaah, so scary! You know, seeing others jealous like that really is the best. It’s your own damn fault that you are not unique and spontaneous enough.」


「You know, the fact that even your voice right now sounds like that of a female, it makes it all the more infuriating.」


Ahh, I knew it, messing with people who can’t be unique and spontaneous is so much fun! And since even my voice in this form is that of a female, that makes my taunts all the more effective and irritating. Is it not right, my dear Katsu-kun?


「Yeah, yeah, we are all not unique and we are not spontaneous enough, we get that already.」


「Sanraku…… -chan? No, I mean, it does not really matter, but maybe we should watch out for the stray bullets that start to fly our way.」




I look in the direction at which Kyo-Timate was pointing, and…… Oh my, oh my, what’s this? It seems that all the members of “Black Wolves” were trembling in some strange way.


Thinking about that for a moment, I come to realize that all the pricks and thorns I was directing at Katsu could also be applied to the members of the “Black Wolves” as well. After all, none of those guys was able to beat a Unique Monster, not even mentioning generating the Unique Scenario EX in the first place.


「Ahh…… Umm, you know, this is…… I’m so sorry, guys☆」


I was later lectured by Pencilgton about how and when to say things, and I was also told that adding cute gestures and stars at the end of my sentences would rather serve as adding fuel to the fire than ending the conflict.


But my character was so good and sympathetic! Anyways, it was much more likable than that façade Pencilgton wears on the everyday basis!



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