ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 249 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 249: Wolf Dispute Agreement / Everything Roughly As Planned Part 1


The cornerstone of the previous “Four Guilds Alliance” was that one guild would provide all the information about the Unique Monsters that they have known, and the other three guilds would have various benefits and conveniences because of it.


But this newly proposed “Six Guilds Alliance” was going to be fundamentally different from the one that was formed the last time around.


After all, the cornerstone of this new alliance would the fact that “One guild has the upper hand when compared to all others and all others accept that fact, albeit with some conditions of their own that would make their position less disadvantageous.”


「Six Guilds Alliance, you say……!?」


It seems that Riberios and his followers were taken completely by surprise by that sudden announcement of ours. It’s perfectly understandable, though: not only a new alliance would be formed, but the two new additions were nothing short of the guilds with top players that were currently in the game.


「Hahaha…… Nice to meet you all. My name is Karoshis UQ, and I am the current leader of the “10 P.M Army.”」


「I am Kyoju. As some of you may already know, I am the current leader of the guild “Library”.」


「Ah, as some of you may have realized, our leader is a little bit out of it for the current moment…… Umm, my name is Vett, and I am the Vice Leader of the Guild “SF-Zoo”. Although for the current moment you might say that I am temporarily its leader as well.」


「Ahh, oh well, I guess I will do without much roleplaying here in the current circumstances…… My name is Joset, and I am the current leader of the guild “Holy Shield Territory”. I was invited here today on behalf of a former PK player that I have crossed paths with in the past.」


Since I am pretty much a new player to this game and I have little to no information about other top dogs in this game, I have no way of knowing just how strong they actually are. But the fact still remains that they are top dogs nonetheless.


The “10 P.M Army” mainly consist of the working members of society, so the main time of their activities comes at around 10 p.m. and later. And even though most of its members look tired or dead on the inside, being the cogs in the wheels of society comes with the added benefit of possessing supreme organizational power.


Prioritizing lore over actual gameplay and boss conquests, the Library’s main focus lies in collecting various kinds of information from various players all over the server, as well as the in-game information brokers.


I personally think that there are not that many strong or impressive players in the SF-Zoo, but not everyone needs to play this game in order to become strong in the first place. Some people are just satisfied by playing with animals. And it is that kind of fanatism and passion that allowed them to tie Luukan down, even if it was only for a moment.


Guild “Sacred Shield Territory”. From what I could gather about them they are all rather average as far as strong players go, and they all focus on the roleplaying elements to an absurd degree. They also wear the same type of equipment and apparently they are the self-proclaimed “Guardians of the Saint”, which is rather unusual even as far as games are concerned.


「Nfufufufufu…… The members of the “Wolfgang” guild came to us with the proposition of forming a new kind of alliance, and after various  talks, conditions and negotiations this is what resulted out of it.」


If we wanted to gain the upper hand over Black Wolves, we needed other guilds’ power, as there was no way we would be able to pull a win off here on our own. So in exchange for their help, we agreed on a set of conditions, and they all look more or less like this:


All of the information possessed by the guild “Wolfgang” shall be distributed first to other guilds of the alliance, and then to the general public. The one to handle that task shall be the Library.


Since this is the alliance build on genuine trust, the members of “Wolfgang” are to aid their allies as much as possible and vice versa.


All the information on Unique Monsters obtained by the guild “Wolfgang’s” ‘gunball’ will be available for purchase before the actual distribution to others and the general public takes place. The process of purchasing the information will be in an auction format, where all interested parties can take part.


The members of the guild “Wolfgang” are not required to reveal any information gathered on the subject of unique monsters right away. They will be given a certain leeway for that.


For all of the above, the members of the guild “Wolfgang” gain the right to try and beat newly found Unique Monsters first, and with only the members of their own guild.





When you look at it all in a text format, it becomes apparent that for anyone who is not the part of the alliance, this is nothing but bad news.


「W-wha……!? What… is this…… even……!?」


「Oh, and by the way? Those conditions were drafted by everyone interested, so of course everyone already agreed to them without much of a problem.」


「Say what!?」


The surprise and shock both visible on Riberios’s face were perfectly understandable. After all, those condition may have looked bad, but in reality they were all acting in favor of the guild “Wolfgang”.


That was possible only thanks to the fact that other guilds had little to no desire for power and influence, and they were more than satisfied with aiding the guild that has a track record of actually finding and slaying Unique Monsters.


However, it was all thanks to the work that Pencilgton put here. Without it, we would have been nothing but toasted.




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