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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 246 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier chapter 246: Wolf Conflict / Skillfull initiative Part 2


Hoo, cheating? I am honestly quite speechless right about now. Cheating…… That guy just now accused me of cheating, am I right?


Fufufu…… No, I am not angry. Rather, I am amused, as strange as that may sound.


「Cheating, cheating, you said……? Now that’s a pure comedy gold, Black Wolves! I didn’t know that you have some professional comedians on board!」


「What did you just say……!?」


「Now, now, let’s just calm down, everybody, alright? Well, it’s not that I cannot understand where you’re coming from……」


So, what the fuck was that all about?


「Say that you are playing and FPS game, and your opponent manages to kill you over and over again. You call him/her a cheater in your frustration. But is it not just jealousy? Just ask yourself that, you know it to be true.」




「You look like a swordfighter who can also cast magic. From the size and shape of your armor I can also tell that you must be tough. You might think that you have it all, you might even be good at PVP, but as soon as your opponent has more Dexterity than you, that’s the end for you.」


I will not stop talking, I will not let him talk back. He called me a cheater because of his own incompetence and lack of abilities, which is the worst thing a gamer can do to their fellow gamer. It is something not even noobs would do, if they are in their right mind.


「Look at me…… Look at me! Even the lightest of scratches from Luukan spells certain death for me. Before I was even able to reach level fifty I was cursed in two places, so I cannot equip anything on those body parts and my defense sucks ass! Do you have any idea how much time and resources I had to sacrifice in order to make my Avoidance high enough so that it would let me survive!? Do you have any idea!?」


「There is no way I could have beaten Luukan? Fucking retard, there is no time limit for that battle, so as long as you hit it long and hard enough until it dies, you can win! Even a total noob who just happened to start the game would be able to understand such a simple concept!」


「So what, giving it your all and going past your own limits in order to defeat a strong opponent is now considered cheating? So why would the game system allow something like this t o happen in the first place? For someone who could not even find Luukan or put a single scratch on him, you talk an awful amount of shit, mister small fry!」


I am just going with the flow here. I am talking out of my heart. And if it looks like I’m trampling all over some idiot while looking down on him with my salmon head? So be it, like I care.


Right about I am not angry. What fills me inside is pure and unadulterated disgust.


「If you want to talk shit about me, by all means, go right ahead! But before you do that, please show us how beautifully you can dance in an avoidance battle against Luukan to the death, all the while being solo! Then we can talk!」





Having said all that, let out a deep sigh and sit down, regaining my composure.


「Now then, after that little skit, can we go forward to the actual explaining? Or is there someone else in here who has some wise words of wisdom to say to me?」


「I see, and no…… I am most terribly sorry. One of our members was extremely rude just now.」


「I am used to retards throwing stupid shit at me and taunting me. And I don’t give a single fuck. But don’t you ever dare to call me a cheater again. You are making a retard out of yourself, and you are dissing the game itself while being at it.」


Now then…… When I turn to the side I can see that Pencilgton’s mouth was let wide agape, as if she was shocked and surprised after witnessing that little outburst of mine just now.


Originally, “Black Wolves” were a mixture of two types of players: “Hardcore gamers in general” and “Hardcore ShanFro gamers”.


Pencilgton predicted that amongst such a crowd there would be at least one person who would be offended by my achievements and would play the cheater card sooner rather than later. When that happened, I was supposed to overwhelm such bastard mentally by snapping at him as hard as I could.


Normally, it would be really hard for me to intimidate someone successfully like that. However, that particular guy really ticked me off, and I spoke honestly and from the bottom of my heart. And looking at Pencilgton, it gave a rather successful results.


「Now, now, every single one of us have a secret or two that we would like to keep for ourselves. But it is the role of the alliance to work with one another despite having those secrets. But I am going to tell you this much: I possess the firepower that can easily match Saiga-0’s “Armageddon”.」


While I said that I pointed towards Rei’s sword, so that everyone would know what I was talking about here. And even though it might have been a slight exaggeration, everyone present were looking at me with surprise in their eyes.


「I also do believe that there might be a slight misunderstanding here. Saiga-0 and I were not the only ones who managed to defeat Luukan. There was five…… five people in total that managed to bring that beast down.」


「So, does that mean that three more people managed to generate the Unique Scenario EX tied to Luukan?」


「No, two of those three were NPCs. So that makes one. And it just so happens that this person is one of the newest recruits to our guild “Wolfgang.”」


Thinking about it right now, Akitsu Akane really was a factor that turned the tide of the battle in our favor that time.


The fact that he always does what he is told and rarely objects to anything makes him something of an enigma, but…… I think that is one of his strong points, amongst few other things.


「I have no idea what you must have went through, but one thing I know for sure:; if you’d try to go against Luukan with brute force alone, you would be blown away like a bunch of bowling pins. Ah…… or maybe that is exactly what happened to you?」


I could see that the eyebrows of Saiga-100 twitched a little bit in surprise, but that was the only reaction she showed at that time. She is a Guild Master of one of the strongest guilds in the game, so she could not openly show shock or surprise in any other way.


「As for Kutanid of the Abyss…… Well, that one was also an accident.」


It really was nothing but an accident. I mean, how could I have possibly known that once you start the Unique Scenario EX related to Kutanid, you would be unable to leave the map associated with it until you either finish the quest or run out of time?


And let us not forget the fact that technically I am still la beginner player, who has only been playing this game a little bit longer than a month!


「I was actually in the middle of doing a completely unrelated quest, when all of a sudden I was dragged into the Unique Scenario EX that pits you against Kutanid.」


「So in other words…… It is also a coincidence that Saiga-0 was there with you when you have defeated Kutanid of the Abyss?」


「Such a thing is way more likely to have happened than a meteorite falling on top of your head, wouldn’t you agree?」


I could hear the hushed whispers of some people around the room, like: “Man, that Sanraku has some balls!” or “If I would say something like that I would have been done for instantly!” It may seem rude of me, but it is my kind of opportunity! An opportunity for retaliation!


「Well then, I think that you get the idea now, my dear Momo-chan? Our little gunball here is pretty much impossible to control in any way…… Aren’t you satisfied with that?」


「Alright, if want it that way, so be it……」


After a moment of brief silence, Saiga-100 opens her mouth, as if she has reached some sort of conclusion.


「As per the alliance’s agreement, we the guild “Black Wolves” demand that the guild “Wolfgang” reveal all of the information about the Unique Monsters that they posses!」


「No way, fool. ☆」


And that was when Arthur Pencilgton came right back into the flow of the conversation……




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