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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 254 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 254: Complete Transfer of Momentum by Capturing it to the Core, Flight That Does Not Depend on Kinetic Energy Part 2


That is why right after I climbed on top of the cliff, I started to sprint forward while yelling profanities out loud, without any kind of consideration for my own well-being.


Of course, the result of such daredevil action could only be one: the Crystal Scorpions started to activate one after another, waking from their slumber and gaining aggro, converging towards my position.


I’m terribly sorry for this…… Yeah right, as if.


「Timing! Coordinates! Those things are important! But there is something even more important in here! It’s the guts to never give up and always push forward!」


It is at this moment that I use my secret technique “Utsuro Mikagami” to get that aggro off my back and put some distance between myself and the horde of angry monsters.


But there is a whole lot of monsters, and the crystal waves will soon fill the mining spot to the brim. In like three…… two…… one……


「“Transfer: Storage Space Entrance!”」


This is the improved and modified version of the escape plan with the use of Inventory that I have come up with during my time in Lulilas. If you want to lose all of the aggro of the horde of angry monster, it is best to redirect it all towards a decoy.


If my line of thinking is correct, once the “Utsuro Mikagami” effect will be over, the monsters should lose sight of me and return to their neutral position. This worked on Atlantic Reaperorca, so it should work here as well.


While I wait for the effect of the “Utsuro Mikagami” to pass, I also drink up an MP recovery potion, which strangely enough was just like water in both taste and consistency. Way to go, RNG, way to go.


Just a little bit more, need to be sure that the “Utsuro Mikagami” effect was seriously over before returning…… Alright, that should be more than enough.


「“Transfer: Real World Exit!”」


Coming back to reality, I do my best to desperately endure the unpleasant feeling accompanying the sudden coordinate change. 


Once I am back on the cliffs, I cover my mouth with my hand, just in case. I have no way of confirming it, but there might still be a possibility that even the slightest breath might trigger the Scorpions to awaken.


「(…… Guh)」


For a moment out there my body stiffens in fear, but it was all for nothing, thankfully. There is an old saying that says that those who try to hunt two hares at once will catch neither, and this is exactly what happened here. Once my close disappears, the Crystal Scorpions became confused and went back to their original positions, not knowing what to do.


In other words, if they were trying to catch both Emul and Break at the same time, they would sooner rather than later become tired and frustrated, and instead of focusing on hunting only one of them, they would decide that this is not worth it and stop trying.


Now, here comes another problem. If we take too long mining, the Crystal Scorpions will return here. If we are too loud while mining, the Crystal Scorpions will come almost instantly. So quick work is advised in this situation, but I highly doubt that I will be able to do it just like that……


I hit my chest with the amber gem of my glove, and in the next moment I can feel the electric current of black thunder starting to surge throughout my whole body. It was quite literal, not metaphorical, mind you.


「Haa…… Haa…… Haa…… Haa…… Behold! The deadly yet effective! “Accelerated mining!!!」


I managed to confirm that the “Overflow” state can be used for things other than movement alone, so right about now I was able to utilize the enhanced movement speed in order to farm the materials like crazy and pick the dropped items up.


I strike the rocks with my pickaxe. The rock crumbles and dropped ore appears. I managed to catch it in mid-air, before it falls to the ground. And then I just repeat the process over and over again!


The hell is this!? This is amazing! Like this, I could beat the dough for mochi all on my own! This is nuts, I am going to make a new record of obtained loot if this thing keep up!


「Uwahahahahahaha!!! This is nuts! This is seriously nuts! How could I return to normal material gathering after learning of this wonderful method!?」


Then I feel a sudden shock at my side. I look where it is coming from, but it managed to hit me faster than I was able to react to it. It was the tail of the golden scorpion. It hit me before I was able to do anything about it. It made a wonderful circle in the air, and send me flying towards the edge of the cliff.


Ohh…… Yeah, that’s right. I went overboard. And as a result, instead of going for the new high score, the only thing I was heading towards right now was the bottom of the cliff.





「Muguh…… Falling to my death is not something that I think I can get used to……」


「I get the feeling that every time you wake up, you start mumbling more and more sinister stuff, Sanraku-san……」


The worst part about falling to your death is not actually the moment when your body hits the ground and dies. No, the thing that is much worse is that time when you are freefalling and you know that there is actually nothing you can do to prevent what is coming. Plus, the feeling of all of your organs racing up your throat is not something I would like to feel ever again.


However, I would say that I have managed to kill time just about right because of that. I am yet to confirm what exactly I managed to salvage, but I have managed to pick up about twenty items or so.


「Ahh! My pickaxe!? Where is my pickaxe!?」


My trusty pickaxe! Where could it be! Not when I was getting so attached to it!


Even though it is just a mere consumable item.


It would disappear sooner or later, the moment it outlived its usefulness.


You can easily replace it by buying another one.


But even so…… Even though I know it all, I cannot stop feeling attached to that particular pickaxe.


Oi, oi, this cannot be a coincidence that I am so attached to a mere consumable item! This must mean something! Yes, it’s a message from God himself!


「Alright, time to do a little backtracking and regain what is rightfully mine!」


I can feel my Vorpal Soul calling to me! Or at least I think that it is my Vorpal Soul. I must reclaim my trusty pickaxe, even if it is going to kill me!





Approximately one hour later.





「Hey, hey, Emul, my friend? Would you like to know how I happened to die recently? With all of the gruesome details?」


「I’m slightly worried why you phrased that sentence in such a way, Sanraku-san.」


「I happened to be blow away by the tail swings of a horde of Crystal Scorpions and flew like a really long distance through the air, you wouldn’t believe it. But wait, it gets better! While I was still in mid-air, the Golden Crystal Scorpion smacked me around and threw me off the damn cliff as a result.」




「…… The fuck you laughing about, huh!?」


「Ish not like I’m lauhshing or anyshinghgh!?」


Well, if there was ever a silver lining to that whole death situation, it was that at least I managed to salvage the pickaxe that was stuck in the head of one of the scorpions. Don’t you worry, partner! As long as I need your services, I am not going to abandon you! Never ever!


As we walked down the streets while I was pulling on Emul’s cheeks, the two of us just happened to come across Akitsu Akane, who was wearing a refreshing expression for a change.


「Ah! It’s Sanraku-san! Please listen to this! I really did my best out there!」


「What is this all about? Don’t tell me that you finally managed to defeat that spear user who was giving you so much trouble?」


「Yes! That’s right! It’s exactly that! How did you know?」


Eh? Seriously? On the contrary, I would like to know just how did he manage to achieve that.


I heard that the spear wielder can use a clone of itself for battle. However, to make things easier for the player, the damage the player inflicts upon the clone scrapes the HP bar of the main body. That way you can burn the HP of the main body quite easily.


I might say it like it’s easy feat to accomplish, but it is actually quite a challenge. And every single time Akitsu Akane manages to surprise me and defy expectations. …… Well, leave it to a ninja to challenge whatever that seems like an impossible of a task and emerge victorious out of it.




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