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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 255 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 255: If You Know Your Enemy and You Know Yourself, Is It Not Kinda Dangerous to Fight One Hundred Battles? Part 2


But now I could not get the answer to that question, since the one who could answer me was no longer with us in this world. And with each passing day I would like to learn the answer more and more.


After I logged out of the VR Kendo Classroom I placed the game inside of my desk’s drawer and I never spoke about it to anyone ever again…… That’s how big at a loss I was feeling.


「This weekend, huh…… If possible, I would like to fight against the main force of “Black Wolves”.」


After all, the only true answers can be found in battle. Just as my Grandfather used to participate in many matches and gain experience from them, I too need to gain experiences in the battles that await me in the future.



「LOG IN Divine Punishment!」




「LOG BACK Divine Punishment!」






「That was dangerous! Who the fuck are you!? Restorationists!? I’ll shall bring Divine Punishment onto every single one of you!」


「You damn Shinsengumi bastardssssss!!!」


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I knew it! Nothing makes for a better break than slashing some small fries with ease!


Instead of having to think about anything, you can just let your inner crazy take over as you plunge yourself into the waves of senseless carnage!!!


Tsujigiri Capriccio Online…… Also known more commonly under the name “Bakumatsu”.


It is a game situated in Japan at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and it is something that was made by Player Killers for Player Killers. There is no such thing as a moral code in here, so everything goes. You know not the day or the hour when you may become a target of a brutal attack.


Basically, the way in which you can secure save spots in this game is to either rob the NPC players of items that allow you to do that, or doing a full on dogeza. However, doing the dogeza is actually considered to be a taboo in this game, and anyone who does that is targeted instantly…… And once that happens you are pretty much dead.


Once you get used to this game you get the hang of things that you can do to others and what you absolutely cannot do. That is why experienced players know where newbies might set their camps in order to save their game, and fully exploit the poor little souls……


Since this is the game, some sort of simplicities needed to be implemented here, but otherwise this game is fairly realistic to the historic setting it is placed in. And because the setting is that of a late Tokugawa Shogunate, the players can belong to two distinct factions: “Bakufu” or “Shinsengumi”.


And no matter what side you choose, the path you must follow is pretty straightforward one: leave no one from the opposite camp alive.


And if you belong to the “Shinsengumi” forces, aside from the regular swords you can also use guns to your advantage.


As for the “Bakufu” army, they get a bonus of their sword skills getting enhanced, and if they manage to get close enough to be able to slash their opponents to pieces, they can pose a threat even to mighty “Shinsengumi” forces.


「Just so you know, I’m not just some regular old wolf of Mibu! I’m from the “First Division”!」


「Ah, just for the record, the best rank I managed to achieve was the Captain of the Second Division.」


「Instead of yapping about your rank, better show us if you have the skills to back it up!」


No that I do not play this game as much as I used to, I have fallen all the way to the Ninth Division. But I wonder if I am going to climb my rank much during a single day? And how far? Fifth Division maybe? Or maybe even higher? But I guess the Third Division and above are a no-go, since the players in those Divisions don’t fuck around.


In this game, people who managed to climb high are called Rankers. The title serves as the confirmation of the player’s PK abilities. While staring at the reluctant Shinsengumi goon, a certain urge raises inside of me…… so I want to indulge that urge and go all out without holding back.


「If you guys need some motivation, I can get you one no problem.」


While saying that, I grab the two swords resting at my waist together with their scabbards and I plunge myself right into the ranks of the Shinsengumi soldiers. When you want to show off, best be sure to do it right.


「This here is the reward given to top tier rankers last spring: “Weeping Yozakura”. And this here is the limited ranker reward from the summer of the same year: “Fireworks Tamaya”. …… And did you know? They say that only the dead may know rest, but I say being dead is where the fun starts!」


It is a shame to admit it, but I was never able to obtain the rewards of the “Regalia” class, which was awarded to the leaders of the best Divisions in the game. However, I would say that those two weapons are more than enough of the attractive bait.




At least you guys are faithful to your desires. This is a good thing.


When you meet a lonely player in the wilderness like that, and the one that has some good items but looks like a total weakling, it is more than enough to lull you into a false sense of security. It is more than enough to make you forget that should you get your ass kicked by that weakling, you are going to lose all of your possessions.


The Shinsengumi goons close in on me, their swords at the ready and huge smiles visible on their faces. They were all chanting those words like mantra, as if hoping that they will purge them of all the responsibility and guilt.




They were all so eager to do it, so who am I to deny their wishes like that? This cannot be helped, I guess…… Divine Punishment!





「Before your beheading, read the phrase from the Death Poem.」


「Don’t get overly confident…… I am a scholar, but the weakest of them all…… Of that I know, there are stronger people than myself……!」


「A stunning poem indeed! Now off with your head!」


「Please, I can give you anything you want! Items, money, just please, let me go…… GUBAH!!!」


After finishing the beheading of every single member of the Shinsengumi that were begging for their life with the dogeza command, which was the sign of utter defeat and surrender, I can take a short break. Funny thing about this game, if you commit suicide, the death penalty won’t be applied to you…… Talk about a weird mechanic. Because of that, the sight of the players committing suicide was not all that rare here.


That being said, it is not that I do not possess any compassion whatsoever. I will throw all the items obtained today into a pawn shop, so that those guys will be able to buy those items back from there, at least when they amass enough money to be able to pay for them.


「I knew it, fighting the same enemy over and over again is good, but this way you can actually put the moves you have seen into practice.」


Now then, what lies ahead of me is either the old man boss battle, or the Rabbitz defense mission. In order for me to be able to dedicate my heart completely to those tasks, let us proceed beyond simple moveset imitation…… Onto the roleplay territory we go!




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