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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 256 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 256: Gathering of Guardians, the Snake of Vengence Coming from the Other Side Part 2


When we leave Break’s workshop, our destination is not the Edward’s office, but rather the undergrounds of Rabbitz. More specifically, the tunnel that Goldnine managed to dig up.


And since the time for the meeting was drawing closer and closer, we decided to run the rest of the way until we reached the designated meeting place.







「So huge……」


I know that this was supposed to be a tunnel, but it was simply gigantic. It looked like those tunnels dug through the mountains where cars would pass. And even then, the tunnel was so wide that at least ten lanes of cars would easily fit on both sides.


And we talk about vertical size as well, not only horizontal one…… Does that mean that if we follow this tunnel, it will take us straight to where Goldnine is? Can Vorpal Bunnies really launch a counteroffensive against something of this size?


「This is…… Are we seriously going to fight something of that size? Are you kidding me?」


「We have no other choice. Against an opponent like that, there is no way for us to cut corners in any way.」


No, even if that was an option, how do you plan to cut corners against something like that? Besides, since I already agreed to do this quest, there is no way that I would not give it my all.


However, at the current moment the biggest problem here is……


「Ze…… Why, ze, should I turn away…… ze?」


「Why, you ask? That’s because……」


「Emul, I do not believe that it would be wise to allow you to participate in this operation.」


The one to answer Emul’s question as to why I did not wanted to take him with me was Edward, not me. But upon hearing those words, I could see and feel that Emul’s whole body tensed up on the spot.


「Emul, I think that I have explained everything clearly last time. Goldnine must be eliminated no matter the cost, so survival is a secondary matter here…… Only a sparse few Vorpal Bunnies are able to resist Goldnine’s poison, and even that is not guaranteed. But you are not one of those Bunnies. The poison would kill you for sure.」


「B-But…… But……!」


「This is no place and time for “buts”…… The soldiers stationed here are presumed to be the walking corpses anyway, all so that they can protect Rabbitz and its citizens…… And should you trample on their will and conviction like that, that is not something that someone who cares about their country would do.」


I actually agree here. But I do wonder, are those the words of an older brother who is genuinely concerned about his family? Or maybe that of a ruler concerned about his subjects?


Realizing that there was nothing he could do to argue against his brother’s words, Emul turns towards me, his eyes filled with both hope and expectations.




「Hmm…… You should really listen to the words of your brother, Emul. He’s actually right, you know?」




「But Edward…… There are two crucial mistakes in your story.」


After I say that, not only Edward, but also Emul looks at me suspiciously. Fufu, if it was not for the bird mask that I am wearing right now, I might actually looked away in embarrassment. But this mask actually improves my vison, which is why I am able to withstand those gazes no problem!


「You said that survival is a secondary matter, right? That’s wrong, because it should be a priority. Especially since I am here right now to purify the curse that will be in the air. So after I am done with this business here today, I want a paid vacation.」


「And the other one is……?」


Fuh…… I know that you might not agree with me, but I would like for Emul to actually sit this one out. He’s been exposed to enough dangers already because of our relationship, mainly fighting against Luukan and Kutanid of the Abyss.


「I am afraid that Emul is too weak to be the genuine Guardian here, so we shall leave the logistical support to him.」


For a moment out there our gazes cross. I don’t know why, but I could see the same kind of light in Edward’s eyes that I have seen in that of Weissash. They were full of light the meaning of which was difficult for me to actually pinpoint.


Not to worry! I have everything with me that I need to win. I have determination, the excitement from the upcoming battle, the energy drink that I chugged down before coming here and a delicious salmon I ate for dinner tonight.


So you see? I am taking this really seriously. So seriously, in fact, that there is no way for us to lose right now…… Or something like that.


「…… Haa, I understand. Just make sure that you are going to handle everything properly, the logistical support, I mean. You hear me?」


「Y-Yes, sir……」


「Emul, it might be a good idea to secure ourselves a route when we will be going back. Go and do just that.」


「Y-Yes! I’m going to prepare immediately!」


I look after Emul who starts to run off somewhere, and at the same time Edward looks at me in a completely different way than he was looking at me before.


「It seems that you are pretty good at handling my little brother.」


「Comes with experience, I guess. You see, I have a younger sibling myself.」


Although my younger sister feels like that kind of person who would have no problem with living on her own right away.


「I see…… Well then, this is a good moment to start our strategy meeting.」


「Nice, I like the sound of that. Briefings were always something I enjoy about large scale operations.」


We were taken to a small but sturdy hut in the corner of the big tunnel. There, inside of the hut, a large group of Vorpal Bunnies gathered around a map placed on top of a provisional desk.


Besides me and Edward, every single Bunny in this room shared a common trait with everyone else.


「This is the poison of the accursed Goldunine.」


「That’s right. It is the poison of a giant snake that infiltrates the body and eats away at it from the inside…… And it is so strong and potent that no one is able to withstand its effects, not even Weissash’s kin.」


Edward then looks straight into my eyes.


「This is it. This is going to be the final confrontation. As a commander of the defense forces, this is as far as I can go, but…… Somehow I don’t think that this is that much of a problem?」


「…… Haa, it’s been a while since I last had an adventure where the main theme was reptiles. It is simultaneously exciting and rather scary.」


The window pops up right in front of me. It is not the window announcing the start of Unique Scenario EX, but rather a start of a new Unique Scenario resulting from the previous Unique Scenario.






My hand moves without the slightest trace of hesitation.



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